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Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes were momentarily dazzled, and his expression changed rapidly: "not you, who else can there be?"

Jimucheng quickly pulled off a few petals and sneered: "I'm going to ask you, which wild man did you provoke and let others spend such a large cost to pursue you?"

When Xia Xinnian heard his sarcastic tone, he blushed inexplicably and said in a high tone: "really not you?"

"I want to know who it is. Can you still receive this bunch of flowers?

What does the agreement say?

Don't hang out with other men, Xia Xinnian. This is the signature. You forget the content, don't you? "

Jimucheng is biting her teeth and lowering her voice to accuse her.

Xia Xinnian's expression solidified. For a long time, she wanted to snatch the flowers from the man's arms.

Unfortunately, the man didn't plan to return it. He directly called a servant not far away: "give me the flower and throw it away!"

Xia Xinnian: "..." Did the flower offend him again?

After giving the flowers to the servant, jimucheng gnashed his teeth and locked Xia Xinnian's eyes.

Xia Xinnian was staring at his heart, so he had to bite his lips and say in a low voice, "if it's not for you, I may have misunderstood you."

"To be honest, which man sent it?"

Jimucheng narrowed his eyes and stared at her.

Xia Xinnian spread out his hands: "I just don't know who sent it, so I doubt it's yours."

"Next time a man gives you flowers, you'd better throw them away and never bring them back, OK?"

Jimucheng reminds her coldly.

"Don't worry, I won't accept anything that I don't write clearly in the future!"

Xia Xinnian didn't know why he had to promise him, and he promised so seriously. Was it really because he was guilty?

The little guy suddenly ran over. He kept laughing. He could understand everything.

Xia Xinnian blushed at his son's magical laughter and turned around quickly: "I'll park the car in the garage!"

Jimucheng stares at her pretty figure who leaves quickly, and her handsome face becomes gloomy again.

Xia Xinnian is very depressed. He feels that he has found a sin to suffer. He knew that he shouldn't have questioned him. Now, in turn, he gave him a lecture.

After dinner, jimucheng sat on the sofa, thinking more and more uneasy, and felt that xiaxinnian was fighting with which man.

"Come here, son!"

Jimucheng saw Xia Yuchen, who was doing manual work carefully, and immediately beckoned to him.

The little guy ran up to him and asked, "Daddy, what can I do for you?"

"Yuchen, daddy asked you, do you really want me to be with your mommy?"

With a gentle smile, jimucheng begins to bewitch his son to come to his side.


Mommy has always been alone, so pitiful, I really hope she can find a boyfriend, so someone will love her

Xia Yuchen replied earnestly.

Jimucheng secretly rejoiced that his son was very kind to the woman and cared about her alone.

"Do you like Daddy as her boyfriend?"

Musicheng continues his gentle strategy.

The little guy immediately nodded: "of course, but will daddy really like Mommy?

You don't want to be together for my sake. I don't want my mommy to be wronged a little bit. "

Jimucheng's heart leaped. He knew the word "avoid being strong".

"Daddy, are you serious?

Don't look at my beautiful Mommy, just play around?

I'll be angry. "

Seeing that Ji Mucheng was silent, Xia Yuchen immediately narrowed his black eyes to warn him.

Jimucheng was shocked. Those ideas were totally denied.

He really can't underestimate his son's IQ and EQ, which are beyond the level of four-year-old children.

He is now trying to please his son. He can't cheat him any more, which will damage his tall father's image.

"Son, you have to trust daddy. Daddy is serious."

Jimucheng reached out to touch his son's small head and replied solemnly.

"What does daddy like about my mommy?"

The little guy blinked and began to wonder.

Jimucheng Jun's face is slightly shocked, but he thinks in his heart, what does he like about that woman?

Is skin white and beautiful?

No, absolutely not. It will show that he has no connotation. His son must look down on him.

"Your mommy's passion for life, concern for you, and dedication to her career all make her look very attractive. You are still young and don't understand the aesthetics of adults. When you grow up, I will know that some women not only attract you by appearance, but also by many characteristics."

Jimucheng explained to his son seriously on his face, but he despised such a self in his heart. Obviously, he saw the beauty of the parents, good figure, long waist and legs.

"Oh, daddy, you said so much. I just want to say that my mommy is very likable. I admit that!"

The little guy was still a little dizzy, but he was very happy to hear daddy praising mommy's merits.

It's hard to reach an agreement with his son. The sexy thin lips of a man are slightly selected, and he whispers, "would you like to make some contribution to the relationship between mom and dad?"

"What does Daddy want me to do?"

The little guy's big, snowy eyes flashed.

Jimucheng immediately showed a sad look and pointed to the next room: "I want to see your mommy's cell phone. Can you bring it for me?"

"Daddy wants to peek at mommy's cell phone?

Why? "

The little guy has been educated by Xia Xinnian since he was a child. He is not allowed to peep into other people's secrets, so he will be surprised at his father's behavior.

"Er I just want to see the photos of your childhood in her mobile phone. Daddy really wants to see them. Can you bring them for me? "

Jimucheng is in a hurry, and his brain turns quickly. He originally wanted to say that he wanted to see if the woman had played with other men. He said he wanted to see his photos for fear that his son could see through his mind.

"Well, I'll get it for you!"

When little guy heard that Daddy wanted to see his photos when he was a kid, he was moved. Daddy really loves himself. He's very Kaisen.

Looking at the small body running to the door, jimucheng's thin lips are proudly rising, languidly leaning on the sofa, slowly tasting his red wine.

After a while, the little guy came back with a red mobile phone in his hand.

"Daddy, here you are!"

The little guy was happy to present it immediately.

Jimucheng's finger flicks lightly, needs the password to enter, the handsome Mou tiny one coagulates, is about to guess some.

I can see that the little guy has reached over, and the white and pink fingers are nimble.

As soon as the mobile screen is on, jimucheng will give his son a look of appreciation.

It's really a little divine help.