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C1195 lost time

The old lady went back to Jijia manor villa by car. As soon as she entered the living room, she happened to see two little people who had been picked up, two lovely children running towards her and jumping around her knees. The old lady looked down at these two lovely little guys. Her heart had never been satisfied. She was white haired, and the two around her were like the rising sun. The flowers in spring were slowly blooming. It was a blessing to have the honor to see them grow up. People live at a certain age, and some things will be opened in an instant. "

mom, you just went out in a hurry. What's the matter?" LAN Yue sees her come in, hurry up to care for her.

"Lan Yue, I went to see Ozawa just now. This boy, I still love to cheat!" The old lady smiled helplessly. "

did Ozawa cheat you again? This child, I have to scold him later. I don't know what he is thinking all day! " As a mother, LAN Yue's son even lied to his elders. Of course, she was also angry and ashamed.

"It's useless to scold. It's going to be ripe. I don't have any other hope now. I hope Bai Yiyan can give birth to another child for our family!" The old lady was angry and tired all the way. At the moment, she was like the sunset. The whole person looked a little tired. She reached out and pressed her head, and said slowly. LAN

Yue didn't know what was coming, so she quickly sat down beside her and kneaded her shoulder: "Mom, don't move when you are old. I'll let Xiao Han deal with Xiao Ze's affairs. Don't worry!" "

I know your mind. You don't remember Bai Yiyan, do you?" The old lady suddenly turned her head and looked at her, sneering. LAN

Yue's expression was stiff, and she blinked her eyes with a guilty heart: "Mom, how do you mention this?" "

on the surface, you didn't say anything, but you are kind-hearted and dedicated to thinking about children. Although Bai Yiyan is Bai Zhenzhen's daughter, you still haven't strongly opposed them. Instead, I am an old woman who has been a bad person and wants to break them up." The old lady is not confused. Although her eyes are dizzy, her mind is clear. She can see some of what people around her think. "

mom, let me say something unfilial. I like Bai Yiyan very much. She likes Xiaoze so much. Xiaoze also loves her. Two people treat each other sincerely. They should get married and become husband and wife. Do you really want to force a woman to give Xiaoze, and he will be lucky?" LAN Yue has been hurt by marriage. She knows how much love plays in marriage. "

I know, how can I not understand the importance of love? It's just that I can't bear this evil anger. LAN Yue, am I old and confused? I actually count the gratitude and resentment of the previous generation on the next generation. Bai Yiyan didn't understand her life until she was in her twenties. What does this matter with her? I'm unreasonable. The more I live, the more stubborn I become. It seems that I really live to the top! " The old lady covered one side of her face and laughed at herself. "

mom, don't be sad. You do so much for Ji Jiahao!" LAN Yue comforts her quickly. The doctor says that the old lady's heart is not very good recently. Don't be very happy. "

forget it, I have to learn from your father and let go of everything, no matter what!" The old lady said with a sigh of relief, as if she had really let go of all this obsession. "

dad looks better and better recently. He reads books and listens to music every day. He asks Xiaohan to buy two birds for him and teaches them to talk every day when he gets up!" LAN Yue is very happy that the old lady can understand. In this way, the affairs of her son and Bai Yiyan will not be blocked any more.

"Mom, did you just say two words about the child?" LAN Yue asked suddenly. The old lady remembered: "by the way, I haven't mentioned to you that Bai Yiyan is pregnant, but because she was scared, she had a baby in the hospital, and you sent some soup later. I can see that she's not as thin as she looks. It can be seen that she hasn't had a good time recently. Her mother is weak. How can she have a baby?" "

really?" LAN Yue stands up excitedly and looks happy: "Mom, is she really pregnant? Xiaoze has children, too? "

"You're excited. Yes, we're going to have a future!" The old lady was finally happy.

LAN Yue nodded quickly: "I'm going to let people cook soup. I'll send it later!" Doctor

in the hospital ward, Ji Yueze sat next to the bed, bent down, put his ears on Bai Yiyan's abdomen, and listened carefully for a while: "how can't you hear that? I heard the little guy's heart beating very hard just now. "

Bai Yiyan was amused by his silly face and pushed his head away with her fingers: "stop making noise, how can you hear that? You need to take this baby heart to hear it clearly! "

"Then I'll have to listen again!" After Ji Yueze finished, he quickly put on the earplugs, but the little guy played hide and seek with him. He moved the baby's heart to and fro without hearing the heartbeat, and Jun was in a hurry.

"This little thing is still a fish now, swimming around!" Ji Yueze is like a playful child at the moment. He is in a good mood and even jumps off his tone.

Just when the two were having a good time, the door opened. As soon as Ji Xiaohan stepped in, he immediately turned around and walked out.

Ji Yueze quickly pulled Bai Yiyan's clothes off and covered them with Quilts: "why did my brother suddenly come in?"

Ji Yueze hurriedly went out. Ji Xiaohan put his hands in the pockets of his trousers and leaned against the wall. His eyes were smiling at his brother. "

brother, what are you laughing at?" Ji Yueze immediately stares at big brother. Is that making fun of him?

"Nothing. What were you doing just now?" Asked Ji Xiaohan curiously. "

nothing, just listening to the child's heartbeat, brother, you may not know, wearing earplugs, can hear very clearly!" Ji Yueze looks like a new father with a new expression. "

yes? It's a pity I missed the fun time of two little guys! " Ji Xiaohan is inexplicably sad. Looking at his younger brother accompanying Bai Yiyan through every inch of his child's time, he thinks of his two grown-up and sensible babies. I don't know that when they were in the mother's body, their hearts must be strong and powerful, and they can still hear two heart beats. "

brother, don't be sad. Let your sister-in-law have another one. You won't miss it!" Ji Yueze found out that he had brought up his brother's sadness, and immediately laughed and teased him.

"It's not easy to trick your sister-in-law into giving me another one." Season owl cold handsome face, a wry smile.

"Brother, are you so afraid of her when you get here? As expected, it's said that you are under strict control of your wife, and you have not been wronged! " Ji Yueze immediately made fun of big brother. "

say it again!" Season owl cold face suddenly change danger.

"Well, no, I didn't say anything just now. I don't know anything." Ji Yueze has a strong desire to survive.