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Yang ChuChu agreed. When Lin Enron left and closed the door, he had a successful smile on his lips.

The simple appearance of Yang ChuChu's face that hasn't been tortured by life has inexplicably hurt her heart. It's also a woman, the same age as a flower. Why can Yang ChuChu live such a life, but he has to be driven by money. What she does is not what she likes.

This kind of inequality, let Lin Enron's heart also distort with it.

Some people are envious when they are born, but if Yang ChuChu is accidentally sleeping by a man tomorrow night, will her fairy tale princess like life come to an end?

When it was dark, Yang ChuChu was ready to go home.

She asked her assistant to drive to the supermarket. Two people dressed in low-key pushed the shopping cart to buy things.

"One day, I will leave the entertainment circle and be his wife." When Yang ChuChu reached for the food, he said suddenly.

The assistant miss next to her was shocked and looked at her anxiously: "you are so clear, you can't think about it. How can you say that now that your career is booming? I'll have a heart attack. "

Yang ChuChu couldn't help but be amused by the assistant's words. She turned the package in her hand and looked at the production date carefully. Then, she put it gently in the shopping cart: "I now go out early and come back late with him. The meeting time of one day is very short. Now we don't have children, but it's nothing. If we have children later, I certainly can't be separated from the children for too long. I want to put all the time Give them all room. "

"Well, how old are you? Just about the kids? Take a look at the popular female stars in the current circle. Which one will have children before the age of 30? I think you can all work hard first, and then think about children's affairs. " Assistant in the side of the anxious advice, she really do not want to lose such a good temper boss, she can find the lantern.

"I can wait, but he can't wait. He's going to be thirty. I can't leave him too much regret." Yang ChuChu breathed softly. Although she was young, what she thought was far away.

How much Luo Jinyu has done for her, she will give it back to him double. In her future life, except for her mother, only he is the most important person.

"President Luo dotes on you so much. I'm sure everything depends on you. Giving birth to a child will make a woman old and clear. Otherwise, you'd better think about it again. You're so popular now. You need to produce several more good works." The assistant miss is more persuasive.

Yang ChuChu looked at her and couldn't help shaking his head and laughing: "don't worry, if I really make a decision one day and step out of the circle, I will find you a better dependence!"

"I I don't mean that! " The assistant lady blushed at once.

Seeing through, Yang ChuChu chose and chose all the way and bought two bags of things.

When he got home, it was dark. After Yang ChuChu asked his assistant to help him to send him upstairs, he planned to get some vegetables first and wait for the man to come back and cook.

Around 7:30, Luo Jinyu returns in a hurry.

Black suit, is a gray shirt, temperament Jin expensive and mysterious, all over the body are full of the superior calm gas field.

Yang ChuChu is wearing a pink apron, a low necked white tight sweater, long hair loosely straddling the back of his head, and a pair of slim jeans. This dress is pure and beautiful. Even the family has become more warm and romantic because of her presence.

"The company had an emergency. It could have come back earlier." Seeing her moving in the kitchen, Luo Jinyu immediately explained with a smile, took off his coat, threw it on the sofa, and walked to her wearing only his shirt and trousers.

"Oh, don't hold me. I wet my apron when I was washing!" The man's long arms are naturally extended, but the girl's back is in a hurry, with a smile on her face and curved eyebrows and eyes.

Luo Jin stops for a moment. Next second, he goes straight to her and holds her face. Thin lips can't wait to kiss her.

Her breath is too sweet. The man runs all the way back. He just wants to be greedy for the beauty of this moment? Will a little water hinder his interest?

Yang ChuChu is kissed with his face in his hands. His face is shy and his head is lowered.

"Before you eat, don't rush!" The girl's face is shy. There is no amorous feelings. What's more, it makes the man breathe a little heavier and laugh loudly.

"I don't want to be satisfied for a little while?" The man's voice was hoarse and playful.

Yang ChuChu raised his eyes and couldn't help laughing: "no, I didn't want to. Didn't you see that I just balanced my toes to cooperate with you?"

"Step on my shoes and cooperate with me, you will be more and more lazy." The man reached out and straightened the fine hair from her earlobe. There was no way to take her.

"Who let you grow so high? If I don't step on you, I don't know how many times I have to break my neck!" The girl began to murmur.

"Nonsense!" The man speechless, reached out to push her aside a few: "do not move, I come, you are not this material!"

"Luo Jinyu, do you think I'm too stupid? I've seen you cook for so long, but when it's my turn to do it myself, it's not delicious." Yang ChuChu is extremely distressed. She really wants to share, but she is clumsy. Up to now, she doesn't even know the salt and sugar.

"It doesn't matter. If one family doesn't speak two words, you are stupid. I like your stupid appearance!" Luo Jinyu couldn't help making fun of her.

"Are you praising me or scolding me?" Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes stare at him, more like playing fun.

Luo Jinyu laughed this time. The laughter was as low as wine, making Yang ChuChu's pretty face more red.

"Of course, I'm praising you. Don't think about it." The man quickly comforted her.

Yang ChuChu said angrily, "I'm not so stupid. Can't you tell whether I'm good or bad? You just despise me! "

"Well, don't be angry. How do I feel about you? Do you still not know?" Luo Jin Yu Jun's face is flustered, and he quickly calms down with a soft voice.

Yang chulin, of course, is also fooling around with him. She is in a good mood after receiving his comfort.

"Luo Jinyu, do you have time tomorrow evening?" Yang Chu's hands are behind him, and Mei Mou blinks at him.

"What's the matter? Want to ask me out? " The man couldn't help but pick up his eyebrows, showing a little evil spirit.

"Well, I want you to accompany me to a friend's birthday party!" Yang ChuChu said with a smile.

"Which of your friends has a birthday?" Luo Jin is stunned for a moment and asks curiously.

"Just a new female star from our company, she is very nice. She will teach me a lot like a big sister. She invited me. If I don't go, I'm afraid I'll hurt someone's heart!" Yang ChuChu doesn't really love these busy occasions. But for the first time, Lin Enron asked her. She wanted to refuse, for fear of hurting each other's harmony.

"If it's in your circle, is it suitable for me to go?" Luo Jinyu didn't refuse, but he felt that it was out of place.

"It's also said that you are so handsome. If you are shown by other women, isn't it my loss?" Yang ChuChu immediately made another serious joke.

Luo Jinyu stooped to wash a fresh fish. Hearing her words, the fish slipped away from his hand. He hurried to catch it. The fish angrily placed the fish and splashed his handsome face with water.

The man was a little embarrassed, but Yang ChuChu covered his mouth and sniggered. Next second, she quickly took her sleeve and wiped it for him: "how? Are you scared? "

"You want to play this kind of joke? You know I won't call another woman. " Luo Jinyu was not frightened, but hurt his heart and wanted to be sullen.

Yang ChuChu found out that he was joking a lot. He comforted him quickly: "well, I shouldn't have said such words to test you. Do you want to come here?"

"If you want me to go, of course I will. I'm glad you're willing to introduce me to your friends." Luo Jinyu said with a light smile.

"Really?" In fact, Yang ChuChu expected that he would not object.

"Of course it is!" Luo Jinyu expressed his sincerity immediately.

Yang ChuChu's beautiful eyes swept back and forth on his face, then thought for a few seconds with his hands on his back: "otherwise, when I'm almost finished, you come to pick me up, I'll introduce you to them, and we'll leave."

The man's handsome face is a little stiff. Didn't he say he would introduce it to her friend? How to let him go when he's gone?