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Most of the people in the general office have taken the annual leave. Yang Hezhi didn't take the leave because she still wanted to find the chance to meet vice president Ling Moheng. Even if she didn't see him one day after work, Yang he was very satisfied, because she was very happy at the thought of being so close to him.

But today, she seems to have lost her soul. In the middle of driving to work, she almost had a car accident. A man pointed at her face and scolded her. She walked into the office with a face full of resentment. As soon as she came in, she sat in her seat and said nothing.

Her boss Zhou he came to arrange work for her, and she listened to her impassively. Zhou he was not happy immediately: "what? Those who celebrate the new year are still in tears. "

Yang he suddenly fell on his desk and cried. Zhou he was shocked by the sad look.

"Is something wrong with your family? Otherwise, you can ask for leave. Anyway, you still have a lot of leave Zhou he is usually serious, but his heart is not bad. Yang He is her powerful subordinate, and naturally pays special attention to her.

Yang he quickly wiped his tears with his back, sat up straight and shook his head: "no, director Zhou, I don't ask for leave. What did you just let me do? Can I trouble you to say that again? "

"Here's your work schedule for today. You can see for yourself. If you have any difficulties, you can come up with them. I'll help you find a way." Zhou he saw that her eyes were red with tears, but she still didn't admit defeat. He was really impressed by this subordinate.

Yang He nodded, "OK, let me see. I'm ok!"

Yang He looked down at the work report. Suddenly, she saw three words of the library on her schedule.

Yang he was shocked. All the sadness just now disappeared. The library was originally managed by the people's affairs department. But half of the people who took the rest at the end of the year left, so it was their office to help them.

Mr. vice president has a very good work and rest habit. At noon, he will take an hour or half to go to the library to read books and rest. Yang He has walked around the library many times before. Occasionally, he can see several adjutants beside Mr. vice president on duty, but she is not allowed to step in because of her identity. Now, she has a very reasonable excuse to go to the library I ran into the vice president once.

Yang He is very excited. Is it his true feeling that moved God? So, God arranged such a good opportunity for her?

She must seize it and take this opportunity to express her admiration to the vice president. Even if the vice president does not accept it temporarily due to his status, he must at least know how much he loves him. When meeting in the future, he must also be able to see more.

At this moment, Yang he completely removes lanyanxi's name from her life, because she has a strong sense that lanyanxi is not the type that Ling Mo Feng likes. She is arrogant and arrogant. Even if she is pretty, she has many shortcomings.

If Ling Mo Feng really likes her, why should she be thrown into her office at the beginning and be a receptionist who bows to people everyday?

Yang he suddenly thought of what LAN Yanxi said before. She came to work in the general office for her boyfriend. Now it seems that her boyfriend is the vice president.

Well, I don't know whether her confidentiality measures are good or whether the vice president doesn't take her seriously at all, so that she doesn't even have the chance to be glorified.

Yang he naturally believes that Ling Mo Feng doesn't like LAN Yanxi, and that Lan Yanxi wants to please others by putting on a pole and sticking a hot face on a cold butt. LAN Yanxi, the big miss of the blue family, is also a wimp.

However, it surprised Yang He that Lan Yanxi is the eldest miss of the LAN family. There are many rich people named LAN, but LAN Yanxi's family is quite different. The LAN family is a century old family, a famous family, and has been prosperous for a hundred years. It's a noble family. It's not an ordinary explosive family. Moreover, she also saw many politicians' comments on the Internet, saying that Ling family It is because of the support of the blue family in politics that we are forced to marry LAN Yanxi.

When Yang he heard this, he was discontented. Ling's family is also famous. Ling Mo's front belly is talented, virtuous, and his great achievements are visible. Why should he rely on LAN's family? It's shameful that Mingming wants to marry Ling Mo Feng's granddaughter to share his future glory.

Therefore, in Yang He's eyes, LAN Yan Xigen is not worthy of Ling Mo Feng.

But soon, she was slapped in the face by her own idea. If she can't even match LAN Yanxi, what about her? Isn't she more hopeless?

Yang He is inexplicably sad again. Is Ling Mo Feng really going to marry LAN Yanxi?

When I think about it, it's like thousands of arrows pierce my heart. It's extremely painful.

Yang he was going to the library to do the cleaning work at 11 o'clock at noon, but she was shocked to change other jobs for a while, so she hurried to the library after eating lunch.

First, she put some books on the long table together and classified them into the cabinet.

As she tidied up, she looked at the direction of the gate, full of expectation.

I wish she could see the noble figure at the door as soon as she looked up. There were many bookcases across the door, and she could look at the man. It would be hard to change for thousands of years.

Yang he had the most beautiful dream of her life. She slowed down her movements, deliberately holding one book by one, and gently wiping the table with a rag. Her heart throbbed.

All of a sudden, she heard footsteps coming from outside the door, and her heart trembled. She hurriedly held a large stack of books and hurried to a bookcase near the door.

"Touch!" A big crash, books crash to the ground.

"How did you walk? Didn't you see Mr. vice president come in?" Nearby came the light voice of the adjutant Chu.

"Nothing!" Next came Ling Mo Feng's low and humble voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mr. vice president, I I was in a hurry to tidy up the bookshelf. I didn't notice you came in at the moment. Did it hurt you? " Yang he suddenly became nervous and apologized with his head down.

Ling Mo Feng shook his head. "I'm ok. Are you ok?"

Yang he quickly took his concern as a pity. His eyes turned red and he bit his lips and said, "I'm fine, too. I'm sorry!"

Yang he said, bending down, quickly picked up the books.

The last one, because it was a little far away, Ling Mo Feng squatted down, picked it up and handed it to her.

"Thank you, sir!" Yang he reached for it, which made her think of the picture of the man reaching for her when she fell.

Time is different, but it gives her such a similar feeling, which is the feeling of heart.

"You get organized!" Ling Mo Feng didn't destroy his mood of reading because of this incident, but walked towards the row of bookshelves he wanted to see.

Two adjutants also followed him.

Yang he stood up with the stack of books in his arms. He looked at the tall, straight back with a dejected face. His heart beat so fast that he seemed to jump out of his voice. He wanted to shout, but he had no courage.

Ling Mo Feng directly into a row of bookshelves, two adjutants seem to have developed the habit of reading, each looking for a book to stand and watch.

Yang He's eyes are almost staring straight. Her breath is tight. She can't even see the numbers on the books.

She put the books on the original bookshelf in disorder, and pressed her hand against her chest.

It's such a good chance. She can't miss it. If she misses this time, she doesn't know if she will meet him next time.

Therefore, Yang he decided to clear up the books on the table and went to Ling Mo Feng to express his love.

At first, she had no courage, but at the thought of the news that Lan Yanxi was going to be engaged to him, Yang he was emboldened.

What if Ling Mo Feng is interested in her? The performance of the next time, this man is not antipathy to her, rounding, do not hate is equal to like it.

Although Yang he slowed down, she still sorted out the last book and wiped the desk. She had nothing to do, so she turned around and walked towards Ling Mo Feng.

However, as soon as she passed by, she was stopped by the adjutant Chu: "what's the matter?"