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Tang youyou doesn't want to expose Ji Shangqing's hypocrisy. She bypasses him and goes downstairs.

In the hall, on the huge screen, there is also a live broadcast of the grand occasion of the financial industry. The elder brother sat on the sofa and watched the progress of the event.

"You know that, too." When the old lady saw her coming downstairs, she asked her immediately.

"I'm watching, too!" Tang youyou answered softly.

"Don't worry, I believe my grandson has the ability to deal with all this." The old lady was afraid that she would not have enough experience and experience. She would be afraid and worried, so she made a voice to comfort her.

Tang youyou smiled softly: "thank you grandma, I also believe him." After pouring a glass of water, Tang youyou goes upstairs again, but Ji Shangqing changes a coat and goes downstairs at this time. They meet again at the stairs. When Tang youyou goes to the left, Ji Shangqing accidentally moves to the left. Tang youyou has to go to the right, and Ji Shangqing also goes to the right. This is a kind of intentional teasing, which makes Tang youyou frown.

"I'm sorry, you go up first!" Ji Shangqing immediately said that he didn't mean to, and quickly let her go to the side of the gentleman.

Tang youyou said a word of thanks and walked up quickly, but Ji Shangqing felt that he was deliberately playing tricks on him.

In fact, Ji Shangqing did it on purpose. In order to attract the attention of Tang Youyou, he used all the methods of stomach.

However, he underestimated Tang youyou's indifference. She didn't even look at him directly.

This is the worst record in Ji Shangqing's emotional history, making him inexplicably frustrated.

He didn't expect that his charm in women's hearts would weaken to this extent. It seems that the gap between him and Ji Xiaohan is once again reflected in Tang youyou.

It's impossible. Isn't Tang youyou interested in the rich family property of Ji Xiaohan? That's why I don't care about him at all? If it's really because of the amount of money, Ji Shangqing has to admit his life and shake his head. It's true that he is not richer than Ji Xiaohan, but it's only for now. When his father takes Ji's group back for him, his wealth will definitely surpass Ji Xiaohan. At that time, Tang youyou will kneel in front of him and beg him, and he won't give her another chance.

The sense of frustration made Ji Shangqing's mood a little dry.

"Shangqing, do you want to go out?" When the old lady saw him carrying a car key downstairs, she immediately stopped him and asked.

Ji Shangqing nodded: "yes, I've made an appointment with a few friends and have lunch together!"

"What friend? Do you have a girl? " Now the old lady is more concerned about the feelings of her grandson.

Ji Shangqing immediately smiled and said, "grandma, are you urging me to find my girlfriend again? Well, I'll see. If there's a suitable one, I'll bring it to you. "

The old man taught him: "don't play with women's feelings. There are too many romantic debts. It's no good."

Ji Shangqing immediately clarified himself: "Grandpa, how can you feel that I am a playboy? I haven't had a serious love so far. Don't worry, I will be very devoted to you. "

When the old lady heard that her grandson even made fun of the old couple, she immediately laughed: "you don't want to learn from your grandfather. He is stubborn. Girls won't like his character."

The old man glanced over at the old lady. Although he was already an old husband and wife, he could not hide his love for the old lady in his eyes: "don't say anything, what's the matter with this kind of character? Xiao Han is like me. Don't a lot of girls like him? "

The old lady covered her mouth and smiled, "yes, I like it, too. Otherwise, how could I marry you?"

The old man was in a good mood. Ji Shangqing gave him a mouthful of dog food, which made him feel more depressed.

"Grandpa and grandma, I went out!" Ji Shangqing said hello and went out.

He drove out of Ji's manor and stopped at the side of the road. Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone.

He called Ji Lin, his father.

"Daddy, I think Ji Xiaohan is quite sure this time. Will we be exposed?" Ji Shangqing is still worried that it will be bad for them to seize power. "Don't worry, those old guys are very strict. They haven't the courage to betray me." Ji Lin is also very confident. He has taught these old ministers before. He has been under his hand for many years, but he has grasped many of their handles. Therefore, Ji Lin believes that even if these old guys are really locked in, they can't be wronged for their family's health.

"Well, if you have confidence, I'll be relieved." Ji Shangqing also believes that his father is not so stupid and will put himself in a position of failure so soon. His five-year careful layout is just a beginning.

"How are you at home? Grandpa and grandma are OK. " Ji Lin asked him faintly, for the elderly parents, Ji Lin even if again heartless, but still very concerned, after all, family blood, never give up. Ji Shangqing nodded his head and replied, "grandma is in good health. Grandpa is not very good. There is always a doctor coming to check him up at home. Daddy, you can come back to see them. I think they have forgiven you." Ji Lin was silent on the other end of the phone, and said for a long time: "look again,

I don't have the face to see them, I have disappointed them."

Ji Shangqing knows his father's inner struggle, because he is not willing to give up power, so next, what he has to do may hurt his grandparents' heart even more, so he feels shameless.

"Well, I'll be back if I stay a few more days!" Ji Shangqing didn't persuade him anymore.

At this time, Ji yunning immediately connected the mobile phone.

"Big brother, is everything OK in China?" Ji yunning asked with a smile.

"It's OK. I haven't returned to China for a long time. Everything in China is fresh to me!" Ji Shangqing talks with his sister in a relaxed tone.

"Then you see Don Youyou, how is she?" What Ji yunning is more concerned about is his view on Tang youyou.

"Very conquering!" Ji replied immediately.

Ji yunning looks happy and immediately encourages: "elder brother, I believe you can certainly destroy their feelings. Do you want to work hard for me?"

"I will!" Ji Shangqing nods very definitely.

"Elder brother, you must be careful yourself. Ji Xiaohan must be guarding against you. Don't let him catch you." Ji yunning does not forget to tell him. "Don't worry, I'm going back to China purely for fun. He can't catch me if he wants to." Ji Shangqing said confidently.