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C1467 not to be believed

Blue fibril was forced to marry by her father, and her mind was about to explode. She always felt that her father didn't hurt her as much as before. She was sad and sad. The only one worthy of her consolation was Ling Mo Feng. As long as she thought about him, blue fibril could still see hope. She felt that the general manager's Qi was running out, which brought people together. Ling Mo Feng was like the rising sun in the East It is so hot and full of light that only those who have expectations in their hearts will choose a capable leader rather than place their hopes on an old man.

LAN Xianxian feels that she has a good eye and has chosen the right person. So, even if her father doesn't allow her to be with Ling Mo Feng, she won't be reconciled. The general election will be three months later. At that time, the victory and defeat will be certain. If the blue family really voted for the old president and lost again, then the whole family will have to follow suit. Besides, women's happiness is in their own hands Li's father likes to stand in line, but she doesn't stand.

The only thing blue fiber needs to do now is to quarrel with blue Yanxi again, take the evidence to her by the way, and then ask her to help lead the line through sister Mei. Anyway, there are many ways to catch a man's heart, such as Unmarried first pregnant, drunk disordered sex, blue fiber mind hundred turn, the way is, she just need to step by step on the line.

Blue fiber found a good way, but also to let blue Yanxi initiative to find themselves.

LAN Xianxian deliberately discussed with the financial department of the company, asking him to postpone the payment by one month to LAN Yanxi's mother, and asking the other party to come to her for a complaint if there is any problem.

Blue mother immediately received a phone call from the financial department of the company, and said that if she had any problems, she would look for blue fiber. Blue mother did not know whether to be angry or to feel that she was in a sad situation. A young generation openly deducted her money. The original contract was just like waste paper. In the eyes of blue family, it was worthless.

Blue mother is not a snobbish woman. If blue family doesn't give her dividends on time, she doesn't want to make trouble. After all, her daughter still lives in blue family. She tears her face. She is not good to her daughter, so she bears this tone.

LAN Xianxian knows that her aunt is a woman who can't hold her breath. She used to give less or find a reason not to give, and she didn't quarrel. So, if you want LAN Yanxi to come to her, you have to let LAN Yanxi know about it. LAN Yanxi is blue family blood after all, and she has the right to do it. She will certainly come to her for the benefit of her mother.

The arrangement of blue fiber is still very careful. After blue Yanxi received the call from the Finance Department of blue company, she was so angry that her blood was stiff. Needless to say, it must be blue fiber who was revenging her last time.

LAN Yanxi is not as gullible as her mother. Although she doesn't participate in the management of her own company, she knows from her grandfather that the company has made a good understanding in recent years, and the profits of each quarter are rising. How can she directly deduct her mother's poor living expenses because of the company's fund shortage?

Since LAN Xianxian wants to revenge her on this matter, LAN Yanxi doesn't want to do it.

So, when she received the phone call from the finance department, when she was off duty in the afternoon, she was on the way back to blue's home and directly blocked the blue fiber car.

LAN Xianxian sees LAN Yanxi's sports car from afar. She smiles at the corner of her mouth. She quickly opens the recording pen and puts it in her pocket. Then she pulls over to stop and pushes the door down.

Lanyanxi also plans to block her way. Unexpectedly, lanyanxi is smart and stops by her side.

She got out of the car angrily and walked towards each other. Her face was full of anger: "blue fiber, why do you want to deduct my mother's living expenses? You did it on purpose? "

"Yes, I did. What's the matter? Your mother takes so much money every month. Does she feel comfortable? Our company recruits, sweeps the floor and does chores every day. Your mother is only in her forties. She is still middle-aged and skilled. She can come to the company to share some affairs and spend the company's money. That's why she is upright! " Blue fiber reason is very substantial, because, she thought of a night to say words, naturally open mouth can come.

LAN Yanxi's face turned white again when he heard this: "my father is gone, my mother doesn't want to have any relationship with LAN's family, she doesn't want to arouse sadness, so you want her to go back to work? What do you mean by that? "

"It's been so many years, it's a good idea to use this excuse to get rid of it. No one is sad. It's like you don't have a father, and your mother won't have to work in her life."

Lanyanxi didn't expect that lanxianxian's face and mouth were so shameless. At the beginning, her mother promised to leave lanyanxi's home. It was her grandfather who signed the contract with her. As long as she gave up the custody of lanyanxi, the company would give her a monthly dividend to guarantee her life. Unexpectedly, before grandpa spoke, lanxianxian's father and daughter had made their own opinions.

Lanyanxi really wants to give up the money, but she feels unwilling. Her mother can take it. Why does she give up? Is it because they are more shameless and shameless than themselves?

She can be shameless. Money is a good thing. She can get it. Why don't she?

"Well, if you think my mother took the money for nothing, let's go to Grandpa and ask him whether, how much and when to give the money. Let Grandpa decide." LAN Yanxi doesn't want to talk to her anymore. She still has to find someone who can handle justice.

"Lan Yanxi, stop for me!" Lanyanxi turns around to get on the bus, and lanxianxian grabs her.

LAN Yanxi knew that she was afraid, and she shook off her hand with a sneer: "you have seed. Just take what you said to Grandpa and say it again. Let's see how grandpa answers you!"

"You don't scare me with Grandpa. LAN Yanxi, what can you do except fight grandpa's power? Even if you marry Ling Mo Feng later, he will not necessarily protect you. You don't have to be here! " Blue fiber also angry, blue father's partiality, like a thorn, stem in her heart for many years, as long as you think, pain can not.

LAN Yanxi disagreed: "I really don't have your ability. I can interfere in Grandpa's affairs. I can also be dishonest, shameless and snobbish!"

"You..." LAN Xianxian wants to give her a slap again, but she finally resists it, because the point she wants to talk to LAN Yanxi is not the hundreds of thousands of yuan. She sneers and directly says, "Lan Yanxi, otherwise, you can give Ling Mo Feng to me. As long as you give it to me, I can give your mother three times more money every year. Your father's equity, I will find a way to get it for you. Then You don't have to fight with me for the two or three hundred thousand, do you? "

LAN Yanxi's face changed a little when he heard this. Unexpectedly, she could not get around the wall. LAN Xianxian aimed at her mother and daughter. She just came while Ling Mo Feng. Is she crazy?

"Blue fiber, you still think of Ling Mo Feng. Aren't you afraid Grandpa will get angry?" LAN Yanxi is eager to laugh. She feels that she must have lost her head. She really wants to steal the man who will become her brother-in-law in the future.

"Of course, I'm afraid. That's why I came to discuss with you. Why? You won't be close to Ling Mo Feng in this period of time, and suddenly find out that he is good, and fall in love with him, right? " Blue fiber finally asked her the most wanted to know.

LAN Yanxi's face froze and instinctively retorted, "how could I have said that he is not my type, so I will not fall in love with him!"

"Then why don't you give him up to me since you don't like it? I like it. I even fall in love with him. Anyway, Ling Mo Feng doesn't like you. He just wants to marry the daughter of the blue family. If he doesn't marry you, he can marry me. " LAN Xianxian looks excited at once. She thinks so. Ling family and LAN family have an engagement, but not necessarily if LAN Yanxi, they can be any daughter of LAN family.

LAN Yanxi's breath stopped a bit. She took a deep breath and sneered, "now you are unbelieving. Do you still expect me to believe the benefits you have given me? Blue fiber, here, your credit is zero. Even if we sign the contract, you have thousands of excuses waiting for me! "

Blue slim was stiff and his expression was frozen. Blue Yanxi would not believe her at all, so she would not ask for any benefits.