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Men's sexy thin lips, gently touching the soft and fragrant lips of girls, do not have a strong offensive in-depth, just like a dragonfly nodding water. "

you..." LAN Yanxi's brain is empty, a pair of water cut autumn pupils, gaping big. Next second, she is ashamed and annoyed to dye her beautiful cheek. She quickly steps back two steps, keeping a safe distance with this man. Ling

Mo Feng was also surprised by his bold and direct action just now. Until the little woman got angry and retreated, he was relieved from the soft touch just now. Later, he apologized for his just passing away: "sorry, I didn't hold back for a while." Blue

Yan Ximei ' What is that? "

are you angry?" Ling Mo Feng stood up, turned around, and looked at her with deep eyes. Blue

Yanxi bit his lips and snorted, "can't I be angry?" "

if you feel wronged, then Let me do the housework these days! " After a pause in Lingmo Feng's speech, he didn't apologize any more, but admitted his mistake. Yan Xi didn't expect that his way of admitting his mistake would be so special. It's really true. "

Ling Mo Feng, do you like me?" LAN Yanxi asked audaciously, looking at his handsome face. Because she had never asked him this question before, the two people always get along vaguely. Now, she thinks that since this man is willing to kiss himself, does that mean that he has moved towards himself? Ling

Mo Fengjun's eyes stagnated, and his jade like face suddenly blushed, and the vice president was shy.

Lanyanxi herself belongs to the fearless simplicity of the ignorant. Seeing that he doesn't speak, but her face turns red, she immediately comes to the conclusion: "Oh, I see that you like me, and I know that I'm still a little charming." "

now that you know everything, do you want to stay with me?" Ling did not contradict her, but asked another question. Blue

Yan Xi was stunned and blinked the big eyes of shuilingling and asked, "why don't you stop? You are very good here. The environment is good and quiet. The most important thing is that you don't have a servant here. I really like this simple way of life. "

"Are you not afraid of me?" Ling Mo Feng said a lot when he saw her, but he didn't hear the point he wanted, so he had to continue to ask. "

Why are you afraid?" LAN yanxijue's questions about this man are more and more strange. If she is really afraid of him, will she move in? "

just like before, I have evil ideas for you. You are not afraid that one day I will eat you?" Ling didn't want to intimidate her, but he found that the woman's courage was bigger than heaven's, and he could only raise the possibility to her in advance. Blue

Yan Xi's face was white. She didn't want to think that this man actually meant that.

"What do you want?" Blue Yan Xili put his hands around his chest, and a pair of beautiful eyes stared at him warily: "Ling Mo Feng, I tell you, don't come here in disorder. We haven't got married yet. We can't come here before marriage!" "

What if you are engaged?" Ling Mo Feng suddenly asked again. "

engaged Then say something else! " Cried blue Yanxi.

When Ling Mo Feng saw that she didn't point at him and scold the bastard shamelessly, he was relieved, and his low and slow voice rang: "in a few days, I want to invite the elder of the blue family to have dinner, just to settle our affairs!" "

Hello, are you too fast? No, I don't agree. We have to get along for at least three months before we can bring up engagement. We can't agree to get married until we get along for more than one year! " Blue Yan Xili was in a hurry, and her pretty face was red, but her tone was very persistent. "

why? Are we not getting along well now? Besides, I don't have any opinions on you. I believe you are satisfied with me! " Ling Mo Feng was a little confused and asked with a frown. "

I'm really satisfied with you, but my mother said that marriage is a major event in life and the second birth of a woman. I can't marry casually. I have to think about it carefully!" Lanyanxi's serious explanation.

"Do you think there will be any problems between us?" Ling Mo Feng looked at her slightly conceited and asked. LAN Yanxi's heart is filled with anger. This man wants to be engaged to her so actively. What's his attitude? Isn't he worried about her bad?

"Yes, our women's problems are not very big, but your men's problems still need to be examined." LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes glanced at him. At last, they flashed past his male image. "

What are you talking about?" Ling Mo Feng saw her eyes looking at her disorderly, his words were vague, his meaning was pointed, and his voice and color were heavy. "

it's nothing. I'm not going to discuss this topic now. I have to go to have a rest and go to work tomorrow..."

"If you don't make it clear, don't go anywhere!" The man's long legs and arms propped up on the wall blocked her way. Blue

Yan Xi regretted for a while and wanted to bite off his tongue. Just now, when his forehead was hot, he started talking nonsense.

Ling Mo Feng has such a good figure and a healthy body. How can there be such a problem as male latent disease? She thinks too much. "

I said it all, nothing, you let me go!" Lanyanxi felt that she had run into the edge of the knife. She begged him with a bitter face.

"No, I can't. I have to make it clear!" Ling Mo Feng suddenly became strong. It's about his male self-esteem. He will never let her fool her easily. LAN

Yan hoped that this man would not let her go, so she had to say boldly and directly: "I read a post on the Internet the other day about the way of getting along with men and women before marriage. There are many women who are saying that before marriage, we must check the aspect of a future husband Because, there are many men who can't marry! "

"Lan Yanxi..." Ling Mo Feng is almost biting his teeth and shouting her name.

"I'm wrong. I'm wrong. I shouldn't look around and think. Of course, I know you're OK. I just said that I should be more careful about marriage!" LAN Yanxi was stared at by his dangerous eyes, frightened, and apologized.

"Well, you think about it in the long run!" Ling Mo Feng is really angry by her. It turns out that this woman thinks more than herself. She really despises her. "

it's not long-term, not long-term. It's just that I have this problem. I like to think more about everything!" LAN Yanxi explained with a dry smile.

"I'll discuss the engagement in a few days. If I'm engaged, I'll let you verify myself. Can I do it?" Ling Mo Feng also has a way to treat her, so his attitude this time is more tough, engagement, it is imperative.

"Ling Mo Feng, can you make sense? I said it will take at least three months..." "

I'm afraid you can't wait!" Ling Mo Feng sneered at her.

"I......" LAN Yanxi said something to his mouth, but he couldn't say a word. He could only stare at him angrily. "

order as you like, who is afraid of whom!" LAN Yanxi is also a strong character. Ling Mo Feng has already said this step. Of course, she is not afraid. "

then I'll take it for granted!" In fact, Ling Mo Feng deliberately stimulated her. It seems that she was really cheated.

"I'm not afraid!" Lanyanxi pushed his arm away, then ran out of his study.

Ling Mo Feng had a strong expression just now. After she left, she eased down. His thin lips were light, and his smile was lost in his deep eyes.

He turned on his mobile phone and looked at the photo just taken for her. She was as beautiful as a picture, which made people tired of looking at it. Blue

Yan Xi ran back to his bedroom, closed the door and locked the secret lock again. Then he patted his chest with his hand: "this man is so anxious that he should be engaged to me so soon!"

However, the thought of his improper speech just now made his face red with anger, and LAN Yanxi couldn't help laughing. It's said that what a man cares most is his self-esteem. He didn't get angry with her even when he said that. It seems that he has a good character.