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Tang You You laughed bitterly: "Did you not see what I looked like on the bed back then?"

"I can't see it clearly at all. In order to ensure that my plan is correct, Ji Yun Ning and my uncle gave me a very overbearing and fierce medicine." Ji Xiao Han's eyes were still full of self-blame.

"Actually, my face was swollen like a pig's, my eyes were narrowed into a line, I despised them myself, but when I woke up, I found out that someone had snatched away my innocence. I truly felt that it was inconceivable, who would be interested in my face!"

When Ji Xiao Han heard her self-deprecation, he felt his heart ache but was also enraged. "Is your stepmother going to give you to another man?"

"It should be, she probably wants to use that kind of method to take revenge on me, otherwise, you won't be able to see Tang Xue Rou in my room!" Tang You You clenched her teeth, her face was also filled with anger.

"You made me let them off time and time again even though you knew they were vicious people!" Ji Xiao Han was speechless towards this woman.

Tang You You sighed: "It's all in the past, I don't want to care about anything anymore. Ji Xiao Han, perhaps you can learn to be tolerant, and only then can you learn to cherish and love others."

Ji Xiao Han turned his head to look at her and the light in her eyes was filled with goodwill, causing him to be unable to resist stroking her hair gently. His thin lips lightly kissed her forehead: "You're right, we shouldn't waste so much time arguing with others.

"En!" Tang You You agreed with him very much. When his thin lips left her forehead, Tang You You did not know where she got the courage to do so.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the lips that suddenly stuck up to his, and was surprised, but in the next second, without any hesitation, he sunk along with her.

This time, Ji Xiao Han was in deep water.

An unknown amount of time had passed, and when Tang You You finally woke up, she discovered that she was actually sitting on his body.

Of course, at this very moment, nothing had happened. It was only a single kiss that had caused the two of them to go insane.

When the two of them gradually woke up, Tang You You quickly stood up from his body, and said with a red face: "I'm done washing, I'll be going out first!"

At this moment, Ji Xiao Han was already breaking out in cold sweat. Seeing that the little lady had already ran out in a hurry with a nightgown on his body, he couldn't help but smile.

He didn't want to sit up so quickly and lean against the bathtub, and reminisce about that beautiful scene just now.

Actually, he had already used his hands on her from top to bottom just now. She didn't resist at all, and from this it could be seen that her treatment had succeeded.

Ji Xiao Han had a smile on his face. After a long while, he finally stood up from the bathtub, casually grabbed a white bath towel, tied it, and walked out with long legs.

Tang You You was already dressed, she stood by the bed with a blush on her face, and when she saw him come out, she asked: "Do you want to go to the company?"

Ji Xiao Han approached her softly. "If you want me to stay at home, I won't go!"

When Tang You You heard the dishonest tone in his words, she immediately became anxious, "We have quite a few days ahead of us, you should focus on your work."

Ji Xiao Han heard her rejection and he didn't push her further. Looking at her bright and beautiful face that was being heated up by warm water, he couldn't help but hold her small mouth and after sucking it again, he let her go with satisfaction. "Alright, then I'll go back to the company to take care of some matters.

"Alright, I'll be working at home. I'm not going to work at the company!" Tang You You also could not stay idle any longer because she had accepted three clients for herself today. Her workload was already extremely heavy.

"You're in a good condition, don't tire yourself out anymore!" Seeing her tired look, Ji Xiao Han could only console her with a low voice.

"I know!" Tang You You reluctantly saw him to the door, then returned to his bedroom.

What happened in the bathroom just now had a huge impact on her. As a woman with zero experience, this was the first time she was so intimate with a man.

Of course, this was the world of adults, Tang You You did not need to be surprised, but the other party was Ji Xiao Han.

He clearly wanted to stay, but why did she reject him?

Forget it, forget it, I shouldn't think about this anymore.

Tang You You shook her head, forcing herself to quickly turn her mind back to work.

Afternoon is a lazy time, for the staff in high-end office buildings, after lunch, it is the best leisure time.

Pei An Xin was wearing a coat as he laid on the desk, looking drowsy.

In the past few nights, she hadn't been able to have a good rest because her little princess was simply too hardworking.

He had to drink milk and water in the middle of the night, and he had to sit in bed and play with toys for a while before he could sleep.

Pei An Xin was simply about to go crazy. Sometimes, when he was really angry, he almost wanted to throw her out.

The housemaid did not stay for the night, so Pei An Xin had to sleep with the child by himself.

When he was discussing things with his customer just now, Pei An Xin felt that something was amiss.

"An Xin, hurry up and go! We're going to have a meeting soon!" A colleague came to call her.

Pei An Xin stood up, took the information for the meeting and staggered to the meeting room.

However, not long after she entered, she felt her vision darken, and she fell to the ground.

The entire meeting room was shocked.

Just then, a noble figure walked in from the door. She was dressed in a black suit, with a straight and strong posture, it was Mu Shi Ye.

As soon as he entered, he saw Pei An Xin who was sprawled on the ground without moving. His heart had almost stopped beating.

Without waiting for the other man to help him, Mu Shi Ye had already squatted down and picked her up, then ran out.

As he ran, he instructed his assistant, "Hurry and call an ambulance!"

Mu Shi Ye carried Pei An Xin into the elevator, causing some of the employees to be extremely shocked, they did not expect that Pei An Xin would be hugged by the Mubai, and furthermore, his face had obvious worry and worry, as though the boss was concerned with his employees.

Mu Shi Ye ignored the strange gazes of the surrounding people, and only anxiously looked at the soft and soft Pei An Xin.

She seemed to have become thinner again. When she hugged him, Mu Shi Ye didn't feel any weight.