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Bai Yiyan was yanked into the elevator by Ji Yueze. In the elevator, the man suddenly let go and dumped her. White

Yiyan suddenly bumps into the elevator wall, her face is white, and she turns around abruptly. She sees the man's fierce expression, which is like a wild animal in a rage. She is willing to swallow the prey in front of her. Bai

Yi Yan did not expect Ji Yueze to be so angry at the moment, as if she had done an unforgivable thing. "

Bai Yiyan, don't you know how to escape? Keep running? " Between Ji Yueze's words, her slender arm was directly propped up on the elevator wall beside her, sneering coldly. White

Yiyan bit her lower lip and breathed softly: "Why are you here? What a coincidence. "

"It's really a coincidence, which shows that we are destined for each other, isn't it?" Mingming still wanted to scold her again, but when she saw her face as white as paper, her eyes were panic stricken, her heart was cold and hard, and she suddenly became soft, and her voice became soft.

The elevator jingled and reached the floor of Ji Yueze's room. Once again, he grabbed Bai Yiyan's wrist. The strength was not small, almost crushing Bai Yiyan's delicate wrist.

No matter in words or behavior, Ji Yueze can't calm down his inner irritation.

He opened the door of a room and threw Bai Yiyan in again. Bai Yiyan was like a rag, helpless, dizzy and fell on the bed. When did Ji Yueze become so rude? Season

the more Ze's tall and strong body, against her body, his breath with gnashing teeth: "Bai Yiyan, if you dare to escape again, you will try, I will directly catch you back to get married."

Bai Yiyan's beautiful eyes suddenly opened wide, and her voice trembled: "you have brought your blind date here, and you even give me this beautiful thought. Ji Yueze, just when I beg you, let's break up peacefully." "

dare to break up?" Ji Yueze gets angry and smashes his fist on the bed. Then he stands up, feels a cigarette from his arms, and lights it quickly. Only in this way can he suppress his impulse to pinch people. White

Yiyan sat up, and meimou looked sadly at the man sitting on the sofa, with two long legs crossed, and said nothing but smoke hard. No, she hasn't seen Ji Yueze for a long time.

But damned handsome charming, more maddening charm. Ji didn't want to talk to her, so he made a phone call directly. A few minutes later, Yang Siyu knocked on the door. Looking at the rich girl, Bai Yiyan suddenly felt that she was dwarfed by herself, and a sense of inferiority crept into her heart.

Although she didn't want to admit that she was inferior to others everywhere, the fact was in front of her, and she couldn't breathe.

"Si Yu, please explain it for me! I really don't want to talk to her. I'm afraid I'll pinch her as soon as I speak. " Ji Yueze has finished smoking a cigarette happily. When he was smoking, he was still staring at Bai Yiyan. He felt a sense of peace. Yang nodded. If she didn't make it clear, it must be a thorn for Bai Yiyan. "

what else do you need to explain? I know it, and I can understand it! " Bai Yiyan laughed bitterly at herself.

Yang Siyu sits beside her, takes out her mobile phone, opens a picture, on the picture, a beautiful woman who can't distinguish the gender, makes people bright.

Although the other side is wearing earnails and dyed with brown red short hair, but the facial features are exquisite, vaguely still can distinguish that it should be a girl.

"Is she beautiful?" Yang Siyu sees Bai Yiyan's stare without blinking. She looks stunned and asks with a smile. Bai Yiyan didn't know which play she was singing, but she nodded honestly: "it's beautiful!"

"Then guess who I am?" Yang Siyu deliberately sells the gate. "

your sister!" Bai Yiyan didn't mean to laugh with her, so she said something casually, because they were both beautiful, maybe sisters.

"You're funny. She's my girlfriend. Does she look smaller than me? She's a year older than me! " Yang Siyu couldn't help but cover his mouth and smile. White

Yiyan's beautiful eyes were startled again. She asked incredulously, "did you just say that she was your girlfriend? What's going on? " Season

Yueze smoked a cigarette, calmed down his anger, and said lightly: "I was acting with her to show my mother and her parents. That's the same thing. Do you understand now? I have nothing to do with Siyu. She has her love and I have you. " Bai

Yiyan's whole body was frozen. Obviously, she was shocked by this answer.

"Miss Bai, I'm sorry to make you sad. I scolded him just now. If he could explain things earlier, you might not leave." Yang Siyu said with a smile.

Bai Yiyan suddenly blushed, "did I misunderstand?" Ji

Yue Ze came over, sat beside her, put his hand around her, and put his thin lips on her head: "you not only misunderstood me, but also hurt my heart. Now I have no sense of security. How can you comfort me?" Yang

turned a white eye and said, "Hey, young master Ji, can you not show your love in front of me? I will be jealous!" Bai

Yiyan wants to drill a hole in the ground, but her mood is like a high-altitude roller coaster ride with ups and downs. She is in a state of confusion at the moment and doesn't know what to do.

"Why did you pack yourself so tightly just now? Afraid I'll find you? " Ji Yueze suddenly thought of seeing her just now, and his face was suddenly unhappy.

Bai Yiyan just clapped her head with her hand. Did she always feel that she had a very important thing to say just now? However, affected by Ji Yueze's various emotions, she forgot such an important thing.

"Ji Yueze, I was just followed. Let's get out of here. It's dangerous." Bai Yiyan said in a hurry, grabbing his hand and leaving.

"Someone is following you? Do you know who it is? " Ji Yueze's heart is in a moment's suspension. "

I don't know, but like people in our country, maybe Ji Lin will catch me and threaten my mother again!" This is the only villain Bai Yiyan can think of. Ji

Yue Ze frowned and said: "Ji Lin is busy trying to ingratiate himself with the old president recently. He should have no time to worry about your affairs. I suspect that it's another person. Moreover, this matter may have something to do with me."

"What is it?" Bai Yiyan looks surprised. Yang Siyu doesn't understand them, but she worries about them.

"The person who comes to catch you may be your own parents, Cheng Jianhong. He thinks your existence affects his reputation and career. He wants to find you and press this matter down." Ji Yueze said in a deep voice.

"Is it him?" Bai Yiyan looks stiff.