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C950 her lies

Bai Zhenzhen's words are so amazing that both bodyguards look scared. "

madam, are you ok? Killing is a crime. When did you kill?" Although the two bodyguards were calm, they were still frightened.

"Take me to jiyueze. I have something to say to him!" Bai Zhenzhen raises his head and breathes a breath, as if he has made a major decision.

Two bodyguards called Ji Yueze to tell him the truth Bai Zhenzhen found.

When Bai Zhenzhen was taken back to the villa, Ji Xiaohan and Ji Yueze both came. Their beautiful faces were gloomy and cold, obviously they were annoyed by being cheated. White

it's true that the guilt of the two of them is deeper. However, her daughter's life is at stake, and she can only hold this guilt in her heart. "

Why do you want to escape Season owl cold stare at her interrogate.

Bai Zhenzhen is not as flustered and scared as before. She looks up at the two brothers in front of her and says with her head down: "I'm still afraid of being sent to the police station by you." "

Oh, are you afraid of death?" Ji Yueze sneered. "

Yes, who is not afraid? Besides, I really committed a capital crime!" Bai Zhenzhen's heart is calm and his speech is clear and orderly.

"Capital crime?" Ji Yueze's face changed a lot. Bai

really looked at the expression of the two people's cold anger, she took a deep breath, laughed at herself and said: "I'm really bored, too tired, forget it, maybe dead, it's also a relief, Ji Yueze, thank you for your care for me and my daughter."

"Your daughter?" Ji Yueze felt cold all over, and his eyes were fixed on Bai Zhenzhen: "what do you mean by that?"

Bai Zhenzhen is not afraid. She just chuckles: "Xiaoyan is my daughter. She is my own daughter. In fact, I have been lying to you. Your father was killed by me. I want my daughter to marry into your family and enjoy happiness. So I will blame Ji Lin for this. I think as long as I am not a killer and Xiaoyan is not my daughter, you are willing to We will love each other until we get married. " "

What do you say? Ji Yueze's face is worse than death. There is an impulse to kill her now. "

Ozawa, calm down!" Ji Xiaohan looks at his brother's painful expression, reaches out and gently grasps his arm, and exhorts. "

brother, did you hear what she said? Is Bai Yiyan her own daughter? These two liars! " Ji Yueze felt that he was really the stupidest person in the world. Being cheated by these two mothers and daughters, he felt worse than death.

Ji Xiaohan is still calm, his eyes are cold and sharp, staring at Bai Zhenzhen. He finds that her expression today is too calm, as if she is ready to die. She has no desire for life. "

you say Bai Yiyan is your daughter, what about her? Tell her to come out and confront my brother! " Said the season owl in a cold voice. "

she She left, she ran away, because she couldn't accept the fact that her mother killed her boyfriend's father. The blow was too big. Now she is more painful than death, and she has no face to see your brother again! " Bai Zhenzhen made up a lie to persuade the two people in front of him.

"She just runs away, sinner's daughter, where she runs away, can't get rid of her dirty blood!" Ji Yueze is really going crazy. The woman he doted on has escaped without saying a word.

Originally, this is the so-called true love. She once believed and swore to him that she would never leave. All are lies and disgusting. Season

Xiao Han looks at Bai Zhenzhen's flashing eyes and always feels something is wrong. "

Where did Bai Yiyan escape? Can you get in touch with her? Let her explain to my brother. She didn't make any mistakes. She shouldn't have said nothing to my brother Ji Xiao starts coldly, not eager to convict Bai Zhen of the crime, but forces her to contact Bai Yiyan.

Bai Zhenzhen was suddenly driven mad by his words. She retreated in pain and screamed, "why don't you believe me? She is my daughter, I killed your father, I am a criminal, you should catch me quickly, let me accept the severe punishment of the law! "

"If you were my father's killer, I would not let you go, but what about the evidence? Are you lying, or are you being forced to lie? " Ji Xiaohan is not a person who can make a decision easily. He will look at a thing with his own eyes and have his own ideas.

"You are ridiculous. Why should I lie? I'm pleading guilty. Don't you believe me? Are you going to avenge your father? " Bai Zhenzhen can't calm down any more. She is in a hurry, eager to confess her guilt and save her daughter. She would like to die on the spot even if she was cut to pieces. However, she is afraid of being questioned.

However, Ji Xiaohan suspects her. "

Bai Zhenzhen, if you can't let Bai Yiyan explain, I won't send you to the police station now. If you say that you killed people, I will try to investigate..."

"If you can find out, you won't have to turn over your father's case until now. There's no evidence. It's my medicine. I asked your father to divorce and marry me. He didn't want to delay. I hated him in my heart, and I killed him. That's why!" Bai Zhen really tried to make the lie come true. She was about to cry. "

you vicious woman..." Jiyueze is going to explode.

"Yes, I'm so vicious. Hurry up and catch me. I'm not interested in living now. I'm locked here like a dog every day. I'm not free at all. Why don't you let me die?" Bai Zhenzhen pretended to be insane. "Brother, this woman will die!" Ji Yueze was so angry that he lost all his sense. When he thought that Bai Yiyan was her own daughter, he wanted to strangle her.

"I think you're lying? My father can't be killed by you. Ji Lin has a greater motive for killing people. Do you have any tricks that he caught, so he is threatening you? You want to take the blame for him? " Season owl cold cold analysis way. Ji's face suddenly froze. Then he stared at Bai Zhenzhen: "what about Bai Yiyan? Where is she? " White was really scared. She took two steps back abruptly. Her legs collapsed and she fell to the ground. She looked desperate and scared.

"Did he know that Bai Yiyan is your daughter? So Bai Yiyan was captured by him, wasn't she? " Ji Yueze's reason has returned. He thinks that Bai Yiyan is missing, and Ji Yueze also has an association.

"No, she wasn't caught. She was just..." "

then you find her and I'll take you to the police station to turn yourself in as soon as I see her!" Ji Yueze also calmed down.