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C1112 a decision

Listening to the gentle breath of the woman opposite, Ji Yueze was confused. For a while, he didn't know how to tell her about it. After all, the two people are so far away from each other, and they don't have a strong sense of trust. He was really afraid that Bai Yiyan would become sensitive and fragile. "

why don't you talk?" Bai Yiyan only hears his deep breath, but she does not speak. She cannot help worrying.

"I'm wondering if I can tell you about it. I'm in a quandary." For a long time, the man's low voice sounded again, but it was very hesitant. Bai

Yiyan's heart thumped, which can make Ji Yueze so difficult. It must not be a small thing, and it must have something to do with her.

"What happened to my mother?" Bai Yiyan's first thought is about her mother. "

No, it's our business, Xiaoyan. What I'm going to say next, don't believe a word, because it's not true, but I have to let you know." Ji Yueze looks up sad mood and mumbles her name. "No matter what it is, I can accept it." Bai Yiyan is not the naive girl before. After so many experiences, her heart is getting stronger and stronger.

"My grandma asked me to date a woman, and she also put the pictures of our dinner together on the Internet. I'm sure you will see them, so I'll explain to you first." Ji Yueze was silent for a while, but he said it truthfully.

"A blind date?" Bai Yiyan's tight heart string is still like being pulled out by an invisible hand.

"Don't worry, I'm dealing with my grandma. I don't want to be with each other seriously." Ji Yueze doesn't know what to say to convey his true meaning. Bai

Yi Yan is only stunned for a few seconds. After hearing his explanation, she sighs and says with a low smile, "don't worry, if you say it's not true, it's not true. I believe you." "

do you really believe it?" Ji Yueze also prepared a long speech to explain to her. Unexpectedly, she chose to believe it.

"Yes, you are the one I believe most now. I know you will not cheat me." Bai Yiyan's tone is still relaxed, as if she really doesn't mind this matter.

"Xiaoyan, don't worry. We will be together after this incident." Ji Yueze also breathed a sigh of relief. Like the most honest child, the woman trusted him unconditionally, which made him happy and surprised, but overall, he was happy.

"Is there anything else?" Bai Yiyan asked him softly. "

No, I just want to mention it to you for fear of misunderstanding." Ji Yueze smiles softly. "

I won't misunderstand. Take care of yourself. I have a good time with Xiaoxing!" Bai Yiyan tells with a smile.

"I will!" "

we are about to board the plane. Hang up first!" Bai Yiyan hears the broadcast and has to hang up. "

well, call me if you need anything." Jiyueze low judo.

"Yes, hang up!" Bai Yiyan really hung up, holding the phone's fingers slightly stiff. As a matter of fact, when she heard Ji Yueze saying that she was dating, her heart still hurt. Although Ji Yueze told her that it was a fake, she really preferred to believe it was true. If at the beginning of this moment, a woman could take her place to take care of Ji Yueze and accompany him for the rest of her life, and that girl is also the favorite and recognized by Ji Yueze's family. She really would like to Let it go. White

Yiyan's eyes are slightly sour. I don't know when she put her happiness in the lowest corner.

Although Ji Yueze always told her that she would be together, she would rather believe that there would be such a day.

But as long as her mother's accusation is not cleared, she and Ji Yueze are torturing each other together. Instead of really arriving that day, it's better to let go early and give each other free choices. She doesn't want to kill those beautiful memories by the painful feelings. She is the only one who knows the decision made in her heart.

It's hard to let go, but she believes that one day, she will go in a different direction with Ji Yueze after she has walked a lot and gone a long way. Cheng

Jianhong gets a phone call. The result of the phone call to him makes him a little upset. Good

it's not easy for someone to disclose Bai Yiyan's whereabouts, but when the people he sent rushed by, they couldn't find her again, and she fled to another place.

"Who is behind her journey?" Cheng Jianhong narrowed his eyes and thought about it.

"Is it Ji Yueze?" Cheng Jianhong thought of the rich son Bai Yiyan had been with. When he suspected that Bai Yiyan was the daughter he gave birth to with Bai Zhenzhen, he looked up all the materials of Bai Yiyan, and the most profound one was the relationship between her and Ji Yueze. Ji Yueze seemed very good to her, but unfortunately, Bai Zhenzhen disturbed their relationship. Bai Yiyan was forced to stay away from her, and Ji Yueze would not Do you still like her?

Cheng Jianhong searched the Internet again, and suddenly saw Ji Yueze's blind date with a rich woman. He frowned. Look, Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze have broken up. Cheng

Jianhong is so upset that he finally moves his own life along the path he wants. With his son, his status and reputation are getting better and better. But at this point, suddenly, there is an illegitimate daughter.

It's like a beautiful picture. It's broken by a stick. Bai Yiyan can't be found. Cheng Jianhong's heart is always like a stab. He is uneasy all the time.

Ji Xiaohan and his brother seldom have a chance to sit together for coffee. They are in the top office chair leisure room of Ji Xiaohan. "

brother, you have such a beautiful scenery and wide vision. I really want to move the office to you." Ji Yueze stood in front of the window with his coffee, joking.

"You can come at any time if you want. I'll let someone pack up a room for you to work in!" Ji Xiaohan is always so generous to his brother. "

let's forget it. Your height makes me dizzy. I am afraid of heights!" Ji Yueze said, also pretended to caress his forehead. Xiao Han was speechless to him. He couldn't help laughing: "he has acrophobia and has been standing for so long." "

by the way, brother, you should be secretly involved in the recent political situation." Ji Yueze sat down and asked earnestly. "

what? Do you want to join us? " When Ji Xiaohan heard his brother's question, he looked tense. "

of course I don't want to. If my brother stands in line, I'll be safe!" Ji Yueze shakes his head. He only likes to do his own entertainment. He really doesn't like standing in line.