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"No way!" When Ji Xiao Han heard that his two bad friends were coming to his house to eat, that ice-cold face of his immediately surfaced in his mind. He absolutely could not let these two guys know that he could not even handle a single woman.

"Why not? With children, you don't need friends anymore? " Mu Shi Ye immediately frowned in dissatisfaction.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, he never thought that they would actually mention that woman.

"She? I have nothing to do with her. How many times do I have to tell you before you guys believe me? " Ji Xiao Han was unavoidably a little annoyed.

Basically everyone thought that even if he and Tang Xue Rou had never interacted with each other before, they couldn't really explain it, it was simply absurd.

"If you aren't even interested in a woman as beautiful as Tang Xue Rou, then I suspect that the person you like has yet to be born …"

"Mu Shi Ye!" A folder flew towards Mu Shi Ye who was joking around.

Mu Shi Ye was already prepared for this, and barely dodged the attack.

He and Luo He Ning had long since gotten used to using Ji Xiao Han's various matters to adjust their moods. Amongst the three of them, Ji Xiao Han was the coldest, most of the time not smiling, instead being as cold as ice and frost. Now that they had finally seen him willing to open his heart, how could they be willing to let such a good opportunity go?

Luo He Ning also felt that he had said the joke, so he immediately tried to persuade her: "Alright, Mu Shi Ye, can you not say too much? has a child, you should be more careful when you're joking. "

"I'm sorry, I wasn't able to control my mouth and spouted nonsense. Hai, it seems like I'm also looking for a woman to give birth to a child." Mu Shi Ye didn't know if it was real or fake, but he pretended to look sad.

When Luo He Ning heard the two words "child", his eyes instantly darkened by several folds. After that, he looked at Mu Shi Ye's face and asked with a voice that seemed to say it was unintentional: "What has your sister been busy with recently? I heard she seemed to be talking about the acquisition again. "

Mu Shi Ye immediately sighed: "My sister has been busy lately, the majority of the company's matters are managed by her, but she forced me to reveal myself regarding the purchase of the company, you know who I am, taking my time is what I am, she told me to meddle in the company's matters … "Sigh, this is really making things difficult for me, but if I don't want to take care of it, then she will run over to my grandfather and complain. How old am I, and my grandfather even chased me around with a stick and beat me up, you guys don't understand that I live in such a cruel world, I don't want to learn how to manage, who can help me?"

Ji Xiao Han and Luo He Ning looked at each other, pretending that they did not hear his complaints.

"Your sister …" Have you had a boyfriend lately? "Cough …" Luo He Ning's handsome face revealed some signs of panic, but after asking the question, he could not help but cough to cover up his emotions.

Mu Shi Ye replied lazily: Who would like her? "Even if she had taken a fancy to him and was not as strong as him or his aura, he would have already run away in shame."

When Luo He Ning heard this, he immediately felt as if he had suffered a great blow, and the light in his eyes dimmed.

Mu Shi Ye immediately looked at him jokingly: "He Ning, I feel that your big brother and my sister are very compatible. Why don't you help to tie the knot and invite the two of them out for a meal some other day? "

"My elder brother?" Luo He Ning was petrified. His entire body tensed up and his expression stiffened: "My big brother hasn't had time recently. If you want someone to accompany you for a meal, I feel that I … "Sure!"

"You can't, you turned into a log the moment you saw my sister, your big brother is strong, he suits my sister's demeanor well, they are sitting together, they have a lot of topics to talk about, to be honest, I had already planned this a long time ago, I wanted to sell my sister to your big brother, let them love each other and kill each other. Anyway, our two families have a lot of things to cooperate with each other in the future." Mu Shi Ye was happy to see it happen.

Mu Shi Ye immediately looked as if he had been struck by lightning for a few times, and his entire body seemed to have turned into stone once again.

His goddess and elder brother … No, no.

Ji Xiao Han was no longer involved with their conversation. He was looking down at the documents in his hands, thinking about his work.

"He Ning, what are you daydreaming for? Have you listened to what I've told you seriously? "My sister and your big brother …"

"Mu Shi Ye, let me treat you to dinner tonight." Luo He Ning interrupted him immediately.

"Treat me to a meal? "Why?" Mu Shi Ye had a strange look on his face.

"You invited me last time, so this time, I'm inviting you back!" In this emergency, Luo He Ning randomly found an excuse.

"However, I don't have the time to discuss the purchase with my sister tonight." Only now did Mu Shi Ye remember that he really had something important to take care of.

"You and your sister are eating outside as well?" Luo He Ning's eyes instantly lit up.

"That's right, my elder sister, my grandparents, my parents …"

The light in Luo He Ning's eyes instantly disappeared. Well, since it was a family gathering, what was he going to do?

"Can you two chat somewhere else? I still have work to do, but I don't have as much free time as you do. " Ji Xiao Han was annoyed, he immediately kicked her out.

Luo He Ning also felt that he should not disturb Ji Xiao Han in his work, so he immediately said to Mu Shi Ye: "Let's go, let's chat somewhere else."

"Alright!" Mu Shi Ye could only stand up and turn back to look at Ji Xiao Han: "Go back and tell your son, my Niece really likes to play with him, and told him not to be so cold, do you understand?"

Ji Xiao Han was angered by his words and laughed out loud: "You really care about all kinds of trivial matters. How old are your Niece? You only know how to like people? That depends on whether my son is happy or not. "