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Mu shiye's life has never been more than a small orange. It's a great change. It can't go back to the past. However, Mu shiye is a man with strong adaptability. His parents' marriage is rekindled again. Mu's family is now in harmony. LAN Rufu's menopause is gone, and mu's family ushered in a new round of spring. After mu

Lin was pregnant, her body shape and appetite increased. However, in the first three months, she was also tortured and didn't want to. After three months, the gestational period entered a stable period, and she began to enjoy a relaxed life during pregnancy. "

My God, I've put on two pounds of weight. I can't do it. I have to control my appetite!" After taking a bath, murin would weigh herself every week. Unexpectedly, this week, she was heavy again.

Lohnin stood beside her and looked at her with a smile. She was like a queen in the company. When she came home, she was like a child. She was charming. Sure enough, women have two sides. They just show up between family and outsiders.

"Your mother When will she leave? Did you tell me? " Maureen glared at the laughing man next to her. Then she lowered her voice and asked him. "

What's the matter? My mother may not leave in the near future. She said that she would take care of you until the baby was born, and that she would help us to take care of the baby later. " Lohnin replied with a smile.

"No way..." Mu Lin scratched her fingers painfully: "I really can't continue to eat the recipes she arranged for me every day. Don't you see? I'll weigh two Jin in a week. If I wait until I have a baby, how will I get fat? Isn't it like a pig? "

Lochner was shocked for a while, then relieved her: "it's not so serious. You're not fat now, but you're quite full. I think your weight is the most suitable for you now." "

don't comfort me. A woman can't be fat. If she is fat, she will destroy everything. I want to be a hot mom. Don't be late. I want to give up my favorite dress and go to the company in a big dress every day. That other people have to laugh at me." Mulin has always been very strict with her own management, so at the moment, she really can't bear to grow fat. "

well, don't worry, I'll tell my mother to make you less food." Lohnin saw her serious expression and immediately took it seriously.

"Not less, let her never worry about my three meals a day, I really can't eat like this!" Maureen decided to have a normal diet. "

OK, listen to you!" Lohnin nodded softly.

Murin's mood, this just got better, let a queen willing to be controlled by her mother-in-law, murin suddenly found that she had unconsciously put this man on such an important position.

At the beginning, her idea of not marrying had long been abandoned to the Pacific Ocean. In fact, to find a man who loves himself and get married is more meaningful and warm than to live alone. After

if someone asks her to complain and doesn't want to step into the marriage, she may not be able to persuade others to strengthen her appearance. Luo

Jin Yu has encountered some problems in his work recently. One of his branches has been targeted for the tax affairs, so he is also busy recently and is dealing with this matter. He has never made such a low-level mistake since he took over the company for so many years, but this time, he obviously felt that someone was deliberately looking for an excuse to rectify him.

Luo Jinyu had to accept the heavy fine. Fortunately, the circumstances were not serious, only the fine. But because of this incident, Luo Jinyu's company image has been impacted, and the photos he was asked to talk with by the police have been taken to the public by the people who are interested, and his personal image is extremely negative. The company's shares have been rising steadily, but in this event, they fell a lot on the same day. In the evening, lohnin and Mushi invited Ji Xiaohan out to drink and chat in a high-end club box.

Luo's family was found to have poked this matter out for a long time. It was very noisy. Luo

Jin Yu has been neglecting the company because of his emotional problems recently, so he will give others the chance to sell him and cause great losses.

"And your brother? I should call him over for a drink. Just in time, I have a very important thing to talk to him! " Season owl cold took a sip of wine, turned to look at Luo hening asked. "

my brother has been busy late into the night because of the company's business recently. At this moment, he may still be in the company. What do you want to talk to him about? It's OK to tell me. I'll pass it on to him. " Said lohnin, frowning.

Ji Xiao's face was cold and his voice was deep and rigorous: "in fact, don't you realize that someone is deliberately attacking you? Now it's Luo's family. Maybe it's Mu's family or Ji's family. " Mu shiye and lohnin's expression changed slightly. Later, Mu shiye sneered: "it's really like someone deliberately moved their hands and feet. Brother Luo's management company has always been very strict, and it's more strict under control. It hasn't happened before. How could it be reported on this joint eye? Naturally, there are other articles!"

Lohnen was also very angry and snorted: "half a month ago, Mr. President sent someone here. It seems that he wanted to bring my brother into his camp and talk with my brother for a long time. When my brother sent him away, it seemed that he had not made a decision, and the other side left in a black face. Does it really have something to do with this?" "

now business and politics are inseparable. I believe that your elder brother naturally had plans for a long time. However, in the past, the situation was unclear and no one would act rashly. Now, the general election is next year. This is a gamble between business and politics. It depends on who loses and who wins." Season owl cold light smile, analysis way.

"Xiao Han, I heard a message before that you have chosen vice president Ling Mo Feng, right?" Asked lohnin directly. Xiao Han nodded: "yes, I have great confidence in him, and he is indeed a statesman." "

I'll go back to my brother and suggest that if we have to stand in line, we should make a choice as early as possible." Lohnin said in a deep voice, and then he looked up at Mu shiye and said, "what about you?"

"Ask me? You should ask my sister! " Mu shiye laughs. Luo

he Ning Jun, with a sad face, said with a wry smile: "I dare not interfere in your Mu family. I swore to your sister that any decision of Mu family will be made by your brother and sister." "

Henning, you are a good model husband. My sister won't suffer from your marriage." Moo night smile of fun. "

What do you mean by that? Did you think you had a loss before? " Lohnin stared at him speechless. "

No, I'm only willing to let you close to my sister because I like your character!" Mu shiye immediately clarifies.