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C1389 the first happy New Year

New year, new hope, everything seems to have a new start. For mu family and Luo family, a new life, with everyone's expectation, opened the curtain of the family with a loud cry.

Mu Lin was born, a white and fat baby boy, crying very loud, with thick black hair and long eyelashes. Although he was born wrinkled, it doesn't affect his future growth into a handsome boy who will bring disaster to Yangmin.

Luo family and Mu family gathered in the ward of the hospital. In the advanced ward, Mu Lin lay on the bed feebly. Her long hair was wet with sweat, and her bright cheeks lost their blood color. It can be seen how hard she spent to give birth to this little guy.

Lohnin held her hand tightly. His eyes were full of heartache and gratitude. When he saw Mulin wake up, he didn't know what to say. He could only hold her hand tightly and tightly, like a big boy at a loss.

"Why a son?" The first words murin said with disgust.

Lohnin's nervous handsome face was immediately amused by her words, and then relaxed: "if you like your daughter, we will have a daughter next!"

"Next?" When murin, who was still weak, asked this question, she was full of energy.

Lohnin was scared directly, and Jun's eyes widened slightly. He looked at her stupidly and stammered, "yes Yes, the next one! "

"No more, I won't have any more children." Murin immediately complained again.

Luo's family and Mu's elders, who were sitting opposite her hospital bed, heard her words. They were all stunned. Luo's mother and Mu's mother came quickly.

"Henning, Xiaolin has just finished giving birth and is in a low mood. You can't talk to her." Luo Mu scolds her son when she first opens her mouth. She feels that Luo Henning's wrong words make her unhappy.

But LAN ruona, the Mu Mu Mu, frowned and looked at her daughter's suffering, which was also painful. But she was very happy when she had a little grandson. At last, she comforted her daughter gently: "Xiao Lin, don't be too fierce to Henning, you see, you frighten people!"

Of course, Mulin didn't mean to frighten anyone. She just went through a painful labor. At this time, where would she think about giving birth again? It's the mood.

"Mom, you go to see the children. Henning and I are OK!" Murin said quickly.

Only then did the two mothers turn around and leave and let the two young men discuss their affairs.

Lohnin quickly attached his head and whispered in muleen's ear: "well, listen to you. I won't give birth to any more. It's enough to have this child. I don't want you to suffer any more."

"Really?" Mu Lin's eyebrows are stretched out and her beautiful eyes are smiling.

"Of course, it's all up to you to decide our family's business. I'll only give you advice!" Lokhenin's desire for survival is very strong. At this time, he dare not provoke his queen. He can only pet him carefully.

"Don't say that I seem to have wronged you. Your mother has to get in trouble with me."

A few days ago, Mulin was asked by Luo Mu to talk. Although she didn't blame her, Mulin was not stupid. She could hear her mother-in-law's words, as if she was complaining that she bullied her son every day. She also told her that a man, whether at home or outside, needed to maintain the most basic dignity, which made Mulin laugh.

Although she is strong in the company, which makes people feel unreasonable, but it is a work need, and she must be tough, so that she can control subordinates. When she comes home, she is still used to being a little woman.

Conscience of heaven and earth, she did not bully lohnin, on the contrary, every time she came back home, she had to be bullied by this man's changing method. Who should she go to claim for justice.

"Let's take a small name first. This little red face looks very pitiful." The more she saw it, the more she liked it, the more her heart would melt.

"Mureen, didn't you think of a nickname before? Let's hear it out. " Asked lohnin with a smile.

"Call him an egg!" Mulin casually took a nickname.

"Ah?" The whole scene was startled.

"When I was pregnant with him, my stomach was round, like an egg. When I was born, he was round, like an egg, and he was a man. It's very suitable to call an egg." Murin's explanation is to faint a large area.

The whole ward was going to be laughed crazy by the nickname Mullin took. Lohnin said with a smile: "I don't know what my son felt when he grew up and listened to you."

"How do you feel? Of course, thank me for giving birth to him." Mureen said, turning her lips.

"No, this name is too casual and funny. Let me take it, and call it Haohao, bright as a star in the sky." Luo Fu also forced to stop laughing and finally got a decent name.

At this time, Luo Jinyu hurriedly came over, pushed open the door of the ward and saw everyone smiling. He shrugged his shoulders and asked in surprise, "did I miss anything?"

"It's nothing. Everyone is naming your little nephew. Come and see him." Luomu quickly carried her little grandson to the elder son.

Luo Jinyu looks down at her eyes, and suddenly she is cried by the wrinkled little guy. He can't help but want to laugh, but he still has to bear it. The Mu family is here, so don't catch him.

"It's lovely. What's its name?" Luo Jinyu reaches out a finger to tease the little guy's tight fist.

"It's called Haohao."

Luo Jinyu nodded and praised: "this name is very pleasant. There is another little man in our family!"

"Yes, Henning's children have been born, but there is no movement on your side. Are you going to make mom die in a hurry?" Luo Mu immediately seized the opportunity to urge him to get married and have children.

"Mom, you don't have a clear picture of me and my situation. I'm afraid it's impossible in the past two or three years. Take good care of my little nephew. Don't plan for me." Luo Jinyu immediately explained with a smile.

"You are big brother!" Lom is still very angry.

Luo Jin Yujun's face was a little embarrassed, but he was firm immediately. He would not let Yang ChuChu have a baby too early.

At last, Luo Mu could only take a look at her eldest son and continue to see her little grandson. Suddenly, she felt that the little grandson was much more lovely than the two sons.

Luo Jinyu went over and said a word of hard work to murin. He congratulated his younger brother and his younger sister-in-law. He could see that his younger brother had a lovely son. Luo Jinyu was still deeply moved. In his eyes, his younger brother, who always made people uneasy, suddenly grew up. He was very happy and made a decision at the same time.

Now that the company is developing steadily, it's time for him to give up half of the company's management authority. The bitter situation of the fight between the brothers of the last generation of Ji's family is in front of him. Although Luo Jinyu doesn't believe that his brother will fight with him, he still needs to be clear about it. The amount of money is actually a small matter. What he wants is a harmonious family without fighting for hatred.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang Youyou, who have a son from Mulin, also rushed to send their blessing that night.

As soon as Ji Xiaohan enters the door, the first thing is to go to the baby bed beside him to see the sleeping baby.

"It turns out this is the new baby!" Ji Xiaohan has a pair of handsome eyes. He looks wider and wider. The more he sees, the more he feels the magic. Those two little guys in his family should look like this when they were born.

Tang Youyou, with two small hands on his back, stooped and looked at it smilingly: "it looks nutritious. It's white, tender and tender. It's very lucky for Mu Lin!"

"Xiaonai and Xiaorui, did they grow up like this when they were little?" Season owl cold inquisitive ask body side woman.

"How can they be so big? They are two small ones. Xiaonai still lives in the heat preservation box. She came back after more than a week. She was weak at that time!" Tang youyou closed his eyes slightly and recalled the pictures of his two children when they were born. He was filled with emotion.

Season owl cold big palm slightly shook up, suddenly thought of his own a pair of children when they were just born small appearance, and now see Mu Lin lying on the bed so weak appearance, can see Tang youyou and experienced how difficult time.

"Xiao Han, you are going to have a second child?" Lohnin went to the side, looked at his son and asked them curiously.


"We won't have any more!" Ji Xiaohan suddenly interrupts what Tang youyou wants to say, and smiles.