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Tang You You was slightly startled, then he smiled: "I haven't even opened my mouth, you have already convicted me."

"Then you want me to apologize to you?" Ji Yun Ning sneered again.

After Ji Xiao Han finished his work at the company, he returned early because he felt that Tang You You still needed to listen to his explanation.

When he returned, he saw that his daughter Tang Xiao Nai was coughing.

"Daddy, I seem to have a cold!" Tang Xiao Nai coughed a few times, and said while looking at Ji Xiao Han who was squatting in front of him with a little fear.

"Why did you catch a cold?"

"Maybe when I ran along with the pony in the afternoon on the grass, I took off my clothes … I'm sweating all over again. " As Tang Xiao Nai was speaking, she reached out with the back of her hand to his forehead, and then, to his father's forehead: "Daddy, it's over, I'm going to have a fever, my forehead is so hot!"

Hearing that, Ji Xiao Han immediately pressed his forehead against his daughter's little forehead. He discovered that it was not very hot and immediately laughed softly, "Your forehead isn't burning up? Xiao Nai, don't worry, I'll bring you to the doctor's place to get some medicine to eat now. "

Tang Xiao Rui walked down the stairs. When he saw Ji Xiao Han, he quickly ran down the stairs. "Daddy, idiot Xiao Nai is coughing.

Tang Xiao Rui was still very concerned about his sister.

"Alright, I'll take her to get the medicine now. You stay at home by yourself." After Ji Xiao Han finished speaking, he carried his daughter and walked out.

In the carriage, Tang Xiao Nai leaned onto her father's chest listlessly.

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head and kissed her head: "Just take some medicine and you'll be fine!"

"Daddy, stop kissing me. I'm afraid I'll infect you. When that happens, you'll have to cough too." Tang Xiao Nai quickly reached out and pushed his handsome face away, preventing him from kissing again.

Seeing his daughter's cute actions, Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but laugh. "Don't worry, Daddy's body is very strong, a small cold like yours won't be able to infect me."

"Is that so? Mummy said that Father was very narcissistic, as expected! " Tang Xiao Nai grinned and said.

Ji Xiao Han's expression froze for a moment: Your Mummy really talks like that about me?

"Yes, I asked Mummy about it a few nights ago. I asked her if Daddy looked good, and Mummy said Daddy is very handsome!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately told the whole story of his late night conversation with the Mummy in a serious tone.

"Then did your Mummy say you like me or something?" Ji Xiao Han couldn't help but coax his daughter.

"Yes, Mummy said that she will slowly fall in love with you in the future!" Tang Xiao Nai said as she nodded her head.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his daughter's words, he was somewhat happy in his heart. He could actually feel the change in Tang You You's feelings towards him as well.

But, Ji Yun Ning had ruined his relationship that she had painstakingly maintained.

"Xiao Nai, can you help Father speak good words in front of your Mummy in the future?" Ji Xiao Han was so angry that she started to beg for her daughter's help.

Tang Xiao Nai nodded obediently: "Don't worry, Daddy. I have been speaking good words about you all this time."

"What a good child!" Ji Xiao Han hugged her daughter closer, and then kissed her lips. "Daddy is so lucky to have such a caring little cotton-padded jacket like you."

Tang Xiao Nai also happily snuggled into her father's embrace. She realized that being with her father felt really good, and in the future, she would always hope to live together with him.

Tang You You did not go home to eat dinner because she had a thought to escape from Ji Xiao Han.

However, when she rushed back after dinner, she found that her daughter was sick.

She felt guilty again.

In the past, she didn't know Ji Xiao Han, so she took very much care of him with her two children. But now, with Ji Xiao Han, she seemed to be dependent on him.

"Mummy, Daddy gave me sweet pills, I drank them all in one breath!" After Tang Xiao Nai showered, she laid on the bed and said to the Mummy with a smile.

Tang Xiao Nai lay down beside his daughter, reached out, and gently combed her smooth little hair. She gently said: "Xiao Nai, if there's anything that feels uncomfortable, you must tell Mummy, understand?"

"Got it!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately hugged Mummy's arm, stuck her face close to Mummy and closed her eyes to sleep.

Tang You You tucked his daughter under a small blanket and only after looking at her face that quickly fell asleep did her heart calm down.

After coaxing his daughter to sleep, Tang You You straightened his back and decided to take a bath.

After showering, she couldn't resist the urge to look for her son. When she opened the door, she saw Ji Xiao Han lying on the bed with a towel wrapped around his body.

His son had long since fallen asleep.

Ji Xiao Han looked at Tang You You, who had pushed open the door and stuck her head in.

Tang You You also didn't expect her son to fall asleep so early today. After she exchanged a glance with Ji Xiao Han, she decided to close the door.

The man suddenly got up from the bed, walked to the door, opened it and walked out.

Tang You You could smell the male's scent from the man's body. He seemed to have just showered and was still warm.

"Are you angry with me for what happened today?" Ji Xiao Han stretched out a hand, blocking her way to return to her room, and said with a low voice.

"No!" Tang You You composed herself and said calmly.

"Really?" Ji Xiao Han's gaze swept across her face, and in the end, looked into her eyes and asked.

Tang You You sighed: "Alright, I can't lie to myself, I also don't know what kind of emotions I have. I just feel that, since Ji Yun Ning took care of you in the past, and now you have abandoned her, it seems to be a very cruel thing."

Ji Xiao Han could not help but be surprised when he said this, "If I am not cruel to her, would you wish for me to accept her? Do you want to be a little softhearted towards her? "

"Of course not …" Tang You You immediately replied anxiously.

Her anxious tone made Ji Xiao Han burst out in laughter: "You sure are conflicted!"