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C1999 love has sprouted

In a heavy rain, it suddenly fell. It was cold in the mountains and the clothes Ji Tingyan wore were thin. At this moment, her fingers were frozen. She and Cheng Yue sat on the chair, trying to help, but they had limited ability. They had to wait quietly for dinner. Ji Tingyan finally found that she had the potential to be a bucket.

When it was dark, Ji Tingyan was more looking forward to seeing tie ting. However, he must be very busy now. I don't know when it will get better. It seems that everything is shrouded in darkness.

The cell phone is out of signal. Ji Tingyan sends a message to big brother on the road that she will not go back for the time being, so she can't contact him again. I hope big brother won't worry about her.

"Xiaonai, put on my coat. Don't freeze." Cheng Yue also felt the rain, the weather is colder, his physical fitness is good, it doesn't matter to wear one less.

"No, I'll take tie Ting's clothes and put them on. Don't get sick if you're ready." Ji Tingyan said, then stood up and found a coat in the suitcase of tieting. The coat of the man is very broad, but it's very warm. There's also a kind of masculine atmosphere that belongs to him alone. It smells good.

Tie Ting comes with an umbrella. Cheng Yue sees him coming, and leaves the room for them.

"Is that policewoman better? Is she all right? " Ji Tingyan asked him about it. Just now she saw the bloody picture. She was also a woman. She felt inferior to her because she was strong and iron.

"She's OK, Nai. I'm sorry to bring you in." Tie Ting looked at her wearing her own clothes. It was very touching. He came over and held her hand tightly. He sighed.

"If you regard me as your girlfriend, don't say sorry unless you treat me as an outsider." Ji Tingyan actively nestles into his arms and murmurs.

"Of course I didn't treat you as an outsider." The woman's ability to talk back is first-class. But every time she talks back, she loves her more. She is sensible and reasonable. She is lucky to meet her in this life and feels very satisfied.

"Shall we stay here for a long time?" Ji Tingyan asked in a low voice.

"Maybe it will take a while. They can't leave until their man is better. They are all badly hurt." "Tie Ting replied.

"Well." Ji Tingyan is still a little excited. Finally, she is going to live a peaceful life with him. In the same mountains as the paradise, she is looking forward to meeting him.

Dinner is also gathered in a living room to eat. There are no other dishes in the deep mountain. The game is well managed. The burnt barbecue is coveted. It has a unique flavor with cold drinks.

Ji Tingyan seldom drinks. Tonight, I don't know what happened. After drinking half a bottle, a pretty face flushed, and other people only paid half a cup, they didn't drink any more. After all, at this critical moment, we need to be alert and guard against foreign enemies.

The bathing equipment here is also a little backward. All of them need to be filled with hot water to take a bath. Bondeng takes off her coat and goes to bring two buckets of hot water to Ji Tingyan in a nervous sweater. Ji Tingyan looks at the man's strong arm, which makes her pretty face more red. She is ashamed to find that she seems to have a little spring. She starts to crave the man's body It's over. She's poisoned. There's no medicine to save her.

Tie Ting is a very pragmatic man. No matter in work or in life, he can enjoy both wealth and hardship. He is definitely a good man worth marrying. In any difficult situation, he can stand on his own, rely on and trust.

Ji Tingyan used to feel that she had a cold temper. Now the longer she gets along with him, the more brilliant and fascinating he is. Just like now, although the environment is simple, men still give her the best.

"It's very hot. Go take a bath and go to bed at night." Tie Ting came to her gently and said. "Let's go to the bar. I think the barrel is very big." Ji Tingyan put forward this suggestion as soon as her brain became hot.

The man handsome Mou a startle, then face red one, low voice way: "you a person first bubble, I wait for you to wash after a rush."

Ji Tingyan chuckled, "I've given you a chance. You don't treasure it."

Tie Ting saw that she made fun of herself, and her courage was getting fatter and fatter. He coagulated her pretty face, stroked her face with his fingers, and pinched her on the earlobe: "there are many opportunities in the future, not every time, you can escape."

Ji Tingyan is scared and gets serious: "I'm joking. I'm going to take a bath."

Tie Ting's mouth hook up, evil airway: "I am serious, something called me, I am outside."

"Well," Ji Tingyan nodded obediently. Before she took a bath, her body began to heat up.

Ji Tingyan lies in the hot water bucket and finally cleans her body. She is comfortable with her eyes closed and enjoys a moment of silence.

Suddenly, her hand next to the tub suddenly felt a little itchy. When she opened her eyes, she saw a strange insect slowly crawling around the back of her hand.

"Ah, help." Ji Tingyan had never seen such a scene before. She was scared to death.

She stood up and shook the back of her hand hard, and finally got rid of that thing. But at this time, she rushed in quickly and stood by the tub. She saw her pretty face turned white and asked her anxiously, "what's the matter?"

"That bug is on the back of my hand." Ji Tingyan is not ashamed. She points to the ground.

Tieting looked down and stepped on it. The next second, he took a tissue and threw it out.

"It's OK. This kind of insect doesn't bite people. It's also rich in protein." Seeing that she was scared like this, he couldn't help but want to laugh. But next second, he couldn't laugh, because he saw the white shining body of the woman in the dim light, which was just a beautiful picture, making the man's blood boil.

Ji Tingyan was shy just now. Now she is very shy. She quickly sits back in the bucket. Her face is as red as the sunset glow in the sky. She is gorgeous and beautiful. Her eyes are shining and moving.

Tie Ting's eyes were stained with fire, squatted at the edge of the bucket, reached out and wet the palm, and pinched it gently on her back: "I'd better stay here, so that you don't shout for help again. People who don't know think I did something to you."

Ji Tingyan is even more embarrassed. She wants to go to the cave. She just shouted out of instinct. She regrets after shouting.

"Well, don't leave. I'm afraid." Ji Tingyan doesn't have the courage to be alone. She doesn't care if she risks being seen by him.

Tie Ting's breathing became heavier and heavier. Finally, he could not help but clasp her chin and print on her moist lips.