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C775. He's still guilty

Ji Lin's question once again made his eyes stiff. He put his big palm on his side and suddenly squeezed it into a fist. It seemed that Ji Lin was very clear about his weakness. Lu Qing's face was also a little tense. However, the expression of the master and the son was only a flash. Then, the atmosphere returned to normal. Ji Xiaohan smiled lightly: "she is not my wife, we are not married! Her name is Tang youyou! If you have a chance in the future, you must introduce it to your uncle! "

"Oh, Tang Youyou, Mingzi is a girl with a good character. Xiao Han, you must love her very much. She is really blessed." Ji said with envy and emotion.

The expression on Ji Xiaohan's face remains the same, but his heart is covered with ice. The old fox's pretentious appearance is really disgusting. However, since he hasn't torn his face, Ji Xiaohan still needs to pick up his spirits and continue to talk with him.

"Well, she is really a rare woman, deeply rooted in my heart!" It seems that Ji Xiaohan's tone is indifferent, but the words are affectionate, which makes people feel that it must be a moving love story.

Ji yunning suddenly regrets that she came here to have dinner with Ji Lin. after a meal, her heart is almost jealous and bogged down. Ji Xiaohan always talks about love, which makes her very sad.

"Yunning, have you seen her? She must be very beautiful!" At this moment, Ji Lin completely ignores Ji yunning's mood, but deliberately turns around to ask her this sentence.

Ji yunning's expression can't even disguise his smile. He just said in a dull voice, "yes, it's beautiful and pure!"

Ji Xiaohan frowns and doesn't like other people talking about his woman.

Ji Lin nodded his head and said, "Xiao Han, you and brother are both affectionate people. They like people in the same way. They are both infatuated and devoted people!"

After listening to Ji Lin's sarcastic words, the expression on Ji Xiaohan's face almost broke.

It's cruel to press on his pain, knowing it's pain.

The person father loves deeply is Bai Zhenzhen. Ji Lin's vague words are to tell him that he and his father will be the same result and end?

Lu Qing saw that the expression on his young master's face was going to be unbearable. He quickly stood up, took a glass of wine and smiled: "Mr. Ji, I'll give you a toast when I meet you for the first time, but I still forget to appreciate your face."

Ji Lin glanced at him lightly. An assistant wanted to toast him?

What a shame!

But the smile remained unchanged on his face, and he took the wine glass: "assistant Lu, I've heard a lot about it. You are a rare all-around talent around Xiaohan. With such a good subordinate as you, Xiaohan's career will surely go up to a higher level."

Ji Lin intentionally put his subordinates' words on his lips to stimulate Lu Qing.

I believe that no one is willing to be trampled on the foot, never turn over.

Lu Qing said with a solemn expression: "it's the greatest honor for me to serve the young master. I'm willing to die for him!"

Hearing this, Ji Lin looked shocked. I didn't expect that Ji Xiao's ability to resist cold was so excellent that he could let Lu Qing attach his hand to him and become a minister. Indeed, he had the ability.

Ji Xiaohan was also deeply moved by Lu Qing's words.

"Well, it's enviable to have an assistant like you!" Ji Lin wants to say something more to separate the two people, but he finds that there is a blank brain. It seems that he can't think of anything, so naturally he won't say anything.

This meal, the water is hot and the sword is shining, but it's finally over.

When they left the restaurant, their faces were deep and uncertain.

Out of the building, Ji Xiaohan left by car.

Ji yunning is nervous, thinking about her shaking hands just now. Sure enough, as soon as she wanted to say something, she slapped her hand and was blindfolded.

Ji Lin's face was dark, and he stared at her angrily and scolded: "it's so unproductive. People can let you show your shape with a few words at will. It's really not like my family

Ji yunning was beaten and scolded. His face was as white as snow for a while. He covered his beaten face and wanted to cry.

Just, what makes her more uncomfortable is Ji Lin's words. She is not the kind of Ji family originally.

"Next time, don't come back and make a fool of yourself!" After Ji Lin scolded, he got on the bus and left.

Ji yunning endured the grievance, silently opened her door, sat in, tears rolled down.

On the way back to the company, Ji Xiaohan's face was still overcast and cold. It can be seen that the words on the dining table just now caused him a huge shock.

"Young master, Ji Lin is very scheming. I think he told you that two children and Miss Tang would be your biggest weakness. This man is really insidious." Lu Qing said, biting his teeth.

"Then I'd like to thank him for his warning!" Season owl cold a sneer. "Ji yunning was obviously frightened just now. Young master is very clever." Lu Qinggang is just on the table, watching the young master and Ji Lin play the verbal battle. He is also taught. The young master doesn't speak much, but the words and sentences can make the other party feel creepy. This is also an absolutely brilliant means, not everyone can learn.

"I know her, so I know she's not that strong inside." Season owl cold but light say, don't feel oneself have what victory to live.

"Well, Ji yunning really doesn't look brave. Do you think it's possible to start from her?" Lu Qing asked again.

"No!" Ji Xiaohan replied directly: "she was educated by Ji Lin when she was young. Although she has a pure and harmless face, she is definitely a cunning person. She was raised by Ji Lin and she will never betray him."

Lu Qing listened to his analysis and found it reasonable. But soon, he was curious: "young master, when shall we go back to China, tomorrow morning?"

"Yes, the business here has been dealt with. I'll go back early tomorrow." Ji Xiaohan knows that the real battlefield is not here, and it is the safest to go back home. If Ji Lin really wants to regain the management power of the company, he will surely find an excuse to go back.

"OK!" Lu Qing nodded!

Back in the office, Lu Qing asked the most curious question: "young master, did your father really tell you anything before he left? I think Ji Lin looks very upset. Will he feel it? What do you already know? " Ji Xiaohan took a look at him and trusted him with all his heart, so he said lightly: "I said it on purpose to test his reaction. At present, the only thing I can know is that he must have an inseparable relationship with my father's death. I just need to find evidence to prove it!

”"Well, young master, it's also very effective." Lu Qing once again expressed his appreciation.