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C1364 to be distinguished

Cheng Yuan's nerves were tense, and Chu lie's face was instantly red when she couldn't open a single pot and mention it.

"You think I'm joking!" Cheng Yuan bowed her head in embarrassment.

"Cheng Yuan, you blush. That's not a joke!" Chu lie suddenly flashed in front of her and looked at her face at a close distance. Seeing that her face was red, she immediately said with a smile.

Cheng Yuan didn't expect Chu lie to be such an easygoing and straightforward person in private. She thought that she was as serious as his daily work.

Cheng Yuan didn't dare to admit it. She was afraid that he would laugh at herself. Now, when he asked again, Cheng Yuan's head was hot and she nodded and admitted: "yes, I like you!"

Chu lie looked at her for a long time and smiled softly: "Cheng Yuan, I always treat you as Brother, you suddenly say you like me, I can't accept it! "

When Cheng Yuan heard the two words of brother, her brain exploded. Then Chu lie laughed again. She really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself.

"Where am I like your brother? I'm a woman, can you respect my gender? Even if I look like a man, you can't laugh at me like this! " Cheng Yuan stared at him angrily.

"Don't get excited, I'm just telling you the truth, but you're lovely, really!" Chulie quickly laughed and praised her.

"Chu lie, you know what I think of you now. If you dislike me, I promise I won't disturb your life. It's just Please don't laugh at me! " Cheng Yuan's face is sad and lost. She knows that she is not like a woman and won't appeal to him, but she still hopes to live with dignity and dignity.

In an instant, Chu lie put away his funny smile and looked at her seriously and said, "I didn't mean to laugh at you. You like me. I'm surprised, really!"

"What's unexpected? I've been secretly contacting you before, don't you really realize it? " Cheng Yuan bowed her head and laughed at herself.

"I really didn't think about it anywhere else. I thought you were a good kid who worked hard and wanted to promote you more!" Chulie answered with a light smile.

"My goal is to be you. I also want you to be important at a young age!" Cheng Yuan blushed again, feeling like a fool.

"Cheng Yuan, can I invite you to dinner when you return home after this study?" Chu lie is embarrassed to invite her.

"Ah?" Cheng Yuan thought she had heard the wrong thing and looked at him with wide eyes.

"I've heard that the beginning of the relationship between the two people started from eating and watching movies!" Chulie said with a dry smile.

Cheng Yuan shivered like an electric shock. She didn't expect Chu lie to invite her to dinner.

"Now protect Miss LAN well. Let's wait until you return home." Chu lie said shyly, turned around and left

Cheng Yuan looked back at his back, still unable to believe what she had just heard.

Is not all love, smash down, there will be echo?

Cheng Yuan doesn't know, but she seems to hear the flower of love blooming slowly.

LAN Yanxi has developed a good habit of biological clock recently, and will wake up at 6:30 in the morning.

At this moment, when she opened her eyes, she found that the man had already woke up, but he didn't get up. He was looking at her gently with his head on one side.

"Er..." LAN Yanxi's breath was disordered, and his face was red with shame. He stared at him angrily and asked, "Ling Mo Feng, you won't be watching me sleep all the time?"

Ling Mo Feng chuckled with embarrassment: "no, I just woke up!"

"What time is it? I have to hurry to class! " Although lanyanxi didn't want to leave the bed, she had to bear the heavy responsibility. She couldn't come out of character.

"Half past six, are you going to make it now?" Hearing that she was about to leave, the man was reluctant to give up.

Lanyanxi stretched out her arm and found that the air conditioner in the bedroom was warm. She was about to be lifted out of bed, but suddenly she was hugged by the man from behind, and the whole person was lightly pressed on him.

"What do you want?" LAN Yanxi was calm, just raised her eyes and asked him with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng's breathing is a little heavy. Yeah, what is he doing?

Obviously can't do anything, but why still press her down?

"What you didn't do last night, it's too late to do now!" LAN Yanxi reminded him with a smile.

