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"Ah …" Tang You You was timid, the moment she heard there were bugs, it would cause her soul to fly out. After a sharp cry, she anxiously said: "Quickly help me remove it, quickly, I'm afraid!"

"Don't worry, I'll help you!" Ji Xiao Han did not expect her to be so timid. She smiled with difficulty and directly kissed her forehead with her lips.

Tang You You was currently waiting for him to help her deal with the little bugs with her eyes closed. She didn't expect a warm feeling to come from her forehead and her beautiful eyes twitched.

In the next second, she quickly reached out and pushed him, angrily saying, "Did you really help me get the bugs away?"

Ji Xiao Han could no longer hold back his laughter. "Idiot, I'm lying to you!"

Only then did Tang You You turn angry from embarrassment, and fiercely punched him.

"You're so bad!"

Ji Xiao Han took a step back, and laughed loudly without care of his image.

Tang You You also laughed, being teased by him, the two of them laughed, and felt the temperature around them rise.

Seeing that she was no longer angry, Ji Xiao Han immediately came closer. His two large palms gently caressed her slender shoulders, his handsome face sticking close to hers: "Are you angry?"

"Of course!" Tang You You glared at him, unconvinced. "Who let you fool me?"

Tang You You was speechless. Was it wrong to be more serious?

"I don't want to care about you!" Tang You You pretended to be angry and turned around to walk forward, but she could not help but smile. That sweetness, had reached the bottom of her heart.

For a moment, Ji Xiao Han could not tell if she was truly angry or if he was faking it.

"Wandering, I promise I won't tease you. Don't be angry at me, okay?" There was a trace of regret in the man's voice.

Tang You You covered her lips and laughed, raising her head to look at him, "Why are you so serious?"

Ji Xiao Han's handsome face froze.

It looked like he had been tricked by her.

"Then I'll seriously ask you now, when do you want to get married?" Ji Xiao Han extended his large hand and tightly gripped her arm. His tone was low and it carried a strong sense of gentleness.

Tang You You was momentarily stunned, her beautiful eyes blinked: "When do you think it's better to get married? I don't care when. "

"Then I'll tell my grandma to go get a good day, and quickly settle the marriage." Ji Xiao Han really couldn't wait for her to become his wife justifiably.

Tang You You nodded and said meekly: "Alright, let her help us look after the days. However, before we get married, I still need to go to the therapist's place to take a look."

"What is it? Are you in a hurry? " Ji Xiao Han's expression instantly darkened. Actually, there was a period of time where he was feeling extremely tormented, but now that he had slowly endured it, he wasn't in a rush anymore. He knew that she would eventually belong to him alone.

Tang You You looked at him with a red face and asked, "Are you not in a rush?"

"I'm worried, how can I not be anxious?" Ji Xiao Han also told the truth.

Tang You You's face became even hotter. When this man said these words, he already gave her an indescribable charm.

"Didn't you want to come with me to look for inspiration? Now that you're talking about this topic, I don't have any more inspiration for you! " Tang You You could not help but laugh.

Only then did Ji Xiao Han remember the important matter of the two people coming out. He held her small hand and walked forward.

By the side of a pond, a field of fireflies suddenly floated up. Tang You You was shocked as she looked at them, she almost forgot how long it was since she last saw such a beautiful and primitive scenery.

"So beautiful!" Tang You You lamented.

"Yeah, they'd be happy if they brought the kids to see it." Ji Xiao Han felt that he must definitely share good things with his most important people, but at this moment, not only did he have a woman by his side, he also had two cute little fellows.

"Bring them here tomorrow night!" Tang You You also felt that he should let his children see it, because they were at the age where they were yearning for new things.

The two of them continued to walk forward. Suddenly, Tang You You heard the cries of some animals and she jumped in shock. Instinctively, she shrank back into Ji Xiao Han's embrace. Ji Xiao Han, did you raise any beasts in your family? "

Ji Xiao Han put his arm around her shoulders, liking the feeling of her relying on him. He said slowly: "Do you believe that I have a zoo at home?"

"It can't be? How did you get a zoo? " Tang You You couldn't believe it. What kind of taste did this man have to be able to establish a zoo in his own home?

"It's true. I don't know why I want to build a zoo, but I feel that the scenery here is so picturesque. It's very primitive, and it should be matched with some animals to prevent these environments from becoming too monotonous!" Ji Xiao Han was a little confused. He couldn't figure out the purpose of the zoo in the beginning.

Tang You You was at a loss whether to laugh or cry.

"Should we go over and take a look?" All of them are the kings of the beasts, and some of them are even more special! " Ji Xiao Han wanted to take her on a tour.

"Don't worry, my safety measures are very good." Ji Xiao Han consoled her with complete confidence.

Tang You You was actually a little curious. After all, she had never seen anyone who opened a zoo at home, unless they were wealthy enough to keep large animals as pets.

"Ji Xiao Han, can I ask you something? How much money do you actually have?" Tang You You lowered his head as he walked, and asked.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, then smiled: "What? You want to ask about my assets now? "

"Something like that!" Tang You You proudly raised his eyebrows.

"I have not carefully calculated it, but I promise you that you will never be able to spend it all your life!" Ji Xiao Han answered with certainty.

Tang You You was extremely shocked, just how much money did he have yet to know about it? What sort of concept was this?

For a commoner like her, every penny she had on her card was calculated very clearly. Indeed, poverty restricted her imagination, and a person like Ji Xiao Han who didn't know how much money she had really made one jealous.

"Don't you have a rough estimate?" Tang You You didn't give up and wanted to ask an answer to this question.

Ji Xiao Han's thin lips curled up into a smile as he replied indifferently, "Someone has already calculated for me, if I can live to the age of seventy, then I would have to spend at least five million every single day. Only then would I be able to spend all my money while I was still alive."