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C1996 rebirth

Lying in the emergency room, the woman's white shirt was quickly cut by the doctor with scissors. On the white skin, the eye-catching wound, the tie Xun frowned and the bullet entered the body. The woman was able to stay awake. This willpower is really admirable.

"Thank you!" She turned her eyes, looked at tie Xun, said to her in English in a mute voice.

Fuxun looks at this woman and finds that she is also an oriental face. Isn't she from their country?

"No anesthesia, take it out directly, they will catch up with you. I'm sorry, I'm afraid it will affect you." The woman spoke to the doctor in Mandarin.

"You can't stand it without anaesthetic." Tie Xun tightened his eyebrows. Does this woman think she is a body of iron? A woman can bear such a sharp pain.

"I can do it. I've been drugged. I can't move for at least half an hour." The woman bit her lower lip and insisted.

Tie Xun nodded to the doctor who was eager to take the bullet: "hurry up and get it for her. Within half an hour, we may have to evacuate."

Tie Xun finished, then quickly turned around and went out.

The idea of tie ting and tie Xun is the same. Since two international criminal police are involved, there will be no more peace here. It's important to save people. Their plan is just to think about it.

Ji Tingyan looks at the two brothers' urgent transfer of equipment and personnel. She is surprised. She is so well-trained and wants to organize on a large scale. I can't imagine how the two brothers managed in a few years. They must have paid a lot.

He looked at the tall figure of tieting, and there was a slight pain in his heart.

"Xiao Nai, don't stand here. It's dangerous. Go to the room." Cheng Yue nervously guards in front of her and says to her.

Ji Tingyan knows that she can't help. Just don't fill in any more mess and go into the room obediently.

Wang Cheng is cleaning up his equipment. Seeing Ji Tingyan, he grins and grins: "Miss Ji, don't be afraid. The boss will protect you."

Ji Tingyan chuckled: "I'm not afraid."

Within ten minutes, all the equipment had been removed and two medium-sized trucks were ready to leave.

One of the young male criminal policemen bandaged the wound on his arm and looked at his brother guiltily: "my senior sister has been undercover for a year, and she is about to collect the most important trading evidence, but she didn't expect to be reported. Fortunately, you are here, otherwise, we will die this time."

Tie Ting said in a calm voice: "life is important, other things, later."

Fuxun went into the rescue room again. The bullet had been taken out. She was cleaning the wound. The woman's pretty face was wet with sweat. Her shoulder length hair was wet on her cheek. She looked very tired, her eyes were blurred and her consciousness was blurred.

Tie Xun looks at her in shock. She has never admired a woman. In addition to her mother, the woman in front of her eyes is strong enough to impress him.

The doctor sewed the wound for her, bandaged it quickly, and Zixun came straight to her, hugged the tired woman to the extreme, and said to the doctor, "leave now, don't clean up."

Several vehicles, within half an hour, have evacuated the station.

Just half an hour after they left, dozens of cars quickly surrounded them. The gun rang a few times, and they found that it was empty, so they had to go back.

In this border line, there is a spare site in Fuxun. However, the land type is not ideal, and it is located in the deep mountains and wild forests, and the equipment is not easy to get. However, in the current situation, we can only go there for a temporary shelter.

In the car, Wang orange's computer is not idle. His fingers quickly call out several roads to the airport for monitoring. He finds several dangerous license plate numbers guarding the roadside. It seems that it is to stop the escaped criminal police. For the sake of safety, tie Zheng decides to take shelter for the time being.

The mountain road is rugged. It took nearly four hours to get to the destination.

Tie Ting holds Ji Tingyan's hand tightly all the way. He never let it go. The road to the airport is very dangerous. He intended to take her to the airport, but he could only let her stay by her side.

Ji Tingyan is actually very happy. She doesn't have to leave. She can stay with him.

On the other car, on his bound leg, he was lying on his knees with a soft body. He had just taken the bullet. Tang idealist's brain was faint. Unconsciously, he fell asleep.

She was holding her in the car before. On the way, she woke up for a while, as if she didn't want to sit in his arms. She didn't want to take advantage of her, so she sat beside him. But within a few minutes, she fell asleep on him again. In order to prevent her wound from splitting, she had to lay on her side and half on his lap.

As soon as the car stopped, Tang Weixin woke up and looked around vigilantly. At last, her eyes were on a pair of charming eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked her in a low voice.

"Tang idealism." The voice of a woman is clear.

"You used to be a sleeper?" Tie Xun didn't expect her tiny body to take such a big risk.

Tang Weixin nodded: "I came here one year."

"What do you do?" He continued.

"Mechanical testing, used to produce munitions." "I'm sorry," said Tang in a low voice.

"How could they ask you to do such a thing?" Tie Xun is more curious.

"I'm a doctor in this field. They hire me with high salary, so I'm here." When Tang Weixin talks about his major, his beautiful eyes are shining and confident.

"I can't see that you are so young, you are learned." Tie Xun hook lips laugh.

"Are you discriminating against women?" Tang asked him in a low voice.

"No?" When did he show this emotion?

"There is nothing impossible in the world. Some jobs are dangerous, but someone will do it. You saved my life and my younger martial brother's life. I will remember this kindness." Tang Weixin said quietly, the pretty face is smooth.

"You've been here for more than a year, and you must know a lot of information. I hope you can really help me." There was a flash of joy at the bottom of his eyes. He was worried that there was no more detailed information.

"How do you want me to help you? I will cooperate." Tang Weixin nodded.

"Get out of the car first. It should be safer here. You should take care of yourself first." He said, and jumped out of the car.

Tie Ting takes Ji Tingyan's hand and walks to a house. Looking back, he sees her with her mouth raised. He doesn't ask angrily, "it's all this time. Can you laugh?"

"Tie Ting, it's really interesting to take risks with you." Ji Tingyan said from the bottom of her heart that she used to live a peaceful and stable life, and nothing exciting happened. But she got to know Lasheng. Although she traveled around, it seemed like a new world to Ji Tingyan, which made her intoxicated.

"Are you not afraid?" Tie Ting eyes color slightly startled.

"I'm not afraid. I find that if I leave you, I'll be depressed. Follow you. No matter where I am, I'll be happy." Ji Tingyan's beautiful eyes are full of deep feelings, quietly looking at each other with men.

Her affection at the bottom of her eyes shocked her. At this moment, she seems to have become his whole world. He will protect her well, even if he needs to fight with his life.