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Hearing Cheng Jianhong's name, Bai Yiyan's heart was also hurt. She thought that he would be her own father, but now she sent a large number of people to find her. To solve her disaster, she could not say what it was like. It was like stabbing a knife in her heart, so painful that she could not speak. "

Xiaoyan, be obedient, and be patient for a while. I will watch for you from your mother's side. She will be OK at present." Ji Yueze saw that she didn't speak any more, but her breathing became heavy, so he knew that she must be sad and sad, and he immediately soothed her gently.

"Well, listen to you!" Bai Yiyan is no longer headstrong. She has children in her stomach now. She really can't run around. Hung up the phone, Liu Xiaoxing and Yang Siyu looked at her worried: "what did Mr. Ji say? He won't let you out, will he? " "

well, he said He will take care of my mother's situation and let me not visit her! " Bai Yiyan looks dazed and lowers her head.

At this moment, Cheng Jianhong is furious in the office and takes his cell phone to scold him. "

no one can be found, a group of piss!" Cheng Jianhong is really mad. He is getting closer to his promotion. He is really afraid that Bai Yiyan will suddenly appear at the most critical time and ruin his career. Then all is over. Cheng

now Jianhong has a bad feeling that his opponent must know Bai Yiyan's whereabouts and is waiting for a fatal blow to him. He will never let this happen. He must find Bai Yiyan and block her mouth. Even if he ties her up, he can't let her destroy his good deeds.

It was an accident at the beginning. Now, we can't let it destroy everything.

Cheng Jianhong is annoyed to go back and forth in the office. At last, he makes a phone call to go out: "I don't believe that he will not contact Bai Yiyan after keeping a close eye on Ji Yueze's whereabouts."

The other side seems to answer. Cheng Jianhong just holds his cell phone tightly in his palm. If the plan fails again, Cheng Jianhong can only use his last move.

If Bai Yiyan still cares about her adoptive mother, she will surely come out. If you want to be here, Cheng Jianhong's face flashes cold.

Fang Kexin hasn't seen Fang Yang for several days. She doesn't even want to go home.

She vented all kinds of anger outside, but still felt that there was a thorn in her heart, stabbing her, making her whole person in a crazy state. "

beauty, come to the bar alone? I've been paying attention to you for a long time. I've invited you to drink this cup and made a friend. " A man suddenly came up and handed a glass of wine to Fang Kexin. In words, he was full of interest in her.

"Men Ah! " Fang Kexin has drunk several glasses of wine. At the moment, she is a little drunk. She looks sarcastic when she sees the man talking to her.

She used to think that her father was the best person in the world. His tall and glorious image had a root in her brain. She thought that she was the Pearl in her father's hand and his favorite daughter. But now, suddenly, a young ChuChu comes to fight for her unique father's love. She's as sick as swallowing a fly. She can't spit out her bad breath, but she won't swallow it.

"Beauty, what's your expression? What's wrong with the man? You discriminate against our men. Isn't your father also a man... " "

PA!" Fang Kexin stood up, shook his hand and slapped him in the face. Her face turned gloomy and ugly. She scolded angrily: "how dare you come to tease me, just like you? Don't follow your example. Do you know who I am? "

The man was looking for an opportunity to get close to her. Unexpectedly, he was beaten. He looked around with so many eyes. He couldn't get off the stage for a while and was stunned there.

Fang Kexin is very resentful. He grabs the handbag and his eyes seem to be poisoned. He stares at the man: "if you don't roll, you will look good!"

The man was really scared by the cruel formula that she didn't recognize. He rolled away.

Fang Kexin took a bottle of wine, threw some money on the table and walked out the door while drinking. As soon as she reached the door, she suddenly squatted down and burst into tears.

But after crying for a while, the bag she was holding was robbed by two men.

"My bag, what are you doing? Robbery, let go! " Although Fang Kexin is drunk, she is also scared to wake up now. Seeing that the bag is about to be robbed, she will not be willing to take it.

"Go away, dead woman, it's not going to kill you!" A man kicked her in the stomach. Fang Kexin was kicked to the ground. Her back and head hurt, but she still didn't let go. "

that's annoying!" One of the men suddenly drew a knife and cut it at her arm. "

ah!" Fang Kexin didn't expect that the other side even had a knife. She had to let go of her pain. The other side held her bag and disappeared quickly. Fang

Kexin, like a fool, sat on the ground, put out his hand and covered his left arm with blood. Suddenly, he felt that life was hopeless. Some

people called the police for her help. Some kind-hearted people asked her if she needed help. Fang Kexin was stupefied. Suddenly, he got up from the ground, turned around and walked in one direction.

She doesn't need anyone's help. These tribulations will only make her stronger. She will never die or fall down. She won't give her father back to Yang ChuChu's mother and daughter. She will make these shameless mothers and daughters regret offending her. Yang

is doing a publicity campaign for new plays in a second tier city. At the end of the campaign, someone brought a bunch of flowers to her on the stage.

Yang ChuChu took the flower, thanked her, and saw a card on it. When she saw the words above, the corners of her mouth could not stop flying.

Luo Jinyu came, and waited for her backstage. At the end of the interview, Yang ChuChu couldn't wait to open the door of the lounge. The man sitting on the sofa was smiling at her.

"Why did you come all of a sudden? Didn't tell me in advance! " Yang ChuChu quickly walked past, the man has stood up from the sofa, she can not help Acacia, directly into his arms, two small hands tightly embrace him. "

I also decided to come here on a temporary basis. I have been busy with the company's reorganization for some time ago. I didn't give you a good time to relax. I just wanted to come here and play with you for two days when these two days were free!" Luo Jin Yuzhi came here so easily to meet the beautiful woman because someone was carrying a load for him. The poor man was Luo Henning.

"Really?" Yang ChuChu couldn't believe that Luo Jinyu had time to play with her.