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C1721 the atmosphere is destroyed

Mu Weicheng is standing nearby. Suddenly a girl comes with a basin of water. However, when she sees Mu Weicheng, she stops and looks at his neck unbelievably.

"Nurse Qin?"

Mu recognized the medical staff in the base at a glance, because they usually contact with each other.

The nurse Qin looked at him in a daze, and her eyebrows were clear: "there is a lipstick mark on your neck. It's your sweetheart's kiss."

When Mu Weicheng's face was embarrassed, he suddenly thought that on the way he had just come, Ling Nuan kissed him fiercely at the neck. At that time, she was laughing all the time. It turned out that she left a very obvious mark.

"Yes, she is!"

Mu Weicheng extended his long arm and encircled Ling Nuan: "she is my girlfriend, Ling Nuan."

Nurse Qin laughed at herself, smiled and blushed. Then she nodded, "I know. I thought you were single all the time. Unexpectedly, you have such a beautiful girlfriend."

Mu Weicheng looks at the girl in his arms tenderly.

Ling wennuan wanted to ask who the girl was, but when she heard that nurse Qin forced herself to be sad, she smiled and said, "then I won't disturb you. Originally, I wanted to express myself to you, but since you already have her, I won't bother myself."

With that, nurse Qin turned and left.


Mu Weicheng felt that his back of hand had been grabbed by a small hand. Next second, he felt a row of tiny teeth gnawing at the back of his hand. He felt a little pain.


Mu Weicheng can't laugh or cry. He lowers his eyes and looks at her angrily.

Ling wennuan released his big hand and stared into his eyes like a little wild cat, warning: "OK, I'll go to tease other girls with my back."

Mu Weicheng was surprised and quickly explained, "I didn't, you wronged me."

"No matter how I wronged you, people will come to tell you."

Ling Nuan plays with a child's temper.

"She came to express that she had never expressed her love to me before, so I didn't know her mind at all."

Mu Weicheng really can't help her. Jun's face is red with tension.

Ling turned around and stared at him, squinting his big black eyes: "now Propose to me! "


Mu Weicheng was shocked by her bold request.

"Just practice. Don't worry, I won't embarrass you."

Ling warm playful smile, lovely like a goblin, grinding people.

Mu Weicheng looks around, but not many people pay attention to their side, because all of them run down to fight.

The fire was watered, the water was reduced, and the light around it was dimmed a lot.

Mu Weicheng kneels on the ground directly, holds up one of her small hands, and gives her a gentle kiss with thin lips on the back of her hands. Only then does he lift his eyes and seriously and gently open his mouth: "warm, marry me..."

"No marriage!"

The girl's clear voice woke up his dream, and Mu Weicheng was stunned.

Who said that just now, don't embarrass him?

After Ling wennuan finished, she saw his stunned handsome face. She smiled happily. Next second, she bent down and gave him a more real answer with her soft lips.

This is the first time that Mu Weicheng has been bullied by a girl. He is so bold and direct that there is no room to escape.

Mu Weicheng is shy and wants to push the girl away. Ling warms his slender arm and wraps his neck, deepening the kiss.

Finally, Ling warm feel can, release, the man quickly stood up, breathing disorderly.

"Warm, you..." Mu Weicheng is going to cry and laugh. What kind of business is that.

Ling wennuan curled his beautiful mouth: "I just want to tell you that I promise to marry you."

"That's a wild way of answering."

Mu Weicheng had to admit that he liked it very much, but he didn't dare to admit it on his mouth, so he had to be honest.


You don't like it? "

Ling warms her beautiful eyes and squints instantly.

If he says he doesn't like it, she kisses until he says he likes it.

Mu Weicheng felt that this girl seemed to be in danger tonight, so she nodded, "of course I like it."

Ling wennuan is slightly drunk. I don't know whether the environment makes her drunk or this man.

"Otherwise, let's go first. It's too noisy here."

Ling wennuan immediately whispered his proposal.

