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Tang You You sat in her seat and stared at the apologetic letter. She could feel the sympathy and complex gazes from all around.

Just yesterday, she was still the shameless plagiarist at the center of the storm. Now, Li Fang Fang had shouldered all of this on her behalf.

"That's right, we are really too naive. We were tricked by her, Li Fang Fang, that's why we call you that."

Competition on the job was always cruel. Xia Zi Yan chose her design draft, which was also what she wanted as a client.

If just because of this, she could frame someone else, it would only prove that Li Fang Fang's heart was not broad enough.

Tang You You knocked on the Director's room door.

Liu Xi was happy for her. "You long, congratulations to you, you finally let me run away with my tail between my legs."

"Godmother, I seem to have offended the Lam Tung. His words just now clearly said that he wanted me to spare Li Fang Fang, but I did not agree. She told me to be more careful at work in the future. Tang You You couldn't help but want to complain to his godmother, he felt wronged in his heart.

Furthermore, you are a Quarterly behind all of them, so even if a hundred of them were to come together, they wouldn't be able to match a finger of Quarterly's. If he wanted to give you a pair of small shoes, then go and beg for forgiveness in front of the Quarterly and exchange for him. " Liu Xi comforted her as if he was joking.

Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Did his godmother love to use her to make fun of him?

When he thought about that scene, Tang You You panicked. No way, she couldn't ask for it, and she couldn't put down her face either.

Liu Xi suddenly thought of something else, and immediately pointed to his own computer: "Qu Chou, what are you and Ji Yue Ze doing?"

"Mother, you saw it too? Sigh, these media outlets are too messed up, I only met Ji Yue Ze once, how did they become his girlfriend? "Even I feel that it's inconceivable." When Tang You You mentioned this, he was so angry that his face turned red.

"Now is not the time to look into the matter with the media, is Quarterly looking for you? He must be even more angry than you at this scandal. " Liu Xi was even more concerned about Ji Xiao Han's attitude towards him, if he was angered, you would probably suffer.

Tang You You's expression froze for a moment, then she immediately shook her head: "I haven't received his call yet, I don't know if he has seen this news yet."

"He might not be able to see it now, but he will definitely see it. Are you ready to deal with him?" Liu Xi patted her shoulder and helped her wipe away her tears filled with sympathy.

"To be honest, even I don't believe that this is true. He definitely doesn't believe it either." Tang You You felt that there was nothing much to explain about Ji Xiao Han, because if others had been suspicious of him, even he would have felt that Ji Xiao Han was a smart guy, it was all just a joke.

Tang You You returned to his desk!

Hearing her cell phone ringing non-stop, her heart jumped, she took a look at her phone, and sure enough, it was Ji Xiao Han calling.

She sighed, took her cell phone and quickly walked out of the office. She only picked up when there were fewer people around.

"Hey …"

"What's going on with you and my brother?" As expected, the man questioned her furiously.

Although Tang You You was prepared, when she heard his angry voice, her heart still skipped a beat.

"Don't you know that this is a media hype? What can your little brother and I do? " Tang You You wanted to make himself sound even more confident and confident, but for some reason, why did he sound like he had a guilty conscience?

"Who told you to look for him? Don't you know who he is? "You idiot." After Ji Xiao Han heard her explanation, he calmed himself down a little. However, when he thought about how everyone knew about the scandal, anger rose in his heart.

"I asked for his help. Who knew that there would be a reporter who would record it?" Tang You You also felt that he had been wrongly accused.

"Come to my office, let's talk face to face!" Ji Xiao Han did not want to argue with her over the phone. He wanted to see her.

Tang You You was startled, and immediately rejected: "No, I still have work to do, if you have anything to say, go speak at home."

"Then I'll go find you!" After hearing her reject him, the man's next words caused Tang You You to tremble.

"Don't come over, what are you doing here? You will affect my work if you do that." Tang You You was panicking.

"I'll give you half an hour, come here!" Ji Xiao Han felt that he had convinced her.

"You're such a rascal!" Tang You You was completely defeated by him, this man was really threatening.

After hanging up the phone, Tang You You still felt annoyed. He was threatened like this, and was truly unreconciled.

However, even though he was unwilling, there was no way for him not to see him.

Tang You You went to ask for a leave of absence from his foster mother, Liu Xi smiled and comforted her: "Looks like Quarterly still cares about you."

Who cares about her?

Must care about his brother's reputation.

Tang You You drove and quickly rushed to the main building.

In the hall, Lu Qing was still smiling and waving at her.

"Miss Tang, come upstairs with me!" Lu Qing said politely.

At this moment, Tang You You's mood was a little sullen, she did not even have to smile, and directly followed Lu Qing upstairs.

It was still the same meeting room!

The corridor seemed to have been cleared and there was no one around.

Tang You You's high heels were on the carpet, causing her to be able to hear her heartbeat.

He still remembered the confession that Ji Xiao Han made to her that day, which made her uneasy.

Standing at the door, Tang You You calmed his breathing and pushed open the door.

The man stood with his hands in his pockets in front of the glass, his back to her.

Tang You You couldn't see his expression, but just by looking at his stiff back, Tang You You knew that he was very angry.

"I'm here. If you have anything to say, say it now." Tang You You felt that he was deliberately ignoring her and she was not angry, but she still opened her mouth and said indifferently.