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That uncle, whom he had known since he was young, had always been on good terms with his father. Later, when he had married, and his father had taken his family to his wedding, he had seen the beautiful bride. However, on the day of the wedding, he had discovered that the bride was pregnant.

At that time, his mother was sitting right between them. In his memory, his mother wasn't very happy that day. She kept her head down and kept drinking.

However, when he found out about these things, it was already the darkest and most despairing period of his and his younger brother's lives.

The driver suddenly spoke out, interrupting Ji Xiao Han's train of thought.

When he came back to his senses, Tang You You had already pushed open the door and was walking quickly towards the guest hall.

"Xiao Rui, Xiao Nai …" After separating with the children for only a few hours, Tang You You had already missed them all. Once she entered, she immediately shouted.

"Little Young Master and Young Miss are watching TV on the second floor!" The servant passed by and kindly reminded her.

Tang You You thanked him and quickly ran upstairs.

In the projection room, she heard the sound of an animated cartoon coming from inside. Her heart relaxed and she pushed open the door to enter. She saw two little guys staring at the screen with incomparable concentration.

"Mummy …" Tang Xiao Nai turned her head and saw that it was her. She immediately ran over tenderly and placed her head on her legs. "Mummy, you're finally back.

"Mummy also misses you!" Tang You You squatted down, tightly hugged her daughter, and said emotionally.

Tang Xiao Nai held Mummy's neck tightly with her two small hands and kissed her cheeks, "Mummy, is the place that Father brought you to fun?"

"It's not bad!" Tang You You nodded.

"Is there anything good to eat?" Tang Xiao Nai was just a little foodie, she blinked her big eyes and asked.

Tang You You did not want to lie and nodded his head: "There is, there are a lot of delicious things, but there are chili peppers on the dishes, you do not like it."

"Next time, let Father take me to play as well." Tang Xiao Nai pouted and said unhappily.

Just at this moment, the door opened, and a tall handsome man walked in. Ji Xiao Han had just recalled the past and was very depressed, but seeing the two little things before him, his mood immediately improved.

"You don't want to talk about it with me anymore, hmph!" Tang Xiao Nai didn't throw himself into his embrace like last time, which made Ji Xiao Han feel a little disappointed. Hearing her angry tone again, he couldn't help but laugh.

"Xiao Nai, are you really ignoring daddy?" felt that this was interesting yet she was helpless. This little fellow already understood things, from the looks of it, she would be really sad if she did not bring her along when she goes out.

"Only when Father agrees to take Xiao Nai out to play in the future will I understand you." Tang Xiao Nai was angry but it did not take more than two seconds.

In order to quickly make his daughter happy, Ji Xiao Han nodded his head immediately: "Okay, I promise you. It's your uncle's birthday next week, so I'll take you guys on the cruise, okay?"

"Cruise ship?" Tang Xiao Rui was suddenly interested, he waved his two short legs and ran over and asked: "A cruise ship is that kind of large and luxurious ship? Uncle's going to have his birthday on the boat. "

"Mm, your uncle loves face the most. His birthday is definitely going to be a big event. When the time comes, there will be many children playing with him." Ji Xiao Han said while beaming.

"We still have to wait that long. Can't we not let uncle celebrate his birthday earlier? Xiao Nai doesn't want to wait too long. " Tang Xiao Nai was indeed an impatient little thing. Upon hearing that there was still a week left, his excitement immediately dropped by half.

Tang You You patted his daughter's shoulder and comforted her: "Alright, when next week's break comes, you can go play. Hurry up and go downstairs, I'm going to bathe you all and sleep."

"I want dad to help me wash!" Tang Xiao Rui immediately grabbed Ji Xiao Han's arm. "We men want to bathe together, I don't need Mummy to wash."

"Why don't you want the Mummy to wash it?" Tang You You glared at his son in resentment: "Is there any difference between your father washing and me washing?"

"There is!" Tang Xiao Rui answered seriously, then blinked his large eyes as he said, "Daddy has a big bird to look at."

The little guy's words shocked the entire scene. Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han's expressions froze.

"Cough, son, don't talk nonsense." Only then did Ji Xiao Han remember that when he was bathing with his son last time, his son seemed to have seen the structure of his body and immediately became curious. Thus, he too prematurely told him about the difference between a man and a boy in the bathtub.

At that time, the little fellow seemed to be asking humbly for advice, but he never expected that it would betray him now.

After Tang You You heard his son's words, he immediately glared at Ji Xiao Han out of embarrassment in anger: "How can you let your son see it?"

Ji Xiao Han shrugged his shoulders and said disapprovingly, "What does it matter? His son is also a man. Although he is young, he will have to grow up sooner or later. It should be normal for me to give him some knowledge.

What's normal?

Tang You You was about to go crazy from anger.

Tang Xiao Rui blinked his large eyes. Although he had grown up to be more mature, he still could not figure out the real difference between men and women. He thought that Mummy should know a little about Daddy's body structure.

He never thought that Mummy would be so angry. Did he say something wrong?

"Look at him. He's not even four years old, and you're already telling him this. You told him that in the future …" Tang You You suddenly felt that why did he want to continue with this topic?

"Mummy, don't be angry, alright? I won't be looking at Father's big bird in the future. Father said that he would show this to Mummy in the future, so I thought, since everyone can look at it …"