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C1897 the importance of communication

Xia Xinnian's beautiful eyes opened in amazement, but it was too late. The man had already sucked her lips. Moreover, his big hand, which was disgustingly extended, trapped her.

Jimucheng has always wanted to do something. Today, it is finally done. It's sweeter than expected.

He smiled contentedly and let her go before she got angry.

"Now, I believe you have nothing to do with Yan Junhan."

The man hooked his lips and whispered in her ear.

Xia Xinnian blushed with shame. She stared at him angrily: "why?"

"I give you a kiss. Your face is so red. You have no experience."

The man looks a little bit rusty.

Xia Xinnian's expression is startled. Is this man kissing her just to see her reflection?

It's disgusting.

"If that proves anything, then you don't know much about women. Women are born to act. Aren't you afraid that I'm trying to fool you?"

Xia Xinnian snorts.

"You lied to me?"

Ji Mucheng's eyes are heavy and her voice is dangerous.

Xia Xinnian was just quick to talk. Seeing that he suddenly came near again, she got up and backed away. She looked at him nervously: "what are you doing, jimucheng?"

"I'd like to test your experience further."

The man threatened her on purpose.

"Dare you!"

Xia Xinnian wanted to bite his tongue regretfully. Just now, she shouldn't have been talking nonsense to stimulate him.

"This is my home. What else do I dare not do?"

Jimucheng keeps walking and is about to stick to her.

Xia Xinnian put out his hand and pushed him to stop him from leaning over: "well, I admit defeat. I was angry with you just now. I only held hands with brother Yan. When we were traveling together, he helped me get off the boat and held them."

Ji Mucheng looks stunned, looking at her with her eyes closed and talking nonsense.


At last, she was willing to explain positively.

"Of course, it's true. If I have an affair with elder brother Yan, I will not introduce you even if I die."

Xia Xinnian nodded seriously.

"Is it?

If you have a relationship with any man in the future, you will have a comprehensive relationship among the three of us, won't you? "

Originally, it was a serious explanation, but inexplicably, it was still a little harsh in the ears of men.

Xia Xinnian was stunned, and Mei Mou flashed: "this is what all women will do. If I really want to have a love triangle, I won't let you know."

"Don't worry, I can't hide your intelligence."

When jimucheng saw that she was so honest, he was also Frank.

Xia Xinnian is depressed. What's her IQ?


"You go out, I'm going to bed."

Xia Xinnian drives others.

"So you promised to see my family tomorrow night?"

A man's lips are thin.

"Ming Tomorrow? "

Xia Xinnian's brain explodes. He is so nervous that he is at a loss: "so fast?

Can you postpone it for a few days, I I'm ready for that. "

"What else do you need to prepare?

The enemy of love has come to my door. I have to make a quick decision and break his mind as soon as possible. "

Jimucheng can't wait any longer. He really needs to marry this woman as soon as possible.

"I'm not a commodity. I have my own ideas. Besides, brother Yan is a gentleman. He won't win over others."

Xia Xinnian gave him a silent look.

"Do you believe him so?"

Jimucheng is stiff. It seems that the man's character is pretty good.

"Yes, I believe in him, and I will make clear our relationship with him. In fact, when I knew that he was not only a friend to me, I kept avoiding him all the time. I knew that I couldn't have any result with him. This time I returned to work, I actually had this reason."

Xia Xinnian suddenly confessed. Since she decided to stay with jimucheng, she would not give her heart to others.


Ji Mucheng's eyes brightened. The woman returned to China to avoid him.

"I don't have to lie to you. At the beginning, I hoped that when I left him, he would gradually forget me and have the chance to meet other women."

Xia Xinnian laughs at herself and says that she dare not tell anyone about this matter. Even her son has not mentioned it. Everyone knows that she came back to help because of her mentor.

Jimucheng looked straight and locked her, and said in a low voice, "why don't you think about him?

He has excellent conditions in all aspects and is very good to Yu Chen. If you marry him, it should be considered a good marriage. "

Xia Xinnian looks at him, then she looks away and sighs: "it was calculated by them that I lost my innocence, which has always been a stain on my life. I always feel that my life like this is not worth cherishing. Yuchen is the best gift from heaven. It's enough to have him. I don't want to find a stepfather for him. After all, Life is long and many things will change. Maybe brother Yan and I got married in the first place because of love, but marriage is not a matter of one or two days. I can't guarantee that we will become a family when the time is long and the initial passion fades. I'm too timid to gamble. "

"If a woman lives too sober, her happiness will decrease."

Jimu city's heart, a fierce pain, the more he knew about this woman, the more he felt that she let the Department of human mind.

"I also want to live in a muddleheaded way, but I'm a mother. Yu Chen is my first consideration. I have to plan for him in the future."

Xia Xinnian laughs at himself.

"Thank you for not handing yourself and your son over easily."

Jimucheng suddenly came forward and hugged her. Her thin lips were tightly pressed against her shoulder, and her heart was tightly clenched: "in other words, it is destined that I will meet you."

Xia Xinnian's tense body finally relaxed and became soft.

This time, she can finally rely on a man and don't have to worry about her son's future.

"Maybe it's the most beautiful scenery to stick to the end."

Xia Xinnian sighs.

The man followed with a low smile: "this sentence, I love to hear."

"I want to see your parents in two days, not tomorrow."

Xia Xinnian asked softly.

"Well, they called yesterday to urge me to get married."

Jimucheng didn't cheat her. He really received a call from his mother and said he would introduce a girlfriend to him so that he could be ready to see each other.

"I don't want to arrange a blind date for you, do I?"

Xia Xinnian shakes all over, pushes him away fiercely, a pair of beautiful eyes stare at him angrily.

"Even you guessed it. It seems that you really care about me."

Jimucheng shrugs her shoulders, with a charming smile.

"Whoever cares about you, if you want to have a blind date, you should go quickly. I have no objection."

Xia Xinnian said against his heart.

"Well, when I meet my date, I'll talk to her about how to raise my son together."

The man's evil smile.

"You Boring. "

Xia Xinnian gets angry for a while. Next second, she smiles.