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C701 shuffling

Bai Yiyan is stimulated by the man's cold words, which is very heartbreaking.

It seems that this man is not going to make a deal with her. Forget it, she is no longer entangled.

Then, Bai Yiyan closed her mouth tightly, closed her eyes and planned to sleep.

Ji Yueze sees the woman in her arms close her eyes, and her breath gradually becomes even and steady. Her eyebrows are wrinkled. What's the matter?

He has a handsome guy beside her. She can sleep in seconds?

Ji Yueze felt that this was the biggest shame on his charm.

He is still waiting for the woman to do something about herself. Now it seems that he thinks more about it.

Maybe the woman said she liked him, but she was not so interested in him.

Otherwise, how could she fall asleep like this?

But it's true that Bai Yiyan's sleep quality is always very high. Moreover, she sleeps regularly. Close her eyes, and she will fall asleep soon.

Ji Yueze looks down at the little woman who is clinging to her arm. Her skin is white, her facial features are soft and beautiful. She looks like the purest and harmless baby after falling asleep. She is not defensible, but also can't bear to disturb her.

What kind of woman did he look for?

Why is there no enthusiasm at all?

Ji Yueze suddenly suspected that he might have met a fake woman.

Come on, anyway, he has no idea now. Let's sleep like this. He's sleepy.

In the morning, Tang youyou opened his eyes and found that it was very bright outside the window. He quickly got up and sat up and looked at his cell phone. It was over nine o'clock.

"It's over! I'm sleeping late again. " Tang youyou knows that it must be Ji Xiaohan who turned off her mobile alarm clock, and then he left quietly, so she slept so late.

Tang youyou finishes washing and rinsing. Go downstairs!

The old lady has sent the child back. She sits on the sofa and drinks tea. When she sees Tang Youyou, she only frowns.

Tang youyou immediately went to say, "Grandma!"

"Just got up?" The old lady asked her directly.

"Yes!" Tang youyou had his hair cut on the side of his ear. He was a little embarrassed.

"I heard from Xiao Han that Lan Yue asked for you. Do you know her address?" The old lady asked directly.

"Oh, yes, she gave it to me last time!" Tang youyou replied.

"Give me the address. I'm going to look for her at noon." Said the old lady with a serious face.

Tang youyou is stunned. What does the old lady want to do with LAN Yue? It's not going to fight with her, is it?

"Don't worry. I'll talk to her. It's a mother-in-law affair, anyway. I won't embarrass her." The old lady seemed to see through her mind and immediately explained.

Tang youyou nodded and gave LAN Yue's address to the old lady. The old lady called Uncle yuan and asked him to drive her out.

Before uncle yuan left, he asked the servant to bring breakfast to Tang youyou. Tang youyou was grateful.


Ji Lin's face has been very gloomy. Ji yunning sits beside him and looks at daddy's face. She wants to comfort him. "Daddy, these old guys are really unreliable. I didn't expect that Ji Xiaohan's information network is so powerful, and we found so many evidences to suppress them. We underestimated the strength of our opponents, so we could brew such a result. However, you can rest assured that this is just the beginning. Next, we are willing to find a better way."

Ji Lin looks up at the sky and suddenly asks, "there is a real estate company under Ji Xiaohan's hand. Do you think if there is a safety accident, it will have some impact on him?"

Hearing this, Ji yunning looked slightly changed, with a malicious smile on his lips: "of course, Ji Xiaohan attaches the most importance to security issues. If there is a security accident in his company and it is reported by the media, it will definitely shake the stock market of Ji's family."

"Then I'll find some people to make trouble and see how he'll end up!" Ji Lin chuckled, feeling better at last. He was proud of the way he thought.

Ji yunning nodded: "well, it's a good idea. Daddy, Ji Xiaohan is sitting on the top of the cloud. Although he has a strong management ability, he can't care about everything. In case of an accident, his responsibility is very great."

"Then I should get in touch with my old friend. He should have someone worth using." Ji Lin immediately decided to do it.

At this moment, Jishi group, the conference room of Nuo University, has a serious atmosphere.

Ji Xiaohan sits firmly on the top of the list, with sharp eyes, and always looks at everyone present, as if he wants to see through their hidden thoughts.

Everyone in the conference room is concentrated. Many people are already sweating.

"Today, the first thing I'm going to announce is that I'm going to fire you all. Are there any automatic departures?" Season owl like a cold lazy reclining in the back of the chair, thin lips light open, the voice is not big, but it is very heavy, the atmosphere of the scene once again frozen.

Everyone looked at each other with an uneasy look.

Is the boss going to fire them? Oh, my God. I'm scared to death to think that all my family are looking forward to his rich salary. Ji Xiaohan suddenly received a pile of materials from Lu Qing, his assistant, and threw them on the table: "this is your action in the company in recent years. Who are you? Your psychology should be clear. I won't call the names one by one. After all, I don't have to work too hard. I'll give you an opportunity to leave automatically, and guarantee to keep the company forever The secret is in the belly. "

Some people already felt that their legs were weak and their cold sweat was the size of mungbean. "The company is shuffling recently. I have a detailed list of what should be kept and what should not be kept." It's also a wise man's decision that Ji Xiaohan should deal with this matter rationally, instead of being furious like a tyrant. Now, Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to be cynical. Ji Lin wants him to engage in internal struggle. This plan fails. Just a few seconds after Ji Xiaohan's voice fell, suddenly a man stood up. His face was pale and his voice trembled: "Mr. Ji, I'm sorry, I may not be able to work for the company any more. Thank you for giving me a chance to reflect. I promise that if the company still needs my place in the future, I'm bound to..."

"Well, I just need you to make sure that you don't talk." Season owl cold lightly interrupted his excited confession.

Then, there was another man. He had a violent temper. As soon as he got up, he slapped himself: "I shouldn't be greedy, Mr. Ji. I'm sorry, I deserve it. I have nothing to say. You have always been a respectable boss. I have no face to see you again!"

Season owl cold is still light tone: "ambition is a good thing, but, also should adhere to a principle."

The other side bowed his head even more ashamed. A total of six people stood up, and after the meeting, they all ran to Lu Qing to talk about how they were so sold and how they sold the company's news. However, the secrets they contacted were not many, and most of the news they heard didn't work, so they were forgiven by Ji Xiaohan.