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Today is a day worthy of expectation for the staff working in the general office. The evening party at the end of the year is naturally a wonderful Feast. Moreover, it is said that this evening party is also humanized into a lottery. There are more than 100 awards, large and small. Although it is not a surprise for the senior leaders, it is not a surprise for the junior staff Maybe it's her half year salary, one year's bonus, which is definitely extra income. How can it not be expected?

It seems that this lottery was also proposed by Ling Mo Feng. Such a popular project is actually a good leader's suggestion. How can it not be exciting?

It's six o'clock in the afternoon. It's time to enter.

Everyone enters the stadium with tickets. Outside the National Grand Theatre, the defense is even more strict and strict.

LAN Yanxi, who has been on the class for a day, is following her colleagues in the office, taking a special car, and arriving at the gate of the Grand Theater. The lights are brilliant, like a long dragon, especially magnificent.

All the staff come by special train and enter in batches according to the Department.

LAN Yanxi shakes the invitation ticket in her hand, and her beautiful eyes flash with joy. When everyone envies her good luck, she secretly enjoys it in her heart.

All her luck comes from the man named Ling Mo Feng. He must have opened a back door for her, so that she could come in and enjoy the party. Maybe she will get a big prize.

"Ling Mo Feng, come and arrange me!" LAN Yanxi thought with a smile in her heart.

Lanyanxi's department is in the middle position, and her happiness is rising again.

The courtyard is very large enough to accommodate thousands of people. However, today, the number of people is limited, not all of them are full. Moreover, the positions in the back row are all guarded by strict guards. It can be seen that watching a party is not a relaxing thing.

LAN Yanxi is sitting quietly in the position, turning her head to look around, curious about some departments that have never been contacted before. Suddenly, her eyes are against a person in the air.

Jodrow seemed to be looking around, and the two men touched their eyes without accident.

JOJO nodded at her politely, and blue Yanxi smiled politely.

Such a simple exchange is over. LAN Yanxi breathes a sigh. Next, she dare not look around again. It would be embarrassing if she ran into someone's eyes again.

The staff of all major departments have arrived, and the time has reached half past six, and leaders have begun to enter the field.

LAN Yanxi looked at the direction of entering the arena and thought to himself, when will Ling Mo Feng come in.

There must be a lot of escorts around him. It's very difficult for those on the inner three floors and the outer three floors to shake hands with him in the past.

LAN Yanxi is looking at the direction of the entrance. Suddenly, she seems to see a familiar figure, Yang He.

Today, she is wearing the dress of Miss Li Li, the red self-cultivation dress, the headset with Bluetooth on her ear, and a proper smile. She gracefully and politely guides the leaders to their positions.

LAN Yanxi narrowed her beautiful eyes. She began to feel that Yang he was a very deep woman. Before, she only felt that she had a strong character, worked harder than others, was eager to prove herself, wanted to jump out of the position and go to a more promising department.

But now it seems that she is also very good at disguise, disguise many different faces.

At this moment, she smiled and nodded her head gently, looking like a graceful girl, which was pleasant and pleasant. Indeed, several leaders looked at her with admiration and affirmation in their eyes.

LAN Yanxi is too bored, so she stands on her chin and stares at Yang He's every move.

There's no way to defeat the enemy. You have to know who you are and who you are.

Today, Yang He's facial expression management is very successful. I didn't expect that she could get such an advantageous job. However, many people are helping to carry tea and deliver water in the upstairs tea room. There is absolutely no chance to contact these senior leaders.

Sure enough, seizing the opportunity is a shortcut to success. Obviously, Yang He has done a very good job at this point.

LAN Yanxi suddenly recalled the things she had worked with before. It seems that Yang he was very active in fighting for herself as long as she had a relationship with Ling Mo Feng in small and large meetings. She was able to endure hardship and asked for work. Zhou He, the superior, appreciated her.

"It's so deep that I didn't find it!" Now in retrospect, lanyanxi is shivering. She can only blame herself for being too simple. Many things only see the surface, but she doesn't find other things hidden inside.

When LAN Yanxi suddenly woke up, suddenly, she saw Ling Mo Feng enter the arena.

As expected, he was accompanied by his faction ministers. I don't know if Ling Mo Feng's personal charm was too strong. As soon as he entered the arena, it obviously attracted the attention of women in all departments, and even some people made a low voice.

LAN Yanxi's beautiful eyes opened in an instant, staring at the dazzling man in the light without blinking.

He walked slowly and steadily. Every step was solid and powerful. His young and upright body, beautiful and picturesque face, even made women's hearts jump.

LAN Yanxi finally realized that his boyfriend had become a prey in front of other women.

Sure enough, women are crazy, which is absolutely unique.

"Yan Xi, Mr. vice president is so handsome. God, I'm going to be dizzy!"

"Wake up, you're married. You're the mother of two!" Another colleague next to her woke her up.

"Can't you like other men when you get married? What kind of mentality do you have and what age do you live in? If the vice president likes me, I will kick my useless husband and force him to give way! " The female colleague said fiercely, it can be seen that the marriage life is really unsatisfactory.

LAN Yanxi heard that even the married woman held hope for Ling Mo Feng, and she couldn't help shaking twice.

It's over. How many enemies she has to face? She thought she was single before. Now, she seems naive. Married people also want to beat the crowd. Alas, she's very tired.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes came to lanyanxi's direction intentionally or unintentionally. There were too many people, and the lights on the back seat were dim. Therefore, even if Ling Mo Feng's eyes were sharper, it would be difficult to find the little woman for a while, so he could only give up in a low way.

But lanyanxi was in the dark and kept his eyes on him.

"Ling Mo Feng!" LAN Yanxi mumbles his name and feels in a good mood.

Her boyfriend is so good that her face is stained with light.

Ling Mo Feng shook hands politely and finally sat down in his position.

Yang he followed him all the way. Her eyes, full of affection, looked at the perfect side face of the vice president. At the moment when she saw his smile, she felt that her heart was also illuminated and there was no darkness.

Yang He's breathing is going to stop. Although he has been so close to him before, the situation is different now. There are thousands of audience sitting on the stage, and she follows him all the way. She can't help but think of herself as his woman, and accompany him on the short journey of wind and light. She can imagine that if she is his woman, How happy and glorious the days to come.

LAN Yanxi looks at Ling Mo Feng, but he doesn't find that there is another Yang He who looks at him like a sea of love. Until Yang he can't help lowering his head and wants to calm his inner excitement, LAN Yanxi pays attention to her.

Her brain suddenly tensed, won't it? Yang He is so close to Ling Mo Feng?

Did she miss her job?

Yang He is unconsciously close to Ling Mo Feng, even she didn't find out.

When Ling Mo Feng turned around a little, he almost hit her. Yang he woke up. The whole person stepped back two steps, but because of the high-heeled shoes on the carpet, her center of gravity was not stable, and she fell back.

Ling Mo Feng is nearest to her. At this time, she naturally needs to reach out for her hand. However, she only politely supports her back and doesn't hug her waist.