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She had driven past those two domineering buildings countless times, but she had never stopped to look at them.

She still remembered the time when she and her son took a taxi out of the airport. Her son leaned against the window, pointed at the two tall buildings, and sighed in amazement. He even said that he wanted her to enter the airport to work.

"Miss Tang, over here!" As expected, the moment she stepped in, Lu Qing was already standing there with a smile on his face before she even had time to ask the receptionist about it.

Tang You You could only walk over and handed over the information in her hands: "Assistant Lu, this is the information my Lam Tung wants me to gift to you, take it, I'll be leaving first."

"Sigh, Miss Tang, don't be in such a hurry to leave, I still have things that I need to find you for, follow me up, I have some documents that I signed and will return to Lam Tung." Seeing that she was in such a hurry to leave, Lu Qing was shocked.

Tang You You heard him say that he still had something for her to give him, so she could only nod her head: "Okay, I'll go get it with you."

She didn't have any other thoughts, because she attributed everything she was doing to work. In the work, she didn't have too many personal thoughts.

Seeing that she had not left, Lu Qing wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. If Miss Tang had left, Young Master would probably scold him to death.

"Miss Tang, how are the little Young Master and the rest? I haven't seen them for a few days, I really miss them." Lu Qing had nothing to say as he continued to chat with Tang You You.

Tang You You's impression of Lu Qing was neither good nor bad. Since he said such words, she naturally followed up with a few words: "If you want to see them, you can come over to your house with your boss."

Lu Qing immediately laughed dryly: "That's right, I will definitely ask my boss for instructions."

Lu Qing politely gestured to her: "Miss Tang, come over here. Wait for me in the meeting room for a few minutes, I still have to go organize and send them over here."

"Un, take your time. There's no rush!" After Tang You You finished speaking, he pushed open a conference room.

However, when she pushed open the door and entered, she found that there was someone inside.

Moreover, it was a man. He had his hands behind his back as he stood in front of the French windows. He was tall and imposing.

Just this back view alone was enough to kill everyone. However, Tang You You was startled, why was it Ji Xiao Han?

When Ji Xiao Han heard the door opening, he also turned around. Upon seeing her, his lips curled up slightly: "You're here!"

The word "you" immediately aroused Tang You You's vigilance. Her beautiful eyes narrowed: "You seem to know that I would come."

"Of course, because I called you here." Ji Xiao Han did not lie to her, and only replied indifferently.

Tang You You was even more unsettled now. He had taken advantage of her work to lure her here, what was he trying to do?

"Can I help you?" Tang You You took a few steps to the side, opening up a distance, her voice was cold.

Both of Ji Xiao Han's hands were in the pockets of his pants as he looked at her condescendingly.

"I just want to meet with you. Since the children aren't here, it would be more convenient for us to talk." Ji Xiao Han's voice became deeper.

However, Tang You You laughed coldly: "What do you want to do with such convenience? What you want to say to me, is it so unsightly? to be afraid of being heard by the children? "

Ji Xiao Han knew that when she was cold, he was very sharp. At this moment, her words made him unable to refute her.

"Wandering …" He called out her name in a low voice. His magnetic voice was filled with a trace of affection, causing one's heart to tighten.

Tang You You's breathing instantly slowed down, she looked at him with surprise and puzzlement: "Don't call me by my name again, I've decided, let's remain cold together, I'll be safer."

Ji Xiao Han's eyes darkened slightly and he returned to his usual expression. His voice also became a little softer: "Are you still really afraid that I would do something to you? "Don't worry, I'm not that hungry."

"Who would believe you?"

Tang You You glowered at him in anger: "You also said that you wouldn't hurt me, but you almost did … You did that to me. "

Tang You You could still feel the terrifying feeling of strength when he had wrapped a towel around her and pushed her onto the table that day. It made her instantly recall her trembling and aching legs five years ago. It actually made her suffer continuous pain for several days.

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head, his eyes staring at the table, and his voice slightly hoarse: "I admit that I lost control at that time, and it was indeed a very apologetic thing to scare you, but there was one thing I wasn't wrong about, I wanted you to be my woman!"

"What?" After Tang You You heard these words, his entire body tensed up, he almost could not believe what he had just heard.

Ji Xiao Han raised his head once again, his eyes burning with unquestionable determination, "I've thought it through clearly, I want to interact with you."

"Ji Xiao Han, you're sick!" When Tang You You heard him actually say such words that were almost a confession at this moment, she was both shocked and afraid.

"I'm not sick, I'm very awake right now. I've already considered this matter, I'm not joking with you." Ji Xiao Han took a few steps forward, "You've attracted me!"