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C1705 surprise follows

The beautiful eyebrows wrinkled, the delicate white jade skin came out with a fine cold sweat, Ling Mo Feng watched her sleep so uneasy, and hurriedly reached out to pacify her, but unexpectedly, he just stretched out his hand, and was waved away by her small hand.


Ling Mo Feng's arm, unexpectedly, was scratched by her fingertips, and immediately a red mark appeared.


Ling Mo Feng pushed her with his hand even though he didn't give up. He wanted to wake her up.

LAN Yanxi opened her eyes, and the bottom of her eyes was blank and empty. After a while, she got used to the lights. Then she saw the deep and beautiful face of the man around her. With a whoop, she fell into his arms.

"What's the matter?

What's the nightmare? "

Ling Mo Feng looked at her as frightened as a child, cried out, could not help but ask her with concern.

"I dreamed that Lanlin had taken my grandfather away. She threw him in the cemetery. I wanted to kill her. I really wanted to kill her."

LAN Yanxi burst into tears.

Although it's been so long, lanyanxi can't really walk out of that shadow. As long as she thinks that grandpa was killed by Lanlin, she hates it.

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and patted her on the back. He said gently, "Yanxi, Lanlin has been punished by her. You should let it go."

"I know, but I can't."

LAN Yanxi sobbed.

"Take your time and accept the facts."

Ling Mo Feng lowered his voice to appease him.

LAN Yanxi raised her beautiful eyes and looked at him. There was a thick uneasiness at the bottom of the eyes: "my grandfather's bones were not cold, so my two uncles couldn't bear to deal with me. It seems that my grandfather's death is nothing to them. What they value most is the interests of the company."

"So is human nature."

Ling Mo Feng is to see things very thoroughly, some people's pursuit, has always been the interests of friendship, love, family are used to pave the way for the interests of chess pieces.

LAN Yanxi listened to this sentence, more aware of the cold thin human nature, she closed her eyes: "I think I will meet them tomorrow."

"Don't worry. You can't ask them anything now. They are old foxes. They know better than you. What happened to you today, Chu lie told me. Since there is sales, there must be evidence. Let Chu lie take the evidence for you first. It will be more effective to use the evidence to block their mouths."

Lingmo Feng is also a mastermind of conspiracy, so he absolutely doesn't want to let Lanyan Xibai run again, but also be sneered at by the other side.

"Well, then, wait for the evidence."

LAN Yanxi nodded.

Ling Mo Feng watched her face return to normal, which reassured some: "have you had dinner?"

"After eating a little, I'm not in a good mood. I can't eat it. It's a little queasy!"

LAN Yanxi smiled bitterly.

"Why can't you eat?

If you are in a bad mood, you have to eat. "

Ling Mo Feng is worried about her. She is very thin. If she continues to be thin, he can't explain to the old blue man who died.

"I also want to eat, but I don't know why. When I smell the lampblack, I feel uncomfortable. Maybe my uncle's things really make me sick."

LAN Yanxi sighs. She doesn't lose weight now. In order to get pregnant faster, she tries to gain weight "Do you need to visit the hospital?

I'm afraid you're ill. "

Ling Mo Feng smiled softly.

"I'm not sick. I feel very tired in the last two days. I want to sit down when I see the chair."

LAN Yanxi smiled bitterly.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes fixed on her tightly. Suddenly, he couldn't help guessing: "Yan Xi, are you pregnant?"


Blue words hope Mou son immediately opened big, the first reflection is to reach out to touch his belly, unfortunately, she touched or flat: "impossible!"

Ling Mo Feng was amused by her lovely appearance: "didn't you prepare for the test before?

Otherwise, you should check it now. I heard that your woman is pregnant, her appetite will be very bad, and she is easy to get tired. "

Lanyanxi's head just turned around and ran from the bed to the bathroom.

"Slow down!"

Ling Mo Feng was frightened by her and immediately followed her.

"You wait outside. Don't come in."

LAN Yan hopes to see that he has also come, and she is immediately ashamed.

Ling Mo Feng had to stand at the door and chuckle: "OK, I won't go in."

