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C1848. The little guy likes him

When she went upstairs and found her son, Xia Xinnian said hello to her good friend Ling Susi and picked up her son and went upstairs.

"Mommy, don't you go to work?"

The little guy blinked his big eyes and asked curiously.

"Yu Chen, tell mommy, did you look for jimucheng last night?"

Xia Xinnian put his son at the stairway entrance and stared at him sternly.

Xia Yuchen nodded his little head: "yes, Mommy, I think he looks like my daddy!"

Xia Xinnian has a sense of powerlessness of looking at the sky without words. What's in the little guy's head?

Even if he feels like him, he really looks for him and asks him to verify. Now, the verification results are all right.

"Mommy, are you angry?

But I really miss Daddy! "

Xia Yuchen's aggrieved flat little mouth, a pair of pitiful appearance.

Xia Xinnian's cold heart softened in a moment when he saw his son's eyes were red and his mouth was flat.

"Yu Chen, we don't have a father, don't we live well?"

Xia Xinnian said softly.

"No, there are people who want to bully Mommy. No one can help you. I also want daddy to play with me!"

Xia Yuchen has always been very sensible, but at the moment, I don't know how it is. The little soul seems to have been hit a lot.

Xia Xinnian's brain hummed. Suddenly, he didn't know how to discipline the little guy.

At this time, the sound of steady and powerful footsteps was behind her. She looked back and saw Jimu city standing behind her.


Why are you here? "

Xiayuchen obviously did not expect that jimucheng also came, a pair of black eyes opened in surprise.

Jimucheng's eyes flashed on Xia Xinnian's face. When he finally looked at Xia Yuchen, he was very gentle: "Yuchen, don't call me uncle, call me daddy!"


Obviously, the little guy didn't expect this. He asked with surprise and joy, "really?

Are you my daddy? "

Jimucheng walked up and stood in front of the little guy with a gentle voice: "yes, I am your father, you are my son!"

Xia Yuchen is almost surrounded by this happy joy. He looks at Xia Xinnian incredulously and confirms: "Mommy, he is my daddy, so I guessed right!"

Jimucheng reached over and hugged his son in his arms. He whispered, "son, daddy will never let you go out again!"

Hearing four words floating outside, Xia Xinnian's face turned white. Her beautiful eyes widened to see her son's two small hands tightly encircling jimucheng's neck, and her small face tightly clinging to his shoulder. Her brain flashed through the blank, her eyes were sour, and tears surged down inexplicably.

Don't want to let her son see, she quickly turned around and walked downstairs.

She just wanted to teach her son not to be close to jimucheng, but now, it's hard for her to say those words.

She knows best how much her son yearns for fatherly love.

Maybe she is too selfish, just want to take her son as private, but she forgot that the children are eager for the love of their parents, a person love him, obviously too weak.

Why the pain in my heart?

It seems that there is a missing corner, where the most important thing is hidden.

Jimucheng and his son hugged each other for a while. When they turned around, they found that Xia Xinnian had left. He was slightly shocked.

"And Mommy?

What was standing here just now? "

The little guy also found it and asked with a big blink.

Jimucheng thought that maybe the woman didn't want to see their father and son reunited, so she left.

"It's OK. She may have gone downstairs. Let's go down too!"

Jimucheng doesn't want to let his son down. He directly carries him downstairs. When he comes down, he still doesn't find Xia Xinnian. Hearing the driver's words, he knows that she left first by taxi.

It's better to leave without quarreling with her about her son.

"Where's Mommy?"

The little guy can't understand Xia Xinnian's inner pain at the moment, because his mother must be very happy that he found daddy.

"Your mommy is too busy with her work. She has gone back to the company. In the evening, she will come here. Would you like to go home with daddy?"

Jimucheng Wensheng said.

"Well, I think I'll see what daddy's parents look like!"

The kid's face was happy, but he didn't expect his dream to come true. He really found daddy. It was so good.

Jimucheng dotes on his son's excited face, and he is in a good mood. In the car, he holds his son and refuses to let go. He looks at his son with gentle eyes. Even if he frowns and looks curious, he is deeply loved.

Maybe that's what it is.

The villa in jimucheng is on a mountain not far from the city center. The whole mountain has been developed and the trees planted are all precious. Walking up the winding mountain Avenue, there are several rows of silver gray spires. When the car goes over the mountain road, it is amazing that there are many huge buildings in front of it.

"Daddy, is this your family?

How big! "

Xia Yuchen has never seen such a big villa, so he is so surprised.

"This will be your home later, do you like it?"

Jimucheng Wen laughs a lot. The kid is frank and straightforward. He is very popular.

"Yes, it would be great if mommy could live here, too!"

The little guy said happily.

Thinking of that stubborn and hard to tame woman, jimucheng's handsome face flashed a bit of boredom. He would never forget that woman can offer innocence for money. This kind of woman who doesn't love himself, he really doesn't want to lead her into the house.

"Daddy, are you rich?"

The little guy kept looking out of the window with big eyes, and then asked loudly.

"Yes, I have a lot of money!"

Jimucheng said with a little pompous eyebrows.

"Oh, can you share some money with my mommy?

She has no money! "

The little guy doesn't know the interest relationship between adults. He thinks all the money of his parents should be shared, because that's what other parents do.

Jimucheng's expression is a little stiff. He is really naive and lovely.

"Don't worry. I'll give you money to make sure she lives a better life."

Jimucheng said in a low voice.

He believes that since the woman can sell her body for money, she can return her son to him for money now.


Thank you so much, Daddy! "

The little guy finds that daddy is very talkative, and he will definitely be able to make decisions for mommy in the future.

Jimucheng kissed his son's face with thin lips and said with a warm smile, "I'm your daddy, don't be polite to me!"

Xia Xinnian is sitting in a taxi, tears keep falling down, and can't stop.

The sad feeling of being robbed of treasures is like the tide coming in layer by layer.

"Miss, are you lovelorn?

It's OK. Men can find it again! "

The driver's eldest brother saw her coming up and cried silently for a long time. He was very sympathetic to her.