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After eating the beef noodles, LAN Yanxi is ready to take the medicine. Just after unpacking the medicine bag, he hears Ling Mo Feng say, "in the morning tomorrow, let Cheng Yuan accompany you to go back to the city first. You are ill now and can't help them any more."

"Let me go early tomorrow morning? What about you? " Lanyanxi's action stopped for a moment, and meimou looked anxiously at him and asked.

"I'll leave tomorrow at noon!" Ling Mo Feng whispered.

"Then let me go with you. The difference is only a few hours!" Lanyanxi made a decision immediately.

"No, you can't go with me. You go first." Ling Mo Feng's face flashed a worried color.

"Why not? I don't want to be separated from you! " LAN Yanxi's face was not happy.

"Yan Xi, have you forgotten what we agreed before? In the eyes of outsiders, we have to act like this. Otherwise, if you are stared at by the old president, can I still safely participate in the general election? Yan Xi, will you obey me? " Ling Mo Feng's eyes looked at her tenderly. The bottom of her eyes was full of emotion.

LAN Yanxi was stunned. Yes, she almost forgot to act with him for the outsiders. Indeed, her words and deeds just now were capricious.

"Then Well, I'll wait for you downtown. Can we leave by the same plane? I... Well, I know it's a very special time. I can't affect you. Let me take a step first! " LAN yanheath came and wanted to go, but he found that he could not do what he wanted.

Ling Mo Feng saw the loss of the bottom of her eyes, got up, gently touched her long hair, and Wen Sheng smiled: "don't we just leave back and forth? When I get home, I will accompany you well. I won't leave at night! "

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nodded and became a good obedient child.

Ling Mo Feng is a little relieved. As long as LAN Yanxi leaves tomorrow, she can avoid the danger. But if she follows him, she is afraid that there will be some changes on the way.

"Ling Mo Feng, you answer me honestly. On the way we came, uncle Yu said that someone had a gun fight. Is it related to you? Did they take advantage of you? " Lanyanxi has always kept this matter in mind, but has never asked. One reason is that he came here busy with work, and the other is that he was afraid that Ling Mo Feng would not tell the truth.

"Yes!" Ling Mo Feng's eyes were on her, and Jun's face was gloomy: "actually, I jumped into their trap this trip, but fortunately, I am still alive!"

When LAN Yanxi heard this, he trembled all over, and the whole man fell into his arms. He was heartbroken and sad: "how can they do this? How can they do such a heinous thing, Ling Mo Feng? When can this war stop? I'm so afraid! "

Ling Mo Feng felt that her body was trembling slightly, and subconsciously held her tighter.

Thin lips kissed her hair and soothed her in a low voice: "one day it will be over, don't be afraid!"

LAN Yanxi was buried in his arms for a long time, then he stood up straight, and tears rolled down his eyes.

Seeing her tears, Ling Mo Feng felt a pain in her heart and couldn't help reaching out to wipe them off: "well, don't cry. It's hard for a person to live a life. These hardships are nothing to me. Soldiers will block her, water will cover her, and nothing can cross. This is just to test whether I can be qualified as a leader of a country."

LAN Yan hoped to see his serious explanation. He burst into tears and smiled. He clenched his fist and thumped his fist in his arms: "I don't care. If you are engaged, you will have to have children with me and have more children!"

Ling Mo Feng listens to it, and her forehead is black. Does this little woman know what it means to have children? How many more dare she have?

"Yan Xi, I will not regard you as a fertility machine. If you want to have a baby, I will not." The man was amused by her words.

"Why not? Look at your good friend Mr. Ji. They are about your age. The children are five years old. There are two more. If you don't hurry to give birth to me now, how small our children are. " Cried LAN Yanxi angrily.

This sentence sounds reasonable to me, but it makes me laugh and cry when I think about it carefully.

"Yan Xi, of course we are going to have a baby, but it's quality, not quantity. Even if we only have one baby, it doesn't matter if it's our own." Ling Mo Feng said with a smile.

