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C1994 friendship at night

Tie Ting also fell asleep very late. When he finally fell asleep, he felt a soft body attached to him. He immediately woke up again. In order not to let himself out of control, tie Ting did not hold Ji Tingyan to sleep, but kept a gentleman's distance. But now, the distance was pulled closer by Ji Tingyan. Can he continue to be a gentleman?

The palm feels soft, soft and waxy. It's not so good. Bonding didn't expect that Ji Tingyan would be so different from the female students he trained before. He also touched their arms. Although their skin is good, it didn't slip to this point. Holding it, he didn't want to let go.

Ji Tingyan is really tired. She sleeps peacefully at the moment. When the man's warm palm is pasted on her waist, she doesn't feel at all. She continues to rub against him.

Tie Ting sighed a little. Does this woman have no defense against him?

All of them are lying in the same bed. He can't be irresponsible. Ji's family is not easy to get into trouble.

Although he thought like this, tie Ting was not angry, but very happy. He had a solid relationship, and there was nothing wrong with it.

In the other room, Wang Cheng's bed was not as big as that of tie ting. What he had considered before was that he lived alone. Now he suddenly crowded two people. The space was really much smaller.

Wang Cheng has a figure of 1.8 meters, and Cheng Yue has a figure of 1.7 meters. Both of them have long hands and feet. They build a quilt together. If they move a little, they will wake each other up.

"Sister, did you sleep?" Wang Cheng is not sleepy.

"I'm asleep." Cheng Yue doesn't want to chat with him and deliberately lies to him.

"Sleep, your voice is still so clear, you really treat me as a three-year-old child, easy to cheat?" Wang Cheng is speechless. Cheng Yue treats him as his younger brother without hair. He is not convinced.

"If I want to lie to you, you can't see it at all. Do you believe it?" Of course, Cheng Yue didn't fall asleep, because she was not used to lying in bed with a man. She had a boyfriend before, and she had paid for both men and women's affairs. So, Wang Cheng, a wood, didn't know why she couldn't sleep at all.

"Has my sister ever made a boyfriend?" Wang finally got up the courage to dig her past. Of course, he was ready to be kicked.

"Why do you ask?" Cheng Yue's scalp is numb. Forgive her for not wanting to answer.

"I'm just curious to know more about you." Wang Cheng said honestly.

"You know, don't you mind?" Cheng Yue raised her eyebrows and asked him.

"I don't know, but I feel cold. I can let it go." Wang explained in a low voice.

Cheng Yue knows. Wang Cheng is really a fool, and his feelings are simple. What should I do? He wanted to pick his poor grass.

All of a sudden, what Xiao Nai said pops out of his mind. He can't play with Wang Cheng's feelings.

She immediately shakes and wakes up. Yes, if Wang Cheng is not her assistant, but a boy she met by chance, she may still be in the mood to play with him for a while. Although she has potential for being a Cinderella, she can't harm people around her.

"I have two ex boyfriends and a fiance who almost got married. What else do you want to know?" Cheng Yue doesn't want to hide it from him. He says it directly, hoping that he can stop losing in time and don't waste his feelings on her.

Wang Cheng's eyes were shocked. He thought there was only one at most. Unexpectedly, there were three more. How long will it take him to let go.

"Why don't you talk? Do you mind? " Cheng Yue waited for a while and found that he was breathing tightly, but he didn't open his mouth. Cheng Yue immediately turned to look at him. The lights outside the window came in. She saw Wang Cheng's eyes looking at herself, as if she was suffering from something.

Cheng Yue smiled angrily, reached for his delicate face and pinched it, only to find that her fingers were cold. She was shocked, and sat up abruptly: "Wang orange, how old are you? How can you still cry?"

Wang Cheng was very sad. He didn't know why he cried. He turned his back to him in embarrassment and ignored others like a little daughter-in-law who had been wronged.

"Don't cry. I don't want you to marry me. No matter how many boyfriends I have, I won't hurt you." Cheng Yue quickly reached out and patted him on the shoulder, comforting him in a low voice.

"What's the difference between me and my sister's ex boyfriend? Why doesn't elder sister want to look me in the eye? The eldest brother also said that I was born timid. To train me, I'm much better, but I still can't get into my sister's eyes. I... " Wang orange cried.

"How can you be born timid? What kind of family did you grow up in? " Cheng Yue is shocked.

"I grew up in the welfare home. I'm an orphan, sister. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that. I don't have parents. The Dean brought me up and sent me to read. My computer is very good. I often hacked some websites and was arrested and shut down for several days. The eldest brother somehow found me and asked me to be his assistant. At that time, I was afraid of the eldest brother, but he taught me many things. I adored him very much I swear I'll follow him all my life Wang had to sob and tell his story.

Cheng yuemou's eyes are wide and hard to believe. Is Wang Cheng an orphan?

"Are you a hacker? The kind of Internet that specializes in hacking people? " Cheng Yue always thought that Wang Cheng only did some assistant work, but unexpectedly, he still had such ability.

"Well." Wang Cheng is a little good at it. He is not only good at it, but also the only place where he is confident.

"No wonder he takes you everywhere. He is very good to you." Cheng Yue finally understands why the boss of an enterprise like tie Ting is looking for Wang Cheng, who has some bright spots.

"The eldest brother is my second born parent. If he didn't get me out, I would be helpless. I dare not tell the dean. He has cultivated me for many years, but I made a mistake and locked in." Wang orange's voice is full of remorse and loss.

"It turns out that it's technical. No wonder you have one mind." Cheng Yue continued to lie down and sneered.

Wang Cheng finally turned around. His eyes were full of tears. They were very bright at night. He looked at Cheng Yue stupidly. "There used to be girls who said they liked me, but I just didn't like them. When I saw my sister, I was very moved."

"Because I'm like a man, and I feel safe, don't I?" Cheng Yue didn't give him a good look.

"No, it's my sister who is very handsome and has a different temperament." Wang explained anxiously.

"I think you can talk. Well, it's late. Go to bed now. No talking." Cheng Yue orders to stop.

"Well!" Wang orange nodded obediently.

Warm night, past, early in the morning, birds in the branches of the noisy, a new day began.

Ji Tingyan opened her eyes and found that there was no one around her. She sat there for a long time.

I just came here yesterday, and I'm going to leave today. I really don't give up.

She got up, put on her clothes, washed and washed well, and then tie Ting came in. Seeing her long hair scattered and her breath relaxed, her heart beat accelerated, people would think of the picture of the whole night.