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Pei Zaixin frowned. She knew that a new CEO had been sent over, but so far, all the information was confidential.

However, listening to these people's discussion, could it be that the new boss had already come?

"Manager Pei!" Pei Zaixin was now considered the manager of a department, previously she had performed well, but after being promoted, she was now feeling pressured, and of course, her salary had been increased by two times, thus Pei An Xin felt pressured, motivated, surprised and satisfied.

"Managers are to meet in Conference Room 1!" Suddenly, the assistant president came over to pass on the order.

Pei An Xin hurriedly prepared the information he needed to report later and rushed to Conference Room 1.

When she stepped through the door, she felt that something was wrong. As expected, once she walked in and saw the young man sitting on the seat of honor, her nerves immediately tensed up.

How could it be Mu Shi Ye?

Pei An Xin thought that he was seeing things, but when she opened his eyes to look again, it was really Mu Shi Ye.

This man, how could he be the new boss of the company?

No, what kind of joke was this? She wanted to avoid him, but he was now back in her life as her boss.

"Manager Pei, this is our new CEO, Mr. Mu Shi Ye!" The Deputy CEO saw her staring at Mu Shi Ye blankly and immediately introduced her in a strict manner.

Pei An Xin thought that Mu Shi Ye did it on purpose. He was the son of a wealthy family, and did whatever he wanted.

It was just like how he could just casually intrude into her life and into her heart.

Pei An Xin had no choice but to accept his fate. Rich people could do whatever they wanted.

Mu Shi Ye's gaze fell on Pei An Xin as he smiled and greeted him calmly: "We meet again, Manager Pei!"

Mu Shi Ye's words contained a huge amount of information, so much so that everyone present looked at Pei An Xin in unison.

She felt as if she had an unspeakable relationship with her new boss.

"Why are you doing this?" Pei An Xin really couldn't hold back the feelings in her heart. As if he had been played by this man again, her eyes reddened slightly.

Mu Shi Ye stood up and with his long legs, he stood firmly in front of her, looking down at her from above. His gaze was gentle, and his voice was very soft: "How am I?"

"You did it on purpose?" Pei An Xin raised his head and glared at him with a trace of resentment.

"Yes, I did it on purpose!" Mu Shi Ye said in a low voice, "I want to see you at all times!"

"Do you think that will change our relationship? "Impossible!" Pei An Xin clenched his fists.

"An Xin, relax. We're in a meeting right now!" After Mu Shi Ye finished speaking, he took a few steps back and sat back down on his seat, his handsome face becoming serious once more.

Only now did Pei An Xin realize that everyone was looking at her strangely, so she could only hurry up and organize her emotions before choosing a seat.

The Vice President looked at Pei An Xin with hostility, laughed and asked: "Manager Pei, are you and Mubai friends?"

"No, we are strangers!" Pei An Xin immediately replied.

When Mu Shi Ye heard her say that he was a stranger, his expression was still a little stiff.

He didn't explain anything, nor did he need to. He had come here to work for her.

After the meeting ended, Pei An Xin was called into the CEO's office.

Although this company was not a large group enterprise, its scale was not small. Compared to Mu Family, it was not on the same level.

But Mu Shi Ye was willing to lower his head and come to work.

"Mu Shi Ye, don't go too far. Do you know how much I care about my work? I don't want to lose it because of you! " The moment Pei An Xin entered, he immediately began to denounce him.

Mu Shi Ye chuckled. "An Xin, I just want you to know that no matter where you are, I want to take care of you. With me here, no one in this company would dare embarrass you!"

Pei An Xin was stunned!

"The reason I'm here is for you, do you understand?" Mu Shi Ye's tone was extremely gentle.

His eyes were filled with sincerity, causing Pei An Xin to suddenly have no reason to quarrel with him anymore. This time, his enthusiasm, was even stronger than before.

However, Pei An Xin's heart had already turned cold, she didn't know if he would still be able to warm up again. But at this moment, that man's pair of gentle eyes made her unable to find a reason to meet him.

"Mu Shi Ye, do you think that I will forgive you just because you are like this?" Pei An Xin ridiculed.

"Without hard work, how can you know that there is no return? An Xin, is Cheng Cheng alright? I haven't seen her for a few days. Tonight, I'll go back with you to accompany her, okay? " Mu Shi Ye asked as he took an inch.

"Don't worry, I won't interfere with your work. If you need any help, just come find me!" Mu Shi Ye saw that her tone had become a little softer, his thin lips curling up in a satisfied smile.

"As long as I don't get involved with you, I'm sure my job won't be a problem." Pei An Xin stopped at the door and turned around as he said indifferently.

Mu Shi Ye, "..."

How could he prove that he was courting her if he didn't get involved with the rumors?

When Pei An Xin returned to the office, sure enough, the people in the office were already discussing her relationship with Mu Shi Ye.

Pei An Xin sighed powerlessly. As long as there were women, there would definitely be a lot of gossip.

It seemed like, arguing with Mu Shi Ye in the meeting room was an irrational action.

"Manager Pei, do you know Mubai? What kind of person is he? " Relying on Pei An Xin's good relationship with other people, some of the younger female subordinates came over to ask her for information.

Pei An Xin smiled: "He's not bad!"

"Manager Pei, what is your relationship with him? It feels like you two are very familiar with each other! "

"Friend!" After Pei An Xin finished speaking, he added another sentence: "We were friends in the past, but now we are close friends."

"Then wouldn't we have a chance?"

"That's right. If Manager Pei isn't his girlfriend, then we all have a chance!"

A lady at the side immediately interjected: "You guys will not get the chance. Mubai's family background is not simple, for ordinary people like you to want to interact with him, it must be your life that is on the line."

Pei An Xin took the chance while the two of them were arguing to rush into his office.

With regards to Mu Shi Ye's identity, she was the clearest. Indeed, an ordinary woman would not be able to climb onto him.

But now, even though she wanted to dodge, he had caught up with her.