"Not enough. Look at your parents. When you are in your teens, you need to have another sister. It's early to have a baby!" LAN Yanxi immediately refuted him.

"Well, you're right. I can't tell you about it. Shall we decide on it when we are engaged? You take your medicine now, and then I'll ask Cheng Yuan to arrange for you to have an early rest and start early tomorrow morning. Time is urgent! " Ling Mo Feng found that even if he could speak well, he could not say anything about her in the face of blue Yanxi. She was very interested.

"I can go, but I have to take the blue fiber with me!" LAN Yanxi said a little bored.

"Of course, let her go with you!" Ling didn't want to see the blue fiber either. This woman just came here with a purpose to suffer.

"By the way, did you count the last time you said you were going to throw her up the mountain?" LAN Yanxi suddenly thought of what LAN Xianxian did to Uncle Yu, and wanted to punish her severely once.

"Now it's snowing all over the mountain. I'm afraid it won't come out if I throw her in. It's a matter of human life. Let me think about it again!" Ling Mo Feng has always been in power with benevolence and righteousness. He is really unwilling to do such a harmful thing.

"Well, though she is bad, she is not enough for her life, but I have to find a way to cure her." Blue words and beautiful eyes flashed cunningly, trying to find a way.

"She doesn't want to go with you tomorrow. You can find a way to tie her to the car and throw her to the trunk alone. It's a punishment!" Ling Mo Feng immediately came up with a good way for her, not to hurt people's lives, but also to scare each other.

"Yes, that's a good way. That's settled!" He agreed with me when he spoke to me.

Ling Mo Feng saw that her beautiful eyes were full of smiles, and there was a little evil spirit in her mischievous eyes. She was so cute that she couldn't say it.

"Yan Xi, go to have a rest. I have to do something, too!" Ling Mo Feng said softly.

LAN Yanxi nodded, didn't disturb him any more, turned around and went out.

Shortly after she went out, Ling Mo Feng called Cheng Yuan and Chu lie in.

Ling Mo Feng said solemnly: "Cheng Yuan, in the morning tomorrow, you will escort Yanxi away. You must be very careful in the middle of the way. If you are in danger, you must protect her well!"

"Don't worry, sir, I will protect Yan Xi!" Cheng Yuan bowed her head and answered firmly.

Chu lie's face was more solemn: "Sir, I don't think Miss LAN will be in danger. You are their goal. Do you want to leave Cheng Yuan to help and send someone else..."

"Yes, sir, I think I should stay to protect you. Yanxi has a uncle Yu nearby. You can send more people..."

"No need, you escort Yanxi. Don't talk about it any more. I've decided!" Ling Mo Feng raised his hand and interrupted what they were going to say.

Chu lie looks at the woman he loves. In fact, he is very grateful to Ling Mo Feng. Although Ling Mo Feng doesn't explain anything, he knows that letting Cheng Yuan leave with LAN Yanxi first reduces the danger of Cheng Yuan, which indirectly protects the person he loves.

Cheng Yuan is worried. She also looks at Chu lie. If she has a choice, she is more willing to stay to protect Ling Mo Feng. She will fight with Chu lie side by side, but Ling Mo Feng's order is higher than everything else. Even if she wants to stay, she will not have a chance.

The next morning, the blue fiber was still sleeping. Suddenly, it was covered with a black sack. Then, it was bound in all sorts of ways. It took a rag to plug its mouth and was directly thrown into the trunk of a car.

The soul of blue fibril is going to fall. The whole person is scared to the extreme.

What's the situation? Who dare to kidnap her at the scene of the rescue?

It's over. Who did she offend? How could she be dealt with in such a bad way?

Would it be a bad guy? What do they want to do? A beautiful girl like her is afraid of falling into the hands of the bad guys and having a bad life.

"Help! Who can help me!" Blue fibril wanted to shout, but her mouth was stuffed with dishcloth, she could only vaguely make the voice of Wuer ah, and tears of fear fell down.