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Lu xuanchen's eyes are wide, staring at the woman with firm face. Well, I really can't overlap her with the girl with thick and big eyes, because she really looks better.

"Mao Rongrong, why don't you want to sell it? I'll pay you ten million more... "

"Is it great to have money? I look down upon you as an idol star. You can spend millions of money on an ad campaign, and then you can easily give a few shots, put on a few shapes, and get the money easily. Yes, you can make money, but I don't care about your money. I said, this land is passed down by my ancestors, and I intend to cultivate vegetables on it! " Mao Rongrong's hands ring in front of his chest, a look of what you think of me. Lu

xuanchen Jane's intuition is that this woman is a wonderful flower. She can't help laughing angrily: "this elder sister, are you biased against being a star?" "

I'm smaller than you!" Mao Rongrong turned a white eye and dared to call her elder sister. She has a thick face.

Lu xuanchen was so angry that he couldn't even give a fake smile. He breathed a sigh and resisted the urge to scold: "well, I don't know how much money you can make in a year as a lawyer, but we actors can't make as much money as you think. We also need to shoot day and night, so your prejudice is really funny."

"I don't make as much money as you, but I'm not short of money. You can also inquire about my name. Although I'm young, Mao Rongrong is well-known in the law firm. What I decide will not be changed, so you can go, and don't come to me again." Mao Rongrong is not moved by Lu xuanchen's beauty at all. After finishing speaking to him, he will drive away.

Lu xuanchen really has never met such a thing. Even when he used to be Tang Xuerou's agent, with this face, he won everything, basically not being sad.

But today, can't he brush his face to win favor?

"Mao Rongrong, I beg you to sell me this land, OK? This is my dream since I was a child. I just want to realize one of my own dreams. Why do you embarrass me? " Lu xuanchen had to lower his posture and was ready to plead with her. Rong Rong frowned at the handsome face he suddenly leaned against, and then flashed back two steps: "you don't need to beg me like this. You can find someone else's land. Why do you want my land?" "

because my dream was to build my own house on this land!" Lu xuanchen looked at her sincerely and said. "

well, your dream is really great, but I won't sympathize with you. In a word, I don't want to sell this land. It's what my ancestors left me, and my grandfather also said to leave it to me!" Mao Rongrong is the only daughter of the Mao family. This land is indeed her. Lu

Xuan Chen is really angry to see that this woman doesn't eat hard or soft. He has been a monk for so many years, but he really hasn't suffered such grievances. His eyes are fixed on Mao Rongrong, as if he wants to see through her.

Mao Rongrong habitually wants to push her glasses, only to find that today she is wearing contact lenses, so she has to turn her face to one side instead of looking at the man. "

can't you really have a good chat?" Lu xuanchen finds that this woman's face is not red. Is it true that his face is not attractive? But it's clear that he's off the set today. The fans are shaking when they see his excited voice. Doesn't Mao Rongrong have the least aesthetic sense?

Mao Rongrong did not look at him angrily: "you really bothered me."

Lu xuanchen heard her tone of disgust, so she had to stand up straight. He was very tall, slender, and the proportion was perfect. Mao Rongrong was only one meter six. Although she was wearing high-heeled shoes, she was still very small and exquisite. She had her hands around her chest, and she didn't want to talk with him. "

you Is it a makeover? " Lu xuanchen suddenly pointed to her face and asked. When Rong Rong heard this, he immediately stared at him angrily: "what are you talking about? Where did I fix my face? I was born like this! " "

yes? But in my memory, you don't seem so beautiful! " Lu xuanchen looks surprised. Rong Rong's calm heart suddenly seemed to be thrown into a small stone and a little wave. "

it's useless to boast about my beauty because you don't need to be garrulous here!" Mao said regretfully. Lu

xuanchen shrugs his shoulders: "if you don't agree with me, I may come to you until you agree with me!"

"Whatever you like, whether you come or not, my decision will not change anyway. You have your dream, and I have mine. I am going to build ancestral hall for our Mao family!" Mao Rongrong bit the lip piece lightly, and the tone was cold.

"It's a pity that you used such a good place for the dead?" Lu xuanchen was also stunned by Qi, so he said such a disrespectful sentence. As expected, Rong Rong was stabbed in the pain by his words. She turned around and threw her hand at him. She hit the handsome man's face directly: "you go out right now, don't insult my ancestors!"

Lu xuanchen, who was slapped in the face, suddenly looked gloomy. "

Oh, it's a brain drain!" Lu xuanchen finished, turned around and left. Before he left, he didn't forget to scold him. Rong Rong is even more angry and trembling. This man is so funny. If he doesn't agree with his request, he will scold. What quality is it? How noble and cultivated are they? They must be pretending to cheat.

Lu xuanchen walked out of the door of the Mao family, and the agent came forward with a happy face and asked, "how about xuanchen? Did Mao Rongrong agree to sell the land? " "

this stubborn stone like woman is annoying!" Lu xuanchen said words, suddenly feel the cheek also some pain, hurriedly reached out to cover Wu.

Under the bright light, the agent found five fingerprints on Lu xuanchen's white face and shouted angrily: "my mother, did she hit you? Xuanchen, how can this woman be so cruel to you? Don't sell, don't sell. It's rare. How valuable your face is. If she breaks it, I have to sue her. " "

tell her what? She is a lawyer herself! " Lu xuanchen didn't take the pain on his face seriously. He opened the door and sat in.

The assistant handed him a bottle of water. "

go to the Internet and find out who Mao Rongrong is!" Lu xuanchen drank a mouthful of water, which was hard to dissipate. He quickly gave an order to the assistant. Li immediately turned on her mobile phone and began searching for the woman.