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Hearing her recognition, Ji Yueze chuckled. Next second, he reached out and pressed her into his arms. Bai

Yi Yan is going to be blinded by his reflection. At noon, she also said that she wanted to break up with her. At night, she ran to hold her. What's the situation? No, Bai Yiyan is very relieved to be able to snuggle into his arms again.

His arms are very warm, with a light lemon fragrance, very good smell. "

don't make me angry next time. I don't know how to control my temper!" Ji Yueze sighed. White

Yiyan's tears flowed down again, crying silently and nodding hard at the same time. She was scared today. She was scared. Her feelings really came to an end. Ji gently pushes her away from her arms, holds her face in both hands, looks at her red and swollen eyes, and kisses her lips gently. Yi Yan shivered. The place he kissed seemed to be burning hot.

"Stupid!" Feeling her unstoppable tremor, Ji Yueze bit her teeth and scolded her.

Even though Bai Yiyan was scolded by him, she did not dare to say a word. She suffered in silence and suffered from grievances. "

fool!" Ji Yueze seemed to scold not happily, and scolded again.

Bai Yiyan shakes, as if to protest.

"Next time you dare to provoke me, I really don't want you!" Ji Yueze threatened her with a fierce voice.

This time, Bai Yiyan did not shake. She was tense. Her beautiful eyes looked at him flustered and disorderly.

As if to see if he was serious or joking. Ji zejue scolds her no matter how much she scolds her, this woman doesn't reflect anything, and she is really good enough.

"Come home with me and cook for me!" Ji Yueze suddenly asked.

Bai Yiyan then asked, "how come you haven't eaten so late?"

"Have you eaten?" Ji Yueze picks eyebrows. If this woman can eat in such a sad situation, he is speechless. "

No, I haven't eaten either!" When Bai Yiyan finished, her stomach rang out two times. Her face is blushing with shame.

Ji Yueze turns around directly, takes her handbag, takes her bag in one hand, takes her person in the other hand, and goes downstairs quickly.

Bai Yiyan is like a obedient little daughter-in-law. She doesn't say a word and doesn't resist.

Two people drove the car and rushed home.

Open the refrigerator, there is no food, but there is pasta. Bai

Yiyan can only make two bowls of simple green vegetable noodles, and fry a tomato and scrambled eggs. They will eat the night meal.

Ji Yueze is full, and his mood is much better. It's a very important place to relax. But since Bai Yiyan has been in the family, he doesn't want to go anywhere after work. He just wants to go home. It's strange. Bai

Yiyan takes a bath and comes out to see the man sitting on the sofa, looking at the TV program. She looked at his back for a while, though she wanted to know why she didn't send her aunt to the police station immediately, but she held back.

Even naively thought it was for her sake that she delayed the delivery to the police station. Later, she felt that she could not be too opinionated, so she had to give up the idea.

In the evening, although Bai Yiyan didn't want to, Ji Yueze didn't let her go. In the middle of the night, Bai Yiyan couldn't get up in the morning.

Ji Yueze didn't urge her either. He gave her a day off. He drove to the company first. The wedding of Luo

Henning and Mulin has been put on the agenda. It is scheduled to be held at the beginning of next month. The two are discussing the details of the wedding, and naturally the distribution of property rights. Both of them have a lot of property in their own names, which makes the lawyers of both of them have a headache. But

both of them decide that their own property is not included in the common property, because once a large amount is involved, it will affect the exchange and development of feelings, which is not a good thing.

Of course, the dowry of Luo's family is absolutely many. In order to manage his brother's marriage, Luo Jinyu also made a lot of money. Maybe LAN ruona is too heavy on money and the portal. Luo Jinyu doesn't want his brother to be a gossip, so he will do the wedding.

In the evening, lohnin invited Mushi to drink with Ji Xiaohan. Although he doesn't want to say goodbye to single, he has the sense of responsibility of married men.

"Lohnin, if I remember correctly, you seem to be a few months younger than me. Do I really want to call your brother-in-law? Are you taking advantage of me? " Moo night while holding a cup to drink, while looking serious asked.

Lohnin laughed and said, "if you don't want to call, I don't have a problem. I just don't know if your sister has a problem!" "

well, before I get married, I dare to press my sister on me!" When Mu night a face discontented cry. Luo

Henning smiled more happily: "I didn't mean that, I just felt it. You seem to be afraid of your sister!"

"Who said that? I'm not afraid! "

"Then you are afraid of Anxin. Anxin is my cousin. You have to call me to show my brother-in-law, don't you? Anyway, it's all settled. Otherwise, you can call to listen to it! " Lohnin was in a good mood and had a good time joking.

Mu shiye Jun's face is full of discontent. Turning to Ji Xiaohan, he says, "do you find that he is bullying me?"

Ji Xiao looked at the two friends and said calmly, "you should call him brother-in-law according to your generation!" "

but I can't call it export. I always call him by his first name and surname." Night handsome face of the anguish. Luo

Henning has laughed beside him.

Ji Xiaohan also laughed: "then go back and ask your sister if she agrees with you!" "

No, my sister must be annoying me!" I don't want to listen to my sister's chanting at night.

Lohnin took the cup and said, "here, to you, cousin!"

The expression of Mu Shi night is brilliant in an instant. No, he took the glass and touched it. "

Xiao Han, you seem to have a lot on your mind recently. Have you encountered any difficulties?" Two friends suddenly found that Ji Xiaohan was too silent and asked immediately.

"What's wrong with Tang youyou

"How could it be that Xiao Han dotes on her the most? She can't make any trouble." Season

Xiao Han's thin lips make a smile: "I don't quarrel with her, and I'm afraid to quarrel with her!"

"See? This is the typical representative of a good husband. We all need to learn from him!" Mu said with a sigh on his face.

Season owl cold shrugs a shoulder: "when you want to make trouble with her, you will recall, how hard you pursue her, then you have no temper!" "

I agree with that!" Lohnin has a lot of experience. When mu

nodded: "I agree with you!"