Mu Weicheng nodded and chuckled, "OK, let's go."

Ling wennuan follows Mu Weicheng and takes the car directly. Mu Weicheng drives away first.

"Shall I come back to the base with you tonight?"

Ling warm chin, a pair of water bright eyes looking at the handsome side of the man asked.

Mu only felt his throat tightened, and his breathing became rapid: "no, it's too late today. You'd better go back home and have a rest earlier."


Ling wennuan immediately burst out laughing.

Mu Weicheng's face is even more blushing. Only then did he find that the girl played a trick on him. He was a little embarrassed. However, what can he do? Pet him.

Since Ling wennuan met Mu Weicheng, the restless factors in her cell have been active. Moreover, she found that it was really interesting to play tricks on this man.

In the quiet villa, the lights are getting dark. It's late at night.

Ji xiaonai's two brothers and sisters were excited because they were in a strange environment. They didn't fall asleep until very late. Ji Xiaohan looked at the two lovely little guys and sighed a sigh of relief. Finally, he was able to spend the rest of his time with his wife.

As soon as Ji Xiaohan opened the door and entered, he began to reach for his shirt button gracefully and maliciously. Tang Youyou, who was sitting on the bed, couldn't help laughing.

Well, I have to admit that the appearance of this man's demon is really good-looking. It's very exciting.

Just when the atmosphere was warm, Ji Xiaohan's mobile phone rang, and it turned out to be a video phone.

"Who is it?"

Ji Xiaohan's face is unbelievable. It's so late. Who will call him?

Ji Xiaohan hurriedly walked over. When he saw the photo in the video, he was shaking all over. All his enthusiasm was extinguished in a flash. He hurriedly fastened the unbuttoned button and the original one.

"Who is it?"

Tang youyou sees him buckle back and asks curiously.

"My grandma!"

Ji Xiaohan's helpless expression.

Tang youyou was happy for a moment. Then she urged, "hurry up."

"Doesn't my grandma usually go to bed very early?"

Ji Xiaohan's grandmother called at this time. It's really a bit disappointing.

However, grandma is the grandmother of a family. He has a hundred courage and can't refuse to accept.

"Grandma! I haven't slept so late. "

Season owl cold exposed his neat row of teeth, smile very good-looking.

At the end of the video, the old lady held a cup of tea and looked at him with a pair of disgusted eyes: "how are you, Xiaorui and xiaonai?

I want to see them. "

Ji Xiaohan knew that he had no place in grandma's mind for a long time and was replaced by two little guys.

"Grandma, they are asleep. You can have a rest earlier."

Season owl cold hurriedly coaxes comforting way.

"I can't sleep. Let me have a look at them. Just have a look and go."

The old lady's face enlarged, which frightened Ji Xiaohan.

"It will wake them up."

The season owl can't cry or laugh.

"I don't speak, just take your cell phone and I'll see if they are still used to sleeping there."

Ji Xiaohan had to take his cell phone obediently and went to the room of the two little guys.

With the little night light on, the two little guys are sleeping soundly with their familiar quilts in their arms.

The old lady was very satisfied and smiled there, her face soft.

Ji Xiaohan puts his mobile phone close to his daughter's face, and the old lady kisses her.

Ji Xiaohan was speechless. After two minutes of watching, he hurried out and said to the old lady, "grandma, you should be able to sleep now. They are used to playing here all afternoon. Now they are very tired."

"Well, take good care of youyou. She has two babies in her stomach."

The old lady told him at once.

"Don't worry, of course I will take care of her very well. I'm more nervous than you."

Season owl cold hurriedly comforts way.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou looked at each other. They couldn't find the beautiful atmosphere just now.

"It's late. Go to bed early."

Ji Xiaohan climbs to the bed and reaches out to hold her gently.

Tang youyou is really tired. After pregnancy, she is easily tired. At this moment, seeing that he has no other requirements, she can also sleep in peace.