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C1670 sudden departure

From behind Zhang Luyao's body, he accelerated Mu's steps. His face was tight, and his eyes flashed a dry and gloomy color.

This is his taboo topic. He doesn't want to hear it, let alone think about it.

I used to think that love was a matter of two people, but now I find that it's a matter of two families, even family affairs.

Why can't we just be together because of love? The world is blocking us and making our approach heavy.

Zhang Luyao was so angry that she stamped her feet. How could she not be persuaded by her admiring Prime Minister? He's going to the mire. He's sinking deeper and deeper. At the same time, it will kill him.

Ling wennuan took part in the debate contest held by the school at five o'clock in the afternoon, and got the second best result. This is also a long face for the class. Her tutor was very happy, and hoped that Ling wennuan would make further efforts, because the whole class, Ling wennuan's performance was top, which let her teacher see the hope.

Lingwennuan, who was a middle school student in the past, came here and became an excellent student. This sense of superiority made lingwennuan's little mouth blossom happily. As expected, one's superiority or not depends on his peers.

Ling wennuan's debate competition, Mu Weicheng would have been there, but I don't know why, Mu Weicheng was absent. Ling wennuan watched another teacher sitting at the place where his famous brand was placed. Her heart was empty. Didn't he promise that she would come?

After that, Ling wennuan gave the award and ran out. She took out her mobile phone and dialed Mu Weicheng.

Mu Weicheng's mobile phone was not answered, Ling warm heart, more anxious three points.

"What happened? Is the phone off? " Ling warms up his mouth, full of loss.

At this moment, it's more than seven o'clock in the evening, and the driver is waiting for her. After Ling wennuan gets on the bus, he immediately asks the driver to take her to Mu Weicheng's private apartment.

"Big miss, you haven't had dinner yet." The big brother of the driver asked her.

"I'm not hungry. I'll be down in a minute." Ling wennuan said, then he took off his legs and ran to the community.

When she stood at the door of Mu Weicheng's house, she knocked hard on the door.

For a while, the door opened, Mu Weicheng stood at the door, Ling warm from his body, smelled cigarettes and wine.

"Mu Weicheng, what's the matter with you?" Ling warm eyes color a surprised, the man did not turn on the light, but drink wine and smoke, covered with a layer of gloomy color.

"My uncle is dead!" The voice of Mu Weicheng is extremely dry and dumb.

"Ah?" Ling warms her brain for a moment. She doesn't expect this kind of thing to happen. She can't help being nervous: "is he sick..."

"I'm in a bad mood today. Go back." After playing basketball in the afternoon, Mu Weicheng suddenly received a phone call. His uncle died in prison and died of a heart attack.

Ling warm warm see him so sad, which willing to leave, she stood motionless at the door, a pair of beautiful eyes full of worry looking at him: "Mu Wei Cheng, I am not very comforting, but still hope you can save the sorrow."

Mu's eyes are fixed on her, and the light at the bottom of the eyes is complex.

"Your eldest brother has issued the transfer order. I will return to the base next Monday. It's warm. The time left for us is too short. Maybe, this is our destiny..."

"No!" Ling wennuan heard his words, his eyes were inexplicably hot, he rushed to the past in an instant, his hands tightly hugged him, his face pressed to his chest, and tears slipped down in an instant: "I asked my brother not to transfer you, not to leave."

Mu Weicheng looks down at the girl with tears in her arms. She feels as sad as a knife.

"It's my duty to obey the orders of my superiors." Said Mu Weicheng in a low voice.

"I can ask my brother. He will promise me. I won't let you go." Ling wennuan doesn't know how many years she and Mu Weicheng can miss. Her lovesickness has already become a disaster.

"No, don't do it. Don't embarrass your brother." Mu Weicheng held her tightly.

"My eldest brother dotes on me. He will promise you to stay. He will." Ling wennuan didn't expect to face separation so soon. She was really reluctant and uncomfortable.

