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C2008 want to work with him

Tie Ting walked over and knocked on the closed door. There were two hands inside to open the door directly.

A woman with long hair, her facial features are not beautiful, but they have their own characteristics. She is sophisticated and shrewd, wearing heavy makeup, and when she saw Bong, she chuckled: "Mr. Bong, it's a great honor to cooperate with you. Come in and talk."

Tie Ting frowned and said lightly, "I don't seem to have introduced myself yet."

"Why introduce famous people? We can't live in this business without a little vision. " Po's smile is charming. Compared with her appearance, her voice is much softer, which adds a bit of femininity to her.

Tie Ting laughed: "since you have investigated me so clearly, should I reevaluate the security of cooperation with you?"

"Don't be angry with me. Why don't you think about it? There are other reasons why I pay attention to you. You are a fascinating man. To be honest, I have been here for many years, and you are definitely the most attractive man to me." A Bao's eyes are shining. Looking at him from a close distance, he is really full of male charm. "Why don't you say such nonsense? Let's go straight to the subject." Tie Ting didn't want to listen to her temptation at all. He already had a woman he liked in his mind.

"Mr. tie's company here has only been established for two years, and the annual oil cost is not much. You suddenly asked me to buy so much crude oil. Is there any other purpose in it?" Po squinted and smiled, half joking and half seriously suspecting him.

"When I do business with you, do I need to tell you everything about me? Then you are too insincere. In this case, forget it. " Tie Ting was cold and decided to leave.

Po suddenly said, "Bonnie, I know what you're here for. You want to kill Saxon, don't you?"

Tie Ting's back froze, turned around, and looked at her coldly: "you are too busy."

"I'm sorry, but I don't mean to meddle. I just know a lot about you personally. To be honest, I want to kill him. I've had several transactions with him, and he deducted 20% of my money. He has a shameless face of a predator. I hate him." A Bao sees tie Ting's face is gloomy, and quickly tells his purpose.

Tie Ting's face changed, and a smile on his lips said, "Oh? You want to kill him? "

"Tie Ting, we can cooperate. Really, I'm sincere. I know your father died in the hands of Saxon. You must want to kill him by yourself. I also have important people died in his hands. I also want to revenge." Po looks sad.

"What important person are you dead?" "Tie Ting stared at her and asked.

"My sister." There were tears in Po's eyes: "not long ago, the people of Saxon killed her."

Tie Ting's heart was shocked. Tang Weixin said that she always trusted Po, and the relationship between the two people was also very good. If it wasn't for this time that she caught Stevens's confidant, I'm afraid that Tang Weixin could not suspect that she was the most trusted sister who betrayed her.

"How do you know she's dead? What did Saxon tell you? " Tie Ting asked lightly.

"If she hadn't died, she would have called me, but it's been a week since she heard nothing. Saxon said she died by the river and was washed away by the water. I hope everything is OK in heaven." Po said here, can't help but take a cigarette and light it. Recently, her addiction to cigarettes has become more and more serious. Tang idealism died, and her conscience is still uneasy.

Tie Ting thought about the recent events carefully. Tang Weixin and his younger martial brother had not been in contact with each other since they were rescued. It seems that Tang Weixin was also intentional. As for the story that Stevens lied to Po that Tang Weixin died, he certainly didn't want to ask for trouble and admitted that he was incompetent.

The whole thing, tie Ting knows, in his eyes, this woman's hypocritical sadness is the most ridiculous, the news is she betrayed, where is her face sad? I'm afraid she's going to kill Exxon not for revenge, but for murder.

"You're right. I really want to revenge. But for many years, I dare not take risks even if I want to revenge. Just, how can I believe that you are willing to help me? Don't bite back and sell me out. " Tie Ting questions her coldly.

"I know you won't believe me. OK, we can't cooperate in this matter for the time being. Let's give you what you want first. 20 million crude oil. I'm ready at the wharf. You can carry it away at any time. Has the money been brought?" A Bao finds that feting is a very prudent man. This kind of person is suspicious and wise. She can't be persuaded overnight. Anyway, she has patience.

"How would you like to trade? Cash or check? I can do it. " "Tie Ting stared at her and asked.

"Cash, US dollars. Tomorrow morning, I'll meet you at the dock. How long are you going to stay here Po suddenly leaned over, her body had a faint perfume, and she looked at him with a warm look. He do not mind revealing that she wanted his purpose. She is not the same old woman now. She has gone through too many lives and found that life is short.

Tie Ting stepped back and said, "what do you want to do?"

"I want to find a boyfriend. I like you." Po reached over and gently drew a circle with his fingers at the chest of tieting: "we are from the same country. Do you think this is fate?"

Tie Ting resented her initiative and coldly pushed her hand away: "sorry, I'm not interested in you."

Po was rejected by him, but he was not angry, but smiled more charming: "if you want to cooperate with me, remember to call me, I am very looking forward to working with you."

"Tie Ting sneers:" you see the man that likes, can't control like this

A Bao's face disapproved: "as I live on the edge of a knife, do you think I can accept the long love of thin water? One day live one day, like things, naturally want to get quickly. "

"Then you must have had a lot of men. I like clean women." Tie Ting finished, turned around and left. Po's eyes were nostalgic, but soon, she finished her expression.

The purpose of feting Ting's presence here is very clear to her. Tang Weixin is dead. Her people haven't found out the news yet. No matter what, she must kill Stevens as soon as possible. If Tang Weixin dies and Stevens dies, she can wash herself and return to her original life.

"Tie Ting, we must be good partners." Po is very confident that tie Ting will come to her for cooperation. His hatred for skesen is no less than his own.