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C1361 a good night

The man is very casual a word, listen to in blue words Xi ear, but seem to explode a brilliant fireworks, this kind of inadvertently be spoiled taste, it will be addicted, let a person indulge.

"Then lie down and be warm together!" Lanyanxi quickly moved aside. The cold in the quilt made her shiver.

The man has taken off his coat. Before she came, he had taken a bath. He wanted to wait for her to come and lie down on the bed first. But he just looked at an important document and forgot the time. When he came in, he saw her lying down first.

LAN Yanxi is really cold. She shakes instinctively. The quilt is lifted lightly. The man's body is hot and warm. Next second, she will hug her whole body into his arms.

It's nice to warm each other in winter!

LAN Yanxi leaned quietly in his arms and shrunk into a ball. The warm palm of the man's hand was gently pasted on her back. For a while, the air seemed to be still. LAN Yanxi's ear was only left with the rapid heartbeat of the man.

In his arms, Lingmo Feng wants to be a gentleman, but he's afraid it's impossible.

However, he tried to restrain his love bath and try not to touch the bottom line.

LAN Yanxi suddenly chuckled, and his little hands moved uneasily in his strong chest.

"Ling Mo Feng, are you asleep?" Above the head, there was no man's voice, only a little deep breath, which made LAN Yanxi doubt whether he was asleep.

"No!" The man answered in a low voice, very clear.

"Then let's talk!" LAN Yanxi proposed.

"It's bedtime now. You can't talk. You have class tomorrow. I have work tomorrow!" Ling Mo Feng wants to stop her bad habit of waking up and chatting at night.

"But I can't sleep!" LAN Yanxi complained bitterly.

"Why can't you sleep? Close your eyes, empty your mind, and you will fall asleep! " Ling Mo Feng suggested to her with a chuckle.

"Is it? Then you can sleep one for me! " LAN Yanxi's lips, which he didn't agree with, were easy to say and hard to do.

Ling Mo Feng choked. Indeed, he forced her to do what he couldn't do. It's not kind.

LAN Yanxi saw that he didn't speak again. She suddenly raised her head from his arms. Her long hair was soft and fragrant. She looked like an elf in the dark. Her eyes were very bright and filled the whole starry sky.

Ling Mo Feng is also looking down at her, with not dark light, and her eyes, overlapping. Eyes are the window of one's heart. Through eyes, one can understand the other's mind.

At the moment, what LAN Yanxi saw in Ling Mo Feng's eyes was her full indulgence and tenderness.

"Ling Mo Feng, do you know what your eyes tell me?" The girl suddenly grinned and her elegance rose.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips were pursed and the Adam's apple rolled.

LAN Yanxi suddenly looked up again. The soft lips were gently pasted on his thin lips. They were warm and charming, touching like jade.

Ling Mo Feng was shocked all over, like an electric shock. He was tensed in a straight line for a long time.

LAN Yanxi is not a safe master. When she feels that Ling Mo Feng is good at bullying, the evil factor in her heart will wake up and make her want to bully him and abuse him by all means.

Just, she seems to forget that she is a woman.

Ling Mo Feng's unhappiness is deceiving. He has been satisfied for a long time. He likes her active and timid appearance. Like a kitten, he looks at the owner's happiness and anger while gently extending his tongue to lick his fingers, not to mention how enjoyable it is.

"Ling Mo Feng, let me take the initiative as soon as we meet?" LAN Yanxi kissed him for a long time, and found that the man did not move to loyalty. Her brain exploded, and her anger rose in an instant, and she stared at him angrily. Then, the whole man turned around and turned his back to him.

Ling Mo Feng was enjoying all this at ease. Unexpectedly, she said that she would turn over her face without any notice, so she turned her back to him.

"Yan Xi, don't be angry!" He was at sixes and sevens, at a loss. He put his hand around her waist. She was like a cat that didn't obey, and earned a few times.

Man handsome face a helpless helpless, this is how? Wasn't it all right just now?

"Well, I'm wrong. I shouldn't let you take the initiative. Don't ignore me, OK?" In the evening, the vice president disguised himself as a little poodle and began to apologize to the little women around him in a soft voice. Where else is the powerful aura of the day.

"No!" LAN Yanxi's willful refusal was in fact very pleased.

"Then what do you want me to do, so you don't get angry?" Ling Mo Feng knew that she was intentional, but he had no way to deal with her. When he saw her with her back to himself, his heart would go up and down. It was not zibah. He had to hold her in his arms again to be willing.

Blue Yan hopes to show off. The little tail immediately stands on stilts. Turning around, he puts out a finger discontentedly on his face and points to his chest: "you can't ask me if you want to!"

Ling Mo Feng was stunned. If he could think of the reason for her anger, would he still need to probe carefully here?

"I can't believe I'm going to sleep!" LAN Yanxi continues to turn around, close his eyes and look forward to what kind of reaction the man will have.

After waiting for two seconds, lanyanxi thought that the man had given up playing this boring game with himself. She secretly turned around and saw that the man's fiery eyes were still looking at her, and her brain was buzzing.

Then, the man suddenly turned over and covered her. Two big palms moved at the same time, fixing her two small hands on her head, and the thin lips plundered wildly.

More than ten minutes later, lanyanxi's breath stopped, because the man was looking at her like a cannibal beast, and his thin lips raised a bad smile: "Yanxi, do you need me to apologize like this?"

Lanyanxi actually wants to strive for a little family status, but unexpectedly, the status still hasn't changed, she can only lie down, her beautiful eyes immediately stained with water mist: "Ling Mo Feng, I'm almost overwhelmed by you!"

When the man saw her suddenly pretending to be pitiful, where did he still have the momentum just now? He rolled over to one side and gently put his hand around her: "scared you?"

"No, I'm not afraid!" LAN Yanxi shouted, but he was obviously weak.

Ling Mo Feng can't help laughing. This woman is so funny. She can bend and stretch. She looks domineering and aggrieved. It seems that all of them make men want to be with her.

"Asleep!" LAN Yanxi was honest. Just now, she felt as if she was going to be pulled into the abdomen by a man. She was afraid. She immediately shrank into his arms and did not dare to make small moves. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and went to sleep.

Ling Mo Feng is full of evil fire. He can't get rid of it. He just joked with her, but in the end, he will lose sleep.

A couple upstairs, after a rummage, was quiet.

Downstairs, a couple, but with their own thoughts, lie in bed, toss and turn, unable to sleep.

Cheng Yuan suddenly regrets playing like a madman in front of a man. It's strange that she is usually a very calm person. Why did she want to compete with that man recklessly just now?

Originally, she was ridiculed as tough and strong as a man, but she had to prove it. Now, Chu lie must laugh at her and despise her at the same time. Her life is hopeless.

Cheng Yuan couldn't help but shed tears like rain, which was very painful.

She suddenly envied lanyanxi, sweet, like a small animal in need of protection, a pair of smart big eyes blink, the soul of men will be hooked by her.

Where, like her, to compare strength and skill with men, and show her stubborn like a cow.

Cry wet pillow, just vaguely fell asleep.

Chu lie turned over several times on the bed, sat up again, reached out and touched the back of her head, but still couldn't understand the woman's mind.

In fact, he knew Cheng Yuan for a long time and knew that she was an excellent student younger sister. This time, he arranged her to protect lanyanxi, which was strongly recommended by chulie. He always cared about her as a brother. When she took off her clothes just now, she suddenly found that she was a woman.