LAN Yanxi did a urine test according to the above instructions. After waiting for a few minutes, the second bar emerged slowly. Her eyes widened suddenly.


She was a little stunned and murmured. She thought it would take a long time. She thought it would be possible for her to get pregnant until she had adjusted her body. Unexpectedly, the surprise would come so suddenly.

"How about Yanxi?"

Outside, someone is anxiously looking forward to the result.

LAN Yanxi opened the door, deliberately depressed and shook his head: "not yet!"

Ling Mo Feng's heart seemed to fall straight from the sky, and Jun Mou was stunned.

"I lied to you!"

LAN Yanxi saw his disappointed expression, and immediately became tense. He handed over the inspection stick in his hand: "I am pregnant!"

"Lan Yanxi!"

A heart took a roller coaster, let Ling Mo Feng grind the root of his teeth, full of displeasure to this joke, biting his teeth and calling her name, angry and helpless.

LAN Yanxi chuckled: "I'm sorry, I just want to tease you."

Ling Mo Feng grabbed her arm and said, "next time you want to tease me, you have to see what's going on. It's like pregnancy. You can't cheat me."

LAN Yan hopes to see his serious appearance, she immediately nods to promise: "OK, next time dare not."

The man just let go of his arm, even if he was angry, when he was looking at her clear and innocent eyes, the anger disappeared inexplicably.

"What happened to your arm?"

LAN Yanxi was on the tip of his eye, and found that his strong little arm, which was half in his sleeve, seemed to be cut a red mark by something.


Ling didn't want to tell the truth, for fear that she would blame herself.

"You have to tell me, no woman did it?"

LAN Yanxi's brain circuit began to change strangely. There are traces on the man, which will inevitably be misunderstood.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she had to go to the bottom of the story, immediately put his hands around his chest, looked at her with interest and said, "you guessed right, it was really caused by a woman."

"Which woman?"

LAN Yanxi's voice suddenly became loud, and his eyes narrowed and fixed on his expression: "Ling Mo Feng, you are not honest."

Ling Mo fengjue is extremely aggrieved. Does this woman distrust him so much?

"Yan Xi, I promise I will be honest outside. There are no cattle flowers. You just scratched this scar. You have a nightmare. I want to wake you up. You pushed me strangely. Your fingertips should be trimmed."

Ling Mo Feng can only tell the truth, lest she have a bunch of new speculation.

"I did it?"

LAN yanxili stretched out ten fingers, checked the fingertips, and found that his fingertips should be trimmed.

"Yes, it's you. Don't make me wrong, OK?

I don't care. "

Ling Mo Feng put out his hand and hugged her into his arms. His thin lips were attached to her ears. It seemed that he was pleading for love, but his voice was hoarse, which made people tremble.

LAN Yanxi turned his mouth: "well, for the sake of your injury, I will not pursue this matter."

"And then?"

The color of men's eyes changes deeply.

"I'll go down and pour you a glass of water. I'll make up for it. It's OK."

Lanyanxi's wrong attitude is very correct.

"No! There are many ways to make amends! "

The man reached up to her chin and her thin lips were attached.

Blue words hope Mou son tiny consternation, next second, light close, serious apology.

At the end of the kiss, Ling Mo Feng looked at the bottom of her eyes and couldn't help chuckling: "these days, you don't have to run around anymore. Since you are pregnant, you have to take good care of it."

"This child is so good at choosing time. I still think that when I have dealt with the blue family, I will have a good recuperation and wait for him to come."

LAN Yanxi's face was full of tears and smiles.

"It's OK. It's fate and what we're looking forward to. Just rest assured. I'll take care of other things. As long as your two uncles don't get too involved, I can let them for a few days. If they're really too aggressive, I'll let them have no place to stand."

Ling Mo Feng's eyes flashed cold and sharp. He can't bear to be bullied because of his kindness. When he fought back, it would be fatal.

"Well, I hope they have a conscience, so that in the end they won't lose the chance of redemption."

Lanyanxi also hopes that the two uncles can make sense. Since the matter has become a foregone conclusion, it is useless for them to try to turn the tide again.