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The conversation between Luo Henning and Yang ChuChu made Luo Jin's eyes grow deeper and deeper. His spoiled eyes fell on Yang ChuChu's smiling face and his mood soared. "

brother, then we won't disturb you. Go on!" It's hard for lohnin to see that his eldest brother is in a good mood, so he decides to come back to chat with him at another time. The smile on the face at night when mu

is also unknown. Unexpectedly, the rumors are true. Luo Jinyu and Yang ChuChu are together. Although they look different in age, their deep love in each other's eyes is half the same.

The two men turned around and left, returning the space to them. The passion just now became a little embarrassed. Yang

ChuChu reached for his nose and said softly, "do you have anything to drink? I'm a little thirsty! " Luo

Jin Yurou asked, "what do you want to drink?"

"Just boiled water!" With a pair of small hands on her back, Yang ChuChu made a circle in Luo Jinyu's office. At last, she sat directly on the big black leather chair of Luo Jinyu, with legs on stilts and a queen's posture. She smiled twice and turned the chair, facing the magnificent scenery of the city.

Luo Jinyu brought her a glass of water and put it on the desk, watching the little woman playing.

"Didn't you pick up the new play? Why haven't you started yet? " Luo Jinyu asked her in a low voice, full of concern. "

the start-up date was set. I didn't expect my boss to have an emotional crisis. I don't know when to postpone the start-up ceremony." Yang ChuChu thought of the fact that Ji Yueze was in front of the reporters before, and said firmly that it was true or false to break up with Bai Yiyan.

With Yang ChuChu's attention to the rules of the entertainment industry for many years, she thinks Ji Yueze may not really break up with Bai Yiyan. For example,

the two people who really want to break up will not say this in front of the reporters, and they will be separated privately.

So, she felt that Ji Yueze might have met something unpleasant. If she wanted to stimulate someone through the reporter's mouth, it must be like this.

Alas, I didn't expect that the ever natural and unrestrained season Yueze would also encounter emotional problems, which would make many women sad. Luo

because of Yang ChuChu's relationship, Jin Yu paid attention to the latest entertainment trends. He asked in a low voice, "is it about Ji Yueze breaking up with his new girlfriend?"

"Yes, I really want to make a phone call to care about him, but I don't think it's suitable." Yang ChuChu knows Ji Yueze well, and these years, Ji Yueze also helps her in all kinds of ways, which makes her so clear in the entertainment circle. Luo

Jin Yu is shocked to see that she is so worried about Ji Yueze. "

I suggest you don't contact him in private. You've had a scandal with him before. If you let the media know, you'll think you've ruined his feelings!"

Yang ChuChu nodded in distress: "yes, I'm worried about this, so I didn't dare to call him. Alas, his girlfriend has met something recently. I heard that she seems to be injured. I don't know if Ji Yueze will care about her." Bai

the video of Yiyan's brave fight against the gangster has become popular on the Internet. When people pay attention to her bravery, they naturally see that her arm was scratched by the gangster with a knife. Watching the blood flow, they feel the pain across the screen. We can imagine what kind of pain Bai Yiyan has suffered.

"If you want to care about him, let's invite him to dinner." Luo Jinyu suddenly thought of a way.

"You mean us?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes flashed a smile. "

Yes, I have a good impression of Ji Yueze. I think I can make a friend!" Luo Jinyu said sincerely.

"Oh? Do you have any impression of him? " Yang ChuChu looks curious. As far as she knows, there should be no intersection between Luo Jinyu and Ji Yueze. Luo

Jin Yu's thin lips and tiny Yang: "he came to me and said he would introduce you to me as a girlfriend." "

ah!" Yang ChuChu's eyes widened incredibly. Did Ji Yueze really look for him? "

that is the day when he was invited to the new product exhibition of Weiyi design company. In the smoking area, he came to me and told me about you!" Luo Jin said lightly.

Yang ChuChu is inexplicably embarrassed: "really? He really went to sell me! "

I'm really moved. Ji Yueze is really a model of the best boss in history.

"So, I think he is very good!" Luo Jin raised his mouth and said definitely. Yang

nodded clearly: "yes, I also think he is very good. In fact, before that, many companies came secretly to dig me up. When my contract was about to expire, those people gave me many attractive conditions, but I never thought of leaving this company." Luo

Jin Yu knows that Yang ChuChu is not only a little careless in character, but also a little lawless in courage. Her nature is pure and kind. "

would you like to give him a call?" Luo Jinyu asked with a smile.

Yang ChuChu gets up, finds his small bag by the sofa, takes out his mobile phone, and dials up a phone to Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze has gone to the company. He has a lot of business to deal with. When Yang ChuChu called him, he just came out of the conference room. "

clear, what's the matter?" Asked Ji Yueze in a low voice.

"Do you have a meal when you are free in the evening? Luo Jinyu and I want to invite you to dinner. " Yang ChuChu asked sincerely.

"Good, see you in the evening!" After Ji Yueze promised, he hung up. Yang raised his eyebrows and smiled: "he agreed. In fact, the company has been in turmoil recently and made many mistakes."

"What's the leak?" Luo Jin is concerned about twisting his eyebrows. "

is that a media company has sprung up and seized a lot of market and resources. This has never happened before, and has always been the only one of our companies." Yang ChuChu shrugged his shoulders and said, "what's more, that company is threatening our company. In a short period of time, they have integrated more than ten companies and expanded their scale."

"What else? What kind of person dare to openly confront the people of Ji's family? " Luo Jinyu was a little surprised because Ji Yueze, who runs the entertainment company, has always been smooth and developed well, and no one dared to trip him behind his back.

"I don't know, but I think the other party is prepared." Yang ChuChu looks worried.

Luo Jinyu walked over, reached around her slender waist and said in a low voice, "if you need my help, just tell me, I'm willing to help you!"

"I know. In fact, I always feel that there is an internal ghost in our company. At night, when we eat, I want to talk about it with Ji Yueze."

"How did you find out?" Asked Luo Tieyu.

"It was just discovered that someone was digging me. Besides, that person was someone I knew. He not only gave me good conditions, but also threatened me!" Yang ChuChu's voice is full of anger and resentment.