"I don't want you to do this. You will embarrass your elder brother. Besides, if you let him know our relationship now, the time is not right. My elder uncle has just left. I can't introduce you to my relatives and friends now. Shall we wait a little longer?" Mu Weicheng said quietly.

Ling warms up and closes his eyes tightly. His tears are more fierce.

She knew that it would not be so easy to be with him, but unexpectedly, all things were together, and it was so difficult to want a safe and stable love.

"Why wait? How long do we have to wait? Can I have a deadline? " Ling warm step back from his arms, eyes with tears, infinite sadness asked him: "one year, or two years?"? Or longer? "

Mu Weicheng's heart would be broken when he looked at her like crying.

"I can't give you a definite answer, but it's definitely not now. I don't want you to suffer from these injuries." What Mu Weicheng cares about is that it will always bring her a psychological blow. Will the Mu family accept her? Unless he wants to break up with the whole Mu family.

"I'm not afraid to be hurt. I'm afraid you'll leave me." Ling wennuan's heart has been strong for a long time. She is really not afraid of the wind and rain. She just wants to have such a simple day with him. Even if she runs and practices in the morning and eats the dinner he made, she doesn't need deeper communication. She just wants the warmth of everyday life. Is that extravagant hope?

"When I'm done with my uncle's affairs, I'll go to the base to report. I'll come back to you on vacation. I won't hide from you for a year or two. We can call and send letters. As long as you think about me, there are many ways to contact me, unless I'm on a mission and can't respond to you in time." Mu Weicheng won't let her wait forever, and he won't let her yearn bitterly.

"Really?" Ling warms up the sadness in his heart. After a while, Mei Mou is surprised to see: "can I call you as long as I miss you? You're not going to run away from me anymore? "

"No, because you're an adult." Mu Weicheng gently touched her long hair: "I used to hide from you, not afraid of you, but afraid that I would not be able to control myself. Now, we can contact each other like all lovers."

Lingnuan burst into tears and smiled. He reached out and squeezed his fist. He hit him lightly on the chest: "that's settled. As long as I can contact you, I'm not afraid where you go. You're a kite. I'm the one holding the line. I'm not afraid that you will fly far."

"Well, I can't fly out of your palm, so, this parting, don't need to be sad, but we are back to our own position, you are good at reading, I work hard, one day, we will meet at the most appropriate time." Mu Weicheng's deep and quiet eyes are full of reluctant to give up, but he is a man. When he says goodbye, he should comfort her rather than let her immerse herself in sadness without any sense of security.

"Well, I know. Since it's not a good time to fall in love, I won't embarrass you. I don't know what to say about your uncle's business. As an admirer, you should deal with it well. I'll go first. Don't be too sad. Pay attention to your health." Ling warm heart, finally calm down, she took a deep breath, forced to pull a smile, and waved goodbye to him.

Mu Weicheng stood at the door, watching her beautiful figure disappear in the elevator. Her heart was empty, as if someone had taken off her heart. Although the heart was still beating, it was out of rhythm.

When Ling wennuan got back in the car, she turned on her mobile phone and saw the latest authoritative news report that the former president died of illness.

Ling wennuan is in a complex mood. I don't know whether he should be happy or sad. The general manager has done evil. He should be punished. Birth, old age and death are normal. His death may only make people concerned about him sad.

Vice president's office!

The light in the living room is on. The table is the dinner just eaten. LAN Yanxi is sitting at the table. Ling Mo Feng takes off his coat and is cleaning up the table.

"The old president died of illness." Ling Mo Feng suddenly spoke.

Blue words Xi Mou color a surprised: "when is the matter?"

"At about six this afternoon, there was a heart attack, and the rescue was ineffective." Ling Mo Feng stopped his action and put his hands on the table: "he died at this time, I may face criticism."

LAN Yanxi's heart clenched: "people won't doubt you did it, will they?