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C1816 relationship moving forward

Nangong Yao looks at the beautiful body of the woman again. At that moment, he completely remembers her appearance. He doesn't know whether the moon is too beautiful or the water is too hot. He only feels that it's above him.

"Moyun, you are so bad."

Nangong Yao's saying is not to be coquettish, but Yu Jue's woman is completely unpredictable, which is not only a sense of expectation, but also a surprise to him. He likes not to see her, but also to do her.

Muyun succeeded. He stretched his arms lazily, leaned against the smooth stone wall, and closed his eyes: "anyway, when they go back later, they will definitely misunderstand what we have. Since they are all going to be misunderstood, of course, I can't bear a shameless name for nothing."

Nangong Yao is stunned. What's the logic?

"If you're afraid that other people will gossip about us, otherwise, go back later, you can just admit that it's my girlfriend. Didn't you say that before?

You can try to socialize. Now you introduce me as your friend. To be honest, I'm still quite lost. "

Nangong Yaojun's face is full of grievances. He hopes to be introduced to his friends by her.

"Don't be a friend first. When I'm sure I can be with you, I'll be a boyfriend and girlfriend. Otherwise, if I admit that we're not together again, I won't have a reputation and have a bad influence on you. In order to be responsible for love, let's do it first."

Muyun said soberly and rationally that he was not stunned by his high beauty.

Nangong Yao had no choice but to admit: "I can't refute you when you say that. Well, if you are afraid that we will ruin each other's reputation, let's be friends first."

"I'm a little dizzy. I have to come up. You can avoid it first."

Muyun has been soaking for too long. The smell of sulfur makes her faint and heavy. She can't stay in the water.

Nangong Yao directly turned his back and said in a low voice, "I don't want to see you. Hurry up. There is a big temperature difference. Dry yourself quickly and don't catch cold."

Muyun didn't say anything. When she saw the man turn his back, she quickly stood up. When she raised her foot, she didn't find the stone beside her. She accidentally got a lot of water on it. At this time, she didn't wear shoes, stepped on it barefoot, and slipped. She made a voice of surprise. The whole man fell back into the water.

With a thud, Nangong Yaomeng turned around and looked at her. He saw Muyun fluttering in the water. He jumped into the pool and fished her up.

"Scared to death."

Mu Yun's brain is still covered in circles. At this moment, his hair and face are full of water, and his ears are still buzzing.

Nangong Yao picked her up, only to find that she had not yet got dressed. His brain roared, and the gentleman turned away his face, but his voice was hoarse: "are you ok? Are you hurt?"

Only then did Mu Yun find out that she was held in her arms by a man. She was so shy and anxious that she had to pretend to be calm and open her mouth: "I'm ok, thank you. Let me down first."

Nangong Yao gently put her down, quickly turned around and said, "get dressed quickly."

Mu Yun didn't dare to be careless this time. He quickly took out his slippers and put them on. Then he took out his bath towel and dried them. He put on his clothes. When he turned around, he found that the man was still standing in the pool. The place where he stood was quite deep. The water went over his knee and went up. His clothes were all wet, revealing his strong body.

In the cool moonlight, mouyun feels a bit trance. If nangongyao is a man fish, it's really fascinating.

"I'm sorry, but your clothes are also wet."

Moyun is very guilty.

"Never mind. I've brought two more suits. Let's go."

Nangong Yao just showed the story of saving the beauty of the hero. At this moment, he is really not cold, but his heart is very hot. When he saw her delicate figure, his handsome face turned red even more.

Although Muyun felt ashamed, she didn't make a big fuss. After all, she was not young, and she looked at this kind of things a little light.

The two returned to the place where the tent was built. Zhang cau had already set a fire. Li Qing and Xiao Chen sat by and set fire. Zhang cau also brought some simple tableware to prepare for dinner.

"Mr. Nangong, why are your clothes wet?"

Seeing them coming back, Zhang cau immediately asked curiously.

Li Qing and Xiao Chen looked at each other and found out that their expressions were endless.

Mu Yun immediately opened his mouth and explained, "there was a bit of slippage just now. I slipped accidentally and he saved me."

"It doesn't matter. I'll go into the tent and change."

Nangong Yao said and went directly into his tent.

The fire reflects everything around, and the shadow in the tent is very clear.

Li Qing's eyes moved to see the man's every move in the tent, her heart beat inexplicably fast.

Although only across the tent saw the figure of Nangong yaojianba, Li Qing could not help swallowing.

Mu Yun's long hair is wet. She is only in a hurry to dry her hair. She doesn't find Li Qing staring at the tent behind her. Even Xiao Chen, who has self-knowledge, can't help looking at it more.

After all, a man with such a good figure and handsome appearance is full of attraction. It's a pity not to look at him.

Mu Yun, wearing a broad bath towel, smelled the smell of barbecue beside her, so she went to help Zhang cau cook dinner together.

When Nangong Yao came out again, he wore a slightly tight gray sweater and a pair of sports pants, which released the charm of men's wild nature. Under the dark moonlight, he could not say that it was charming and had the most original attraction.

Nangong Yao didn't know that his every move attracted the attention of the women on the spot. His eyes were only searching for the women he wanted to see. When he saw Muyun sitting beside turning over the barbecue, he immediately walked over and squatted beside her.

"Do you know how to barbecue?"

Nangong Yao sees Muyun adding all kinds of seasonings, which makes him feel interesting.

Zhang cau said with a smile, "when we used to go hiking and hiking, Mu Yun was in charge of our dinner. She could not only roast meat, but also make many delicious food."


Nangong Yao picked up the eyebrows, which was even more sour. Imagining that the men were eating the things Muyun made, he bit his teeth secretly.

Mu Yun turned his head and handed him the roasted mutton: "how delicious is it? Do you want to add materials?"

Nangong Yao took over, quickly wanted to eat, but burned his lips, he immediately low shout, attracted Moyun chuckle more than.

Li Qing, who is not far away, looks a little bit more resentful and annoyed. She decides not to be called Mu Yun next time. She brought a man here today to abuse dogs?