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C1330 is the end and the beginning

So cold night, originally should be hiding in the warm quilt, enjoying the moment of dream, but some people, but insomnia.

This includes Yang He, who sleeps restlessly disturbed by a bellyful of resentment and closes her eyes.

Of course, it's also because she had a nightmare. At least for her, the content of the dream made her extremely uncomfortable. She even dreamed that lanyanxi married Ling Moheng, and she woke up directly from the dream.

She felt that she must be crazy. She was so jealous of lanyanxi that she even arranged such a perfect wedding for her in her dream. When she heard her heart, it broke. Also

Xu lanyanxi is really lucky. As a new comer, he attended the year-end party and won the first prize at the party. He will not only go abroad to exchange and study, but also have a promising future.

Why are some people born so lucky? Born in a rich family, I found an excellent boyfriend. Now, my work is still smooth and smooth. My destiny is too unfair.

Yang He is sitting in the newly rented house, looking at the demolished residential building opposite. In the future, high buildings will be built here, and her home will be spacious and bright, and her life will be warm by sunshine.

Yang he couldn't help laughing like a fool. Today, she was gently supported by the vice president, which is enough for her aftertaste. She firmly believes that as long as she works hard, she will have a chance to talk with him. If he knows that he only works hard to get close to him, will he be moved?

Yang he finally has a dream to do. She lies down and hugs the quilt, as if she could hold the excellent man, which reassures her. Ji's company is already preparing to withdraw from the domestic market. This move has shocked Ji Xiaohan. He has sent people to watch Ji's move.

At the moment, Ji Lin is sitting alone in the detention room, with his head down. His hair is all gray.

In such a cold day, his wound has also been infected, daily and night in suffering. "

day 10!" He murmured, mockingly, for ten days, whether his mother, or did not come to see him, was he completely cold hearted? Ji

at this moment, Lin's heart is at rest. His past ambitions and interests have long been consumed. He wants to die, but he doesn't dare to die, because he also wants to say sorry to his mother and ask for her forgiveness. Only

Yes, such a simple requirement can't be met. Ji

Lin passed out of a coma, was rescued again, opened his eyes, still a pale light, and someone with a scalpel was treating his infected wound. It must be very painful to stab your heart with a knife, right? Season

in a trance, it seems that he remembers the scene when he was a child. He ran after big brother. Big brother made him faster. He couldn't keep up. He fell and looked up anxiously. He saw that big brother extended his hand to him. In fact, he wrestled on purpose, because he knew that wrestling was the only way, and he would definitely wait for him and come to pull him. He had a mind since he was a child. "

Xiao Lin, look at what you did to big brother. His hands are hurt!" The voice that my father taught him when he was young came to me vaguely. He deliberately tried to provoke other children. The eldest brother came out to fight for him. He was scratched on his face and hand by others. The eldest brother didn't blame him. He only said that he would be called next time he fought. He laughed at the eldest brother and was fooled by him every day. "

it turns out that I don't understand..." Now, more than half a hundred years later, he found that he had always thought he was smart, but he had long forgotten the way when he came. It was also clean, and everything was his own fault. "Ji Lin......" A scream, followed by a pool of blood from the heart.

"He took his own knife. He's killing himself!"

The person who helped him treat him nearby was covered with fear. He had never seen such a cruel person. He took a knife and stabbed it into the heart. He also stirred it hard twice, as if he was going to crush the heart. Just a few seconds later, Ji Lin was out of breath. Just before he was out of breath, he was vaguely shouting his name and apologizing to whom. Ji

is dead. Everyone in Ji's family is silent.

The old lady wiped the corner of her eyes: "he deserves to die!" Ji Shangqing is still the body collector for Ji Lin. in a short time, he seems to have matured and become silent. He looks at Ji Lin being pushed into the incinerator, kneeling beside him, heavy hearted, but relieved. In the evening, the old lady came in person and asked about Ji Lin's affairs. Ji Shangqing said that he decided to take Ji Lin abroad for burial. He could not be in the same place with his grandfather and uncle because he was born lonely and would not communicate with his family after his death. The old lady has no objection.

"Will you come back to see grandma later?" The old lady asked him softly.

"Yes, every new year's day, I will come back to eat with Grandma!" Ji Shangqing lowers his head and looks sad. "

is that blue Wei willing to go abroad with you?" The old lady asked again.

"Grandma, I have got the license with her. She is my wife now. She is willing to accompany me abroad!" Ji Shangqing looks up and smiles at grandma. "

When did you get the certificate? Why didn't you consult with me? " The old lady looked surprised and angry. "

don't worry, grandma. She is a very good girl. I will treat her well." Ji Shangqing quickly acknowledged his mistake and replied with a low head.

"Grandma believes in your vision. She must be a good girl. You can settle down abroad first. Grandma will come to see you when she has time!" The old lady is happy for him, and it's her concern at last.

"OK!" Ji Shangqing nods. Ji

Xiao Han is sitting in his office, and Lu Qing is telling him about what happened before Ji Lin died. When hearing that Ji Lin chose the same way of death as his grandfather, his thin lips raised a sneer: "does he think that in this way, all his crimes can be paid?"

"Ji Lin also died at his best. What can I do with Bai Zhenzhen?" Lu Qing asked.

"I'll tell Grandma about this. Bai Zhen is really Bai Yiyan's mother. Now she's in her own family again. She always needs an explanation!" Ji Xiaohan sighed. He thought it would be better for his brother to deal with this matter. After all, Bai Zhen is his mother-in-law. Blue

Weiwei is packing up her things in the dormitory of the school. Several girls from the same dormitory come around and ask her: "Weiwei, are you going to quit school? Is it because of what happened to your father? " Blue slightly smiled and shook his head: "no, I just want to leave!" "

Where are you going?"

"Yes, do you have no money to go to school and go to work? But you didn't even get your diploma. How can you find a job? " In the eyes of these girls, the life of blue Weiwei must be tragic. "

later, let's talk about it later. I don't want so much now!" Blue tiny still didn't tell her roommate about her things, because she felt that she knew something.

At this time, a low-key black car stopped downstairs.

As long as people who know cars know that brand, it's worth millions of luxury cars.

Who is it from?

Girl's favorite is gossip news. Seeing such a howling car, of course, I want to see who has something to do with it. When everyone was talking about it, the blue micro cell phone rang. Blue

slightly, I lifted the prepared box and waved to my roommates: "I'll have a chance to see you later. Thank you for taking care of me these years!"

Blue slightly finish saying, turned to leave.

She has only one suitcase, and there are not many things in it, but it's all her belongings. She went downstairs and the door opened. Ji Shangqing came to pick up her suitcase and put it in the trunk. "

are you ready?" Ji asked her softly. "

well, it's all packed!" Blue said with a smile.

"Then let's go!" Ji Shangqing opens the door for her, blocks her head, lets her sit in, then two people drive away. The whole dormitory was in a state of uproar. The poorest girl left in a car? What is left for us is astonishment.

Blue slightly looked back at the university where he had been for three years, and saw that he often ran out of the gate to buy food because he was hungry. Every scene was filled with memories.