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C734. It's a bully

Bai Yiyan hides in the quilt. Just now, she suddenly has an impulse to quit the marriage. It has been four times since last night to this morning!

Where did this man come from with such good physical strength? Did he transfer all his interests in acting to this?

It's terrible. I can't bear it.

However, although tired to the point of weakness and full of resentment, Bai Yiyan has to admit that she doesn't dislike it. Instead, for a moment, she likes it.

Ji Yueze took a bath and came out of the bathroom. The body of a man is perfect and can't be looked at directly.

Bai Yiyan is still hiding in the quilt. Her face is red. Suddenly, a man's voice comes from her ear. With the heat, Bai Yiyan's delicate body shivers.

"Get up, let's go to Jijia for breakfast!" After Ji Yueze finished saying this, her thin lips fell on her earlobe and kissed her.

Bai Yiyan nodded her head: "Oh, wait for me, I want to take a bath!"

Bai Yiyan gets up immediately after the man goes out of the bedroom, rushes into the bathroom to wash, and sees Ji Yueze holding a glass of water, smiling at her.

"You Can you wait for me outside first? I'll be fine soon! " Bai Yiyan's face is blushing. Although she has had that relationship with him, after all, she is young and cheeky. She is still embarrassed to be stared at like this by him.

"Where is the wound behind you?" Ji Yueze suddenly found that there was a slight wound on her back, which was in the center of her shoulder back. Although the trace was very light, it could be seen when looking carefully.

"My mother said I was mischievous and hurt myself when I was a child!" Bai Yiyan whispered.

"This position will affect your clothes. Do you think about tattooing flowers?" Ji Yueze suddenly came over, her fingers gently fell on her wound, inexplicably trying to brand her name.

"Tattoos? Does it hurt? I've never had a tattoo! " Bai Yiyan blinked and asked curiously. "It can be anesthetized locally. It should not hurt!" Ji Yueze hasn't tattooed it either, but he always wanted to tattoo something on his body. Before he thought about tattooing Tang youyou's name, but later he thought about it. If he really dared to do this, it would be strange that brother didn't kill him. So, this idea is just a flash. Now, he finally has a bright reason to tattoo.

"If it's going to have an impact, I'll have a rose tattooed. It should look good!" Bai Yiyan smiles. "Print my name! Besides, I don't like roses very much. I like orchids. You can make an orchid! " Ji Yueze puts forward his own preferences directly, because he is such a direct person. The person he likes must have his favorite flowers tattooed, and he must have his

name among them. He will like it better. Bai Yiyan and Ji Yueze have been together for a while. She also has a certain understanding of this man. He is actually a very domineering and powerful person, which is not in line with his image on the screen. Because Ji Yueze under the camera is a warm and jade man, and his character is very popular.

"Well, which kind of orchid do you like?" Asked Bai Yiyan curiously.

"Phalaenopsis, purple!" Ji Yueze suddenly bowed his head and kissed her thin lips on the slight wound: "no more injuries in the future!"

Bai Yiyan's whole body vibrated a little, and a slight electric current quickly ran through her body from the place where his thin lips fell. In the morning, Bai Yiyan was hugged by him with the feeling of tenderness and love, and again, leaving her brain empty. Oh my God, the taste is deep into her bones.

"OK, just a purple Phalaenopsis and your name!" Bai Yiyan laughs to his satisfaction.

"What do you like? Do you like it? " Ji Yueze asked again. He kissed her in her long hair again. He smelled the fragrance of her hair. His voice was deep and dull.

"I I like a lot of things, such as I like you! " Bai Yiyan couldn't help laughing, joking.

"I can't have one tattoo on myself, change one!" Ji Yueze was stunned for a second, then he picked up her chin in a punitive way and bit her lips.

Bai Yiyan thought for another second: "otherwise, you can print a line of English letters, the abbreviation of our name!"

"It should be ugly!" Ji Yueze frowns.

"No, I think it will be very good-looking, and it's representative!" Bai Yiyan said with a serious face.

"OK, yes!" Ji Yueze suddenly learned the imperial tone and said to her.

It's said that Ji Yueze's films used his original voice directly. Now Bai Yiyan can finally understand the tone of male voice actor's voice, as if it can shake people's eardrum and make people's ears pregnant.

Well, Ji Yueze has this potential.

"Why didn't you ask your assistant to deliver my clothes today? My clothes were all wet yesterday. I had no clothes to change. What should I do? " Bai Yiyan thought of a very important thing.

"Who said no, go into the cloakroom and have a look!" Ji Yueze sits lazily on the sofa next to her, with a pair of quiet eyes, just like sticking to her body, which is hard to move.

Bai Yiyan is wearing only a white bath towel at the moment, which can cover her perfect slender body. Her skin is white as snow. Her long hair is tied on her head, and the fine hair that falls down makes her look natural and pure.

Ji Yueze's body suddenly began to reflect again, but when he thought that there was something important to do, he restrained himself.

Bai Yiyan walked into the cloakroom and everyone was shocked.

Yesterday was still an empty cloakroom. At the moment, it was full of women's clothes, shoes and jewels besides clothes.

Bai Yiyan was surprised and delighted. She ran out immediately and asked, "when did all these things hang up?"

"Yesterday, I had it delivered!" Ji Yueze's thin lips evoked a charming smile, a young master's gesture, and his noble spirit was extremely high.

Bai Yiyan couldn't believe it. She was flattered and looked at him. "Are they all for me?"

"Otherwise? Are there any other women in this family besides you? " This is really boring, but Ji Yueze answered her even more boring.

Bai Yiyan's eyes are inexplicably red, with tears falling.

"Don't do that!" As soon as Ji Yueze saw her expression, he knew what she was going to do. So he stood up and went to her. As expected, he saw her red eyes: "don't move, cry. Your tears are so worthless."

"Thank you!" Bai Yiyan's voice has been choked. She has never been so spoiled, so she can't help her mood.

"Thank you already!" Ji Yueze glanced at the messy bed and said with a smile. Bai Yiyan's moved expression was slightly stiff.