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C2043 failed to pick up the separation

Chen Xin's sudden visit surprised her mother, but for her son's sake, she was polite to her.

"Auntie, have you come back? I haven't seen him for a long time. " Chen Xin pretends not to know and asks her mother, saying with concern.

Tie mother immediately back to her: "Xiaoxun came back, he came back yesterday."

"Oh, really? Aunt, I'm sorry about the last time. Would you mind? In fact, I like tie Xun very much. Last time he came to my house for dinner, my parents also like him, aunt. Do you like me? " Chen Xin is a little anxious at the moment. She is eager to catch up with the woman and get the affection and recognition of her mother.

After listening to her words, her mother's expression flashed a flash of surprise. As a person, she had already heard the meaning of Chen Xin's words.

"Xiaoxin, I think you are a good girl, but Xiaoxun's love is managed by him. I can't care about him as a mother." She said with a smile.

"Auntie, as the design director of our company, we all can see his excellence. There are many women who take the initiative to find him. I'm afraid that he will be confused for a while. Auntie, I really like him. Please give me a chance..."

Seeing Chen Xinyue's words crossed, her smile gradually closed, and she said seriously, "Miss Chen, I know my son best. I haven't seen any of the women you mentioned. But my son's vision is certainly not too bad. If he likes someone, it must be from his heart."

Chen Xin's expression stagnated. Seeing her mother changed her name, she was even more anxious.

"Auntie, I don't mean that. I'm afraid some women will seduce him, which will ruin his good reputation." Chen Xin didn't know that Tang Weixin lived in the bound house last night, so she said that she wanted to plant an image of a bad woman in the heart of the bound mother, so that if the bound mother took her home, she would certainly examine her more.

Tie mother frowned. To be honest, she didn't like to hear Chen Xin say that.

"Miss Chen, Xiaoxun already has a girlfriend. As for the women you mentioned, I don't think there's any chance to seduce him. If there's nothing else, please come back." In her life, the most disliked woman is the one who tells stories. She is also a woman. She is also smart and has means. Chen Xin's rank seems to her to be very retarded.

Chen Xin is shocked when she hears that her mother is going to drive her away. She may be too eager for success, which leads to her words being out of proportion and has a bad impact on her mother.

"Auntie, I'll go first." Chen Xin didn't dare to continue talking nonsense, so she had to leave in a disheartened way.

She felt like a needle in her heart. Her face was livid with pain. She sat in the driver's seat and held the steering wheel tightly, biting her teeth angrily: "has she been recognized by her aunt? When is it, it's too fast. "

Chen Xin with unwilling to drive away.

In the underground parking lot of the shopping mall, the two brothers of the family looked at the woman walking in front of them and looked at each other. They were helpless.

Ji Tingyan is elegant and noble, Tang Weixin is free and easy and handsome, two different kinds of beauty, let the men passing by, can't help looking back.

"Xiaonai, go shopping with idealism. Xiaoxun and I are waiting for you in this coffee shop." Tie Ting no longer works as a valet because he and his younger brother can't talk about women's topics.

"Well, you can wait for us here." With a female partner, jitingyan really does not want to let tie Ting follow.

"Just give me a present." Tie Xun with handsome eyebrows, said the evil ruffian.

Tang Weixin nodded happily: "OK, I will give you a gift."

"I will, too." Tie Ting's eyes are deep and restrained. He looks at Ji Tingyan and says that he is not willing to show weakness.

Ji Tingyan chuckles. I don't know if it's his illusion. As soon as she comes back to tie's house, tie Ting seems to have become childish.

"OK, here's your choice." Of course, Ji Tingyan can't aggrieve her man. If someone else has one, he has to. That's the way to love her husband.

Two men went into the caf é to find a seat.

Not long after Ji Tingyan and Tang Weixin left, Li Jingwen and a young man stood in front of the guardrail in a corridor in the distance. They came here all the way from Tiejia.

"They are separated." Li Jingwen's eyes are fixed on the glass window, and the light and shadow are engraved with his deep, handsome face, which is very exciting.

Liu Tian's face is gloomy. He looks at the women around him, obsessed with their eyes. His eyes flash past a killing machine. The appearance of tie Ting makes him feel blindsided.

"Liu Tian, don't follow me. I'll go to see them." Li Jingwen has a sneer on her lips. Ji Tingyan dare to break away from the protection circle of tieting. She has to give her some color to see.

"Well, be careful." Liu Tian releases his concern.

Li Jingwen turned and left. She was wearing a mask and long hair. If she was not familiar with people, she could not recognize her at a glance.

She tapped her fingers on the guardrail and walked in the direction of Ji Tingyan.

If there is something wrong with Ji Tingyan here, I don't know how to hurt him.

Li Jingwen really wants to start with Ji Tingyan. Her love is robbed in her heart. It's just like digging her heart. Li Jingwen really can't bear the pain.

She followed from afar, and many people came to visit, probably because today is a weekend.

Ji Tingyan has a woman beside her, but Li Jingwen doesn't pay attention to her at all.

Ji Tingyan and Tang Weixin enter a women's clothing store. Tang Weixin doesn't bring many clothes this time, so she wants to buy several sets of clothes.

Tang Wei's family is in a good mood. Besides, she is the only daughter of the Tang family. She chooses several suits to try on, including a sexy suspender skirt. When she comes out, Ji Tingyan only feels her eyes brighten and can't help but praise: "idealism, your figure is so good."

Tang Weixin is embarrassed to look at herself in the mirror. She is used to wearing professional clothes. She still feels uncomfortable wearing such sexy clothes. However, she has to make some changes. She can't dress too formally every day. She needs to learn how to be feminine like aunt Ji Tingyi.

"Young Nai, don't you try?" Tang Weixin was satisfied with several of them and decided to buy them.

"I have enough clothes to wear, so I will not buy them for the time being." Ji Tingyan smiles and shakes her head. She is also very casual about her dress. She will not deliberately pursue new styles.

After they bought the clothes, they went out and decided to go upstairs to see the men's clothing store. Li Jingwen stared at Ji Tingyan's figure, thinking how to teach her a lesson.