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"Don't look!" Only then did Mao Rongrong find out that she was only wearing pajamas, but she didn't even put on the mask. She was too sleepy. When she bowed her head, she would show a large chest. No wonder this man just stared at her.

Lu xuanchen thin lips up a Yang: "anyway also saw, now cover, a bit late."

"You..." Mao Rongrong really didn't expect Lu xuanchen to be so hateful. He came to see her in the evening and didn't talk about work. He was still here to play with her.

"You go. I don't want to talk about work at night. Come to the office tomorrow and see me!" Mao Rongrong immediately got up angrily and decided not to talk to him. "

Rongrong..." Lu xuanchen suddenly reached out and grabbed the wrist she wanted to take the information, shouting in a hurry. Rong Rong shuddered, and Mei Mou stared at him angrily: "Lu xuanchen, do you come here to play hooligans in the evening?" Lu

xuanchen found that his behavior was overdone. He quickly released his hand and shrugged his shoulders: "of course not, I really came to talk to you about work. Would you not rush me away?" "

I don't think you really want me to be your lawyer!" Mao Rongrong is not like other women. She was very serious from childhood. She was teased like this by men for the first time. Naturally, she was angry and ashamed, and she was at a loss. Lu

of course, xuanchen saw that she was nervous, but inexplicably, she liked her panic and twinkling expression, which made him feel interesting and lovely.

"I'm sincere, of course, but you may be too nervous. I don't mean anything else." Lu xuanchen doesn't know how to explain clearly, but does he really mean nothing else? Rong Rong is a little slow to respond to emotional matters, so he can't understand the customs of Lu xuanchen. "

then don't say anything else!" After putting down the information, Mao Rongrong ran into the bedroom and changed a suit of clothes.

Lu xuanchen glanced at her blushing face, and then, with a low smile, "you don't seem to get used to being alone with men." "

No, I have to get along with people every day." Although Mao Rongrong does not admit defeat on the mouth, but a pair of eyes still dodged Lu xuanchen's eyes.

"Do you dare to look at me for five seconds without blinking?" Lu xuanchen found that it was more fun to play tricks on her than to talk about her work at the moment.

"Can you stop being so boring? I'm here to talk about work." Mao Rongrong blushed with anger again. She found that in front of Lu xuanchen, the self-control she practiced would collapse.

Lu xuanchen chuckled and said, "don't be so serious. We can be friends as well as customers."

"Lu xuanchen, do you want to talk about business?" Mao Rongrong has never been teased by a man. At the moment, she really does not know how to deal with this evil man. "

I've been filming for a day today, and I'm a little tired. Can I borrow your bed to sleep, and we'll talk tomorrow?" Lu xuanchen suddenly leans lazily on the sofa and plays a rogue.

"You..." Mao Rongrong really has no way to take him. Lu

Xuan Chen squints at her and wonders if she will pour a glass of cold water directly.

"If you are really tired, go to the guest room to sleep. See you tomorrow!" Mao Rongrong did not drive him away, but stood up and walked to her bedroom.

Lu xuanchen's heart was filled with secret joy. It seems that this evening's trial was successful.

"I want to take a bath first, is it convenient?" Lu xuanchen asked.

"You wash it, but I don't have men's clothes here. You can find a solution for yourself!" Mao Rongrong said that, he went into her bedroom, closed the door, and breathed tightly. Suddenly, he was relieved. God, she must be crazy. How can she agree that a man lives in his own home? What's more, let him take a bath in the bathroom?

Although Mao Rongrong seemed calm just now, her heart was in chaos. Although she knew that Lu xuanchen was intentional, she didn't teach him a lesson and drove him away, but she left him to stay.

"How could I?" Mao Rongrong holds her hot face in both hands, which makes her uneasy.

Lu xuanchen is really not polite. He takes off his coat and goes to the bathroom.

In fact, he was really tired after a day's filming, so he didn't want to go back to his home, just because he went back there, it was just a cold residence, there was no warmth of home, unlike Mao Rongrong here, even the bathroom still had a warm feeling, with the smell of bath essence, how long has he felt the warmth of this home?

Lu xuanchen took a bath and found that there was a towel beside him. He pulled it off and surrounded himself.

Lu xuanchen felt that he was a bit cheeky. Although he was confident that he would be liked by women, it was not good to break into someone's house and occupy a room.

Lu xuanchen has taken a bath, and the whole person is relaxed. He looks at the closed door beside him. He doesn't know what Mao Rongrong is doing at the moment. Lu

xuanchen wanted to drink a glass of water, so he went directly to the kitchen to find the cup. However, after a round of searching, he found that there was no other cup, only a pink water cup on the table, which was Mao Rongrong's cup. Lu

xuanchen thought for a moment, and finally took her cup directly and went to accumulate a glass of water to drink.

Mao Rongrong also wanted to drink water at this time, because she found herself thirsty. When you open the door, you can see that Lu xuanchen is wearing her bath towel, holding his water glass and leaning on the back of her sofa lazily.

"You How do you drink my cup? " Mao Rongrong is unbelievable. What does this man want? "

I can't find another cup!" Lu xuanchen said for a good reason.

"But you Why are you still wearing my bath towel? " Mao Rongrong's beautiful eyes are wide open. At the moment, although she doesn't wear glasses, she can still see clearly.

Lu xuanchen shrugged: "I didn't bring my clothes here. I can only borrow your bath towel. Don't worry. If you don't like me, I will send you another one tomorrow!"

Mao Rongrong has come over angrily. Without glasses, her eyes are full of hazy beauty. She narrowed her eyes and stared at Lu xuanchen from top to bottom. "You won't go to sleep like this?"

Lu xuanchen nodded: "yes, what's the problem? That's how I sleep at home? " "

No, you'd better put on your clothes and go to sleep. I have a habit of cleanliness." Mao Rongrong is now blushing with shame. I don't know if she is nearsighted. Why did she just find this man's body without clothes is so perfect.