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C1783 happiness

Mummy has given birth to her younger brother and sister. This is the first sentence Ji Xiaorui and her two brothers and sisters heard when they woke up in the morning. Two sleepy little guys, with their messy hair and blinking eyes, looked at their great grandmother sitting on the edge of their bed. After two seconds, the two little guys made a loud voice.

"Yeah, I can finally see what my brother and sister look like. Great grandmother, now take us to find mom and dad. Now go." After Ji xiaonai reflected, she immediately reached out her little hand excitedly to shake the old lady's arm.

The old lady could not bear to be happy, with a smile and a cry on her face: "ouch, xiaonai, you let go. Grandma's old bone is going to be shaken away by you. If you want to see your brother and sister, you should clean it up and put on your clothes. I'll ask Uncle yuan to send you there. Hurry up."

The old lady can't wait to go to the hospital to see the new baby. Ji xiaonai immediately kicked her brother with her legs: "hurry up."

Ji Xiaorui gave her a big white eye: "I can move faster than you."

"No, we lost the game, the dog." Ji xiaonai's beautiful face was full of discontent, so the two guys hurriedly began to wear clothes in the room, and finally Ji Xiaorui won.

"Fool, compare speed with me." Ji Xiaorui's small expression of complacency then picked out his beautiful eyebrow: "hurry up, let me hear it."

"Hum, no, grandma, brother bullies people." Ji xiaonai was not happy.

The old lady laughed when the referee, see Ji xiaonai and angry Princess temper, immediately serious criticism of her: "xiaonai, lost must recognize, who let you first put forward to the game."

"All right." Ji xiaonai's face is bitter, and she opens her mouth: "Wang Wang!"

Ji Xiaorui directly burst out laughing, covering his stomach and bending over to smile.

"Well, next time you lose, I'll let you learn how to call a pig." Ji xiaonai stared at his brother angrily.

"Well, let's do it next time." Ji Xiaorui doesn't worry about it at all. He has a way to win.

The old lady was looking at these two small treasures. She was in a good mood. She didn't eat breakfast. The two little guys grabbed a piece of bread and a bottle of milk, and they got in the car. They had to go to the hospital immediately.

When the old lady arrived at the hospital with two little guys, Tang youyou was sleeping. She was too tired.

Ji Xiaohan and Xia Weiwen also took turns sleeping for a while, but they didn't sleep very well. After all, they wanted to wake up and look at the children, even if the two little guys were still sleeping peacefully.

Opening the door of the ward, Ji xiaonai's two brothers and sisters came running quickly, and LAN Yue gave them a finger: "light, Mommy is tired, sleeping, don't wake her up."

These two little guys just let go of their steps, quietly walked to the crib, and met their brother and sister on the first side.

"Wow, they are so small." Ji xiaonai cried in a low voice. Her big beautiful eyes were full of stars. Although she was young, she couldn't express her love for her brother and sister for a while, but her smiling expression was full of happiness.

"Grandma, why are you here?" Seeing the old lady coming in, Ji Xiaohan quickly gave way to her position.

The old lady walked to the small bed and looked at the lovely babies. Her eyes were moistened inexplicably. I don't know if there were too many people coming in. The two little guys woke up at the same time. They were struggling to blink, trying to open their eyes and look at the new world.

The old lady and two little babies look at each other, as if two different worlds are meeting, one represents new life and hope, the other has gone to the end of aging. It's hard to avoid tears when they look at each other.

"That's good. Ji's family has filled in again." The old lady murmured that she wished the old man could see the two children too. Unfortunately, she could only tell him in her dream.

"What's the name of my brother and sister, daddy?" Ji xiaonai asked about Ji Xiaohan in a low voice.

Ji Xiaohan takes a look at Xia Weiwen, chuckles and says, "let Grandpa take the name of my brother and sister. You can ask him."

Xiaweiwen was stunned, and saw two little guys around him, blinking big eyes of curiosity waiting for his answer.

"Well, I have to think about it." Xia Weiwen said with a serious face.

"Grandpa, think about it. I want to hear it right away." Ji xiaonai grabs his hand and shakes it gently.

Xiaweiwen couldn't help laughing: "in fact, I really thought about the names of the two children, just don't know if it's good or not."

Ji Xiaohan whispered, "Dad, Yo Yo is your daughter. No matter what name you want to give the children, we will like it."

"Yes, Grandpa, my brother and I will like it." Ji xiaonai said with a smile.

"Well, I'll write it for you." Xia Weiwen said, very carefully took a pen and wrote down two names on a piece of white paper. The boy's name is Ji Xilin and the girl's name is Ji Siyi.

"Brother, how do you read that?" Ji xiaonai looks at his brother in a daze. He hates his lack of knowledge. At this moment, he can't recognize his brother's and sister's name.

Ji Xiaorui took a look at her: "I told you to read more at ordinary times."

"Tell me, please, brother." On coquetry, Ji xiaonai is serious.

Ji Xiaorui had no choice but to say, "OK, don't pull my clothes, just tell you, my brother is Ji Xilin, my sister is Ji Siyi."

"Xilin, Siyi, well, it's nice." Ji xiaonai blinked and said with a smile. Later, she ran to Ji Xiaohan's side, reached out and shook his big hand: "Daddy, can I change my name? The name Mommy gave me is so simple. "

After hearing this, Ji Xiaohan couldn't help laughing and touching his daughter's hair: "of course, xiaonai is your nickname. Daddy will give you another nice name, and your brother will get another one."

Ji Xiaorui's little head forced a little bit: "I feel the same way. When Mommy first named me and xiaonai, she certainly didn't take them seriously. Seeing that we were small, she used a small character for us. It was so casual."

All the people on the whole floor laughed loudly, but in order not to wake up Tang Youyou, they all laughed.

But Tang youyou woke up, because she seemed to vaguely hear the voice of xiaonai and Xiaorui. She opened her eyes, looked at the room full of happiness and blinked curiously: "what's the matter? What are you laughing at? "

"Mommy, you wake up. Did I wake you up?" Ji xiaonai immediately jumped over happily and kissed Tang youyou on his face: "Mommy, when my brother said that you gave us the name, did you take it at will?"

"Yes, whatever." Tang youyou is stupefied and answers them.

Ji xiaonai and Ji Xiaorui look at each other for a moment. They all look speechless.