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C1849. You have to get your son back

Xia Xinnian is suffering. If she is just lovelorn, she will not cry. She finds that men are not good, except her son.

Xia Xinnian told the driver to stop the car. She walked on the street in a daze. At this time, her son should be with that bastard. He must be very happy.

She was so depressed that she panicked and scared at the thought of someone sharing her son's dependence on her.

Jimucheng always thought that she was a dirty woman who could sell her body for money. He must be very disgusted with her, so he only had a son.

Thinking of that bastard scolding himself like this, Xia Xinnian was inexplicably angry.

Xia Xinnian wants to take a vacation with Liu Chengtian, but unexpectedly, Liu Chengtian's side is also on fire. There is a strong customer who wants to see Xia Xinnian immediately and is willing to order a evening dress from her hand at a price three times higher than the market price. Moreover, the time is very urgent, and he will get the real thing in three days.

Xia Xinnian listens to Liu Chengtian's anxiously urging. It's impossible to ask for leave.

She had to suppress her sadness and stopped a taxi to return to the company.

As soon as she stepped into the door of the conference room, she saw a face familiar with pride, and a face comfortable in summer.

It's almost as if I'm haunted. I always run to her.

Xia shuran raised her chin and stared at her with contempt. "I want you to design a dress for me!" she asked

"You're here on purpose for trouble, aren't you?"

Xia Xinnian didn't want to waste his inspiration on this hateful woman.

"That's right. I'm here for trouble. Dare you not take my order?"

Xia shuran has a smile on his lips.

Xia Xinnian tightened her eyebrows. She had only been in the company for a few days. If she refused the request of the guests, she was afraid that several shareholders of the company would trouble her.

"I will help you design as long as you will pay for it."

Xia Xinnian thought about it carefully. Making money is the king.

Xia shuran snorted coldly, more arrogant: "I will get the material object in three days, I will pay you three times the amount, but you must satisfy me!"

"You can put forward your request first, and I will design it for you according to your preference."

Xia Xinnian said quietly.

Xia shuran sneered: "you are the designer and I am the guest. You should design a work that satisfies me. How can I ask for it?"

"Please wait a moment. I have some good designs. You can choose one!"

After Xia Xinnian finished speaking, he stopped talking to her and went back to the office to get ten carefully designed works.

Xia shuran glanced at her, and said lightly, "these design drawings are too general for my taste. Otherwise, you can get some more innovative ones!"

Xia Xinnian knew that she must be very selective, so she decided to take out some of her collections.

When she turned to leave the conference room, Xia shuran suddenly took out her mobile phone and took photos of ten works on the table.

When Xia Xinnian came back with her work again, she waved impatiently: "well, measure my figure first and design a new set for me. I won't appreciate your old works!"

Xia Xinnian had to call an assistant to measure her figure. Xia shuran left satisfied.

Xia Xinnian returned to the office with an ugly face and was upset.

Her son was taken away by jimucheng, which made her feel uneasy. Xia shuran came to pick up a T-shirt, which made her headache.

However, Xia shuran paid a high deposit before leaving. Xia Xinnian wanted to refuse, but he had no chance.

I had to force myself to calm down and design a new dress.

It's time to get off work, and the setting sun covers the city.

Xia shuran left the company and suddenly lost his way.

She didn't know where her home was, and she didn't have his contact information.

Her face paled with fear of loss.

"Miss Xia, isn't she?

I'm Mr. Ji's assistant. We met yesterday! "

Li Cheng comes down from a car with a smile.

Xia Xinnian turns to look at him, as if he had met him at Jimu's birthday party.

"Miss Xia, please get in the car. I'll take you to see the young master and the young master!"

Li Cheng said with a smile.

Thinking of his son, Xia Xinnian opened the door and sat in.

The car drove into a main road, the mountain road went up, a magnificent building appeared in front of her.

Reflecting the afterglow of the sunset, there is a sense of resplendence.

Xia Xinnian's eyes widened in amazement. Obviously, he didn't expect that jimucheng's home would be so big. It's unimaginable.

Surrounded by precious trees and beautifully manicured, a huge fountain stands in the center of the garden outside the hall. The car stops and Xia Xinnian walks quickly towards the living room. She is really not sure about her son. What if he and jimucheng can not get along well.

"Miss Xia, young master and young master are playing remote control plane in the back garden!"

Li Cheng hurried forward and said.

Xia Xinnian felt that he had lost his direction and looked at Li Cheng in confusion.

Li Cheng took her way. Far away, she heard her son cheering happily.

"Daddy, come on, you're going to lose!"

The voice of the little guy came from the green grass in the back garden. Xia Xinnian's heart was clenched.

It seems that what she worried about was redundant. The little guy seemed to have a good time and had a good time.

With this recognition, Xia Xinnian's heart seems to be hit hard by others, and she feels extremely lost.

A remote control plane suddenly flew low and collided with Xia Xinnian. Xia Xinnian only heard a buzzing sound. When she could see the plane rushing towards her, her hands and feet were stiff and she could not move.

Fortunately, the plane skimmed over her head and then rushed to the sky.

"Daddy, you almost hit Mommy!"

The little guy's voice came from a distance.

As soon as Xia Xinnian heard that it was the jimucheng remote control plane that was making trouble, his pretty face turned white instantly.

Don't worry about huaiying. This bastard must be trying to scare her.

I knew she should have smashed the plane down with her bag and made him arrogant.

In the sky, two competitive airplanes landed on the grass, and Xia Yuchen happily waved two short legs to run towards Xia Xinnian.

Xia Xinnian squats down and waits for his son to fall into his arms.

When the little guy rushed in, Xia Xinnian felt the sweat on his son's head and head. He frowned immediately and put his hand on his back. It was really wet.

Jimucheng takes off his suit, wears a suit of casual clothes, and stands by his mother and son with long legs.

"Yu Chen, go home with Mommy!"

Xia Xinnian came to pick up his son and left.

As soon as jimucheng heard that she was going to take her son away, Youmou dyed her displeasure and said in a low voice, "let's go after supper. I'll let the driver see you off."

"No, I'll go home and cook for him!"

Xia Xinnian finished, took out a tissue to dry his son's sweat, picked up the little guy and turned around.

"Mommy, I have promised daddy that I will have dinner here. I also told him what mommy likes to eat!"

The little guy looked at daddy and said pitifully.