Ling Mo Feng finally, only in the corner of her raised mouth gently kissed, released his hand, turned out of bed.

"Wait till you get back to China!" Ling Mo Feng stared at her dangerously.

LAN Yanxi, holding his arm lazily, deliberately excites him: "is that right? I bet you won't do anything bad to me when you return home. Believe it or not? "

Ling Mo Feng's face stiffened and he snorted: "that's not necessarily!"

"Let's make a bet. If our relationship goes further, you will win. If not, you will lose. You can make any demands!" LAN Yanxi is so bored that he can even play with such things.

"Fall in love with you, I have lost, I don't want to win you in my life!" Ling Mo Feng's manner of being modest and modest is full of indulgence.

Blue words Xi Du Du small mouth: "really boring, but also want to play with you, so you already see."

"Don't you still have class? Why are you still lazy? " Ling Mo Feng laughed again.

"Well, I'll change first!" Lanyanxi didn't dare to talk anymore. She got out of bed quickly. After running into the bathroom, she found that there didn't seem to be any supplies for women. She was stunned. At last, she took the man's toothbrush. Anyway, she had kissed many times, and she didn't dislike him.

By the time LAN Yanxi came out again, he was already dressed in a uniform, elegant and beautiful.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her confident look and reached out and hugged her: "go, pay attention to safety!"


"It's up to him to be careful of that JOJO. He will approach you actively at this time. It's certainly not good intention. You must stay away from him!" Ling Mo Feng asked Chu lie to investigate Qiao Zhuo's details last night, and found that it was the man who was demoted by him.

At the beginning, he was a diplomat. Because he made a mistake, Ling was demoted in a rage. Maybe he would hold a grudge against him. Knowing his relationship with lanyanxi, he wanted to use lanyanxi to attack and report him.

"Don't remind me, I have offended him. He must treat me like an enemy now!" LAN Yanxi shrugged, thinking of the cruel words she said to Qiao Zhuo last night, Qiao Zhuo must also resent her.

"Cheng Yuan will protect you. Don't worry about studying!" Lingmo Feng knows that lanyanxi is smart, and he will not respond to JOJO, which is reassuring.

LAN Yanxi gets up his toes, prints a kiss on his thin lips, turns around and walks downstairs.

Seeing that Lan Yanxi has come down, Cheng Yuan hurried to ask, "Yanxi, shall we go back now?" LAN Yanxi nodded: "yes, let's go back early, I'm afraid to be found."

Cheng Yuan looks up at Chu lie's direction. She doesn't say anything. She follows LAN Yanxi to the door.

Chu lie saw them get into the car, and immediately flew over, said goodbye to them, and watched their car leave.

LAN Yanxi thought of Cheng Yuan coming up from the basement with red eyes last night. At this moment, she looked back frequently and asked curiously, "Cheng Yuan, did you have any interesting things with the adjutant Chu?"

Cheng Yuan twisted her fingers nervously and said shyly, "Yan Xi, I have confessed to him."

"Really?" LAN Yanxi couldn't believe it.

"Well, as soon as my brain is hot, I'll tell him!" Cheng Yuan laughed at herself.

"Then how did Deputy Chu answer you?" He became a gossip when he was blue spoken.

"He He said he would treat me as a brother. "

"Poof!" Blue Yan Xi is very ungrateful direct spurt laugh out a voice.

Cheng Yuan also followed with a smile: "however, he just said that when we study back home, he will invite me to dinner."

"Do you want to date?" When LAN Yanxi was happy for her, she felt that Chu lie's eyes must be good. Although Cheng Yuan looks like a tomboy, she looks very good and has a good character. If anyone really marries her, it must be full of blessings.

"I don't know! Yan Xi, please don't ask! " Cheng Yuan has been extremely shy, usually very calm a person, a touch of emotional problems, moments of shame like a little girl.

"Well, don't ask. I'll take good care of you anyway!" LAN Yanxi smiles and wishes.