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Yang ChuChu was frightened by Luo Jinyu's Tao Tian's fury. A pair of beautiful eyes full of tiredness started to fog in an instant. Thinking about how he spent the night yesterday, Yang ChuChu felt that she should not be scolded by him at the moment, but should be favored by him.

"I I don't mean anything else. I just want our relationship to go further! " Yang ChuChu's tears rolled down. She was in fact flustered and scared. At the moment, she just felt shivering all over. When Luo Jinyu woke up, he saw the mess of the room and the delicate body he had tortured on his side. Luo Jinyu had a feeling of doomsday. He wanted to dig out his heart with a knife. He always thought he had made a mistake. Last night, he wanted to leave her temporarily

and leave each other a better space, but now? What did he do?

Therefore, Luo Jinyu sat on the bed as stiff as a sculpture, never waking the girl sleeping beside her. No, now, she has become a woman by her own hand.

At the moment, when he knew the cause of the matter, Luo Jinyu was frozen, his eyes were frozen, and he couldn't believe looking at Yang ChuChu trembling beside him.

He would have gone mad yesterday, would have lost his mind to do such things to her, but it was all because she had drugged himself?

How is this possible?

The pure little angel in his eyes could do such an intolerable thing.

"Luo Jinyu..." Yang ChuChu reached out and wanted to hold his big hand. Unexpectedly, the man turned around quickly in the next second, picked up the clothes on the ground and entered the bathroom.

Yang ChuChu is stunned. This is definitely not the result she wants to see. She is very upset.

Looking at the clear blood on the bedspread, Yang ChuChu is more ashamed than to bury her face in her knee. At this moment, she wants to cry, but she can't seem to cry. She made a mistake, which disappointed Luo Jinyu. Maybe she won't forgive her mistake.

What should I do? She is so confused.

At this moment, Luo Jinyu in the bathroom, Jun's face is also pale.

He unscrewed the water tap, and the water flowed down from top to bottom. Last night, he had a vague memory. He only remembered that he was like an insatiable beast, almost crushing her before he was reconciled.

He seemed to hear her crying, but at that time, he could not control himself, only felt that his heart was burning, his blood was boiling, and he did everything he wanted to do by instinct.

"Why?" Luo Jinyu was also blinded. He thought about many kinds of results, but he miscalculated the little woman outside the door. She even had the courage to prescribe medicine to him. It was so lawless.

Do she know how serious the consequences are? She has lost precious things, and he has broken his promise.

What we said we would do two years later, but last night, everything happened.

Luo Jinyu's hands held up a handful of water drops on his face. After washing, he put on his clothes rigidly.

I don't know if he used too much force yesterday. At the moment, he also felt extremely tired.

But he knew that the little thing outside the door would not suffer better than him.

Luo Jin's mind was blank. He opened the door of the bathroom and saw that Yang ChuChu was still sitting on the bed, wrapped himself in a quilt, only showing a small head, and looked at him with tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry!" She whispered, knowing that she had made a big mistake, and then she said, "I didn't expect you to be so angry!"

With her words, rolling down the tears, crystal pitiful. Luo Jinyu doesn't know what to do at the moment. He should take the responsibility of man. But he can't find the mood to talk to her.

"Luo Jinyu, don't worry, I don't need you to be responsible, really!" Yang ChuChu didn't know what Luo Jinyu was thinking at the moment, but he felt his face was extremely ugly, gloomy and deceptive.

"Why do you do that? Do you know that it won't do you any good? " Luo Jinyu finally opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse and dark. It can be seen that it was the result of a night's hard work, which made him over exhausted.

Yang ChuChu covers his face and shakes his head: "I know, but I don't care. I'll feel it. You will definitely distance yourself from me because of this incident. I don't want it!"

"Since you know, you should know that no matter why you drugged me yesterday, if I really want to be separated from you, you still can't help me." Luo Jinyu deliberately made his voice cold. This little thing can't do without a lesson. It's a rebellion.

Yang ChuChu was stunned and looked up at him: "you want to break up with me?"

Luo Jinyu looked at her panicked and pitiful look: "if you do something wrong, you should understand the result." "No, Luo Jinyu, I will not break up, I will not break up with you!" Yang ChuChu suddenly ran out of the quilt. At the moment, without a thing, he ran directly to Luo Jin Yu, who was already dressed in a suit, and buried his face in his arms: "I'm wrong, I'll never do such a stupid thing again

, you don't leave me, OK?"

Luo Jinyu listened to her crying voice and felt very sad.

He wanted to reach for her, but he didn't know whether to give her hope.

"Don't leave, Luo Jinyu. Don't leave me!" Yang ChuChu is crying bitterly. At the moment, she is so afraid.

"I have the ability to suppress this scandal. After returning home, you can still live your own life without being pointed out by others." Luo Jinyu's voice is hoarse and calm.

Yang ChuChu trembled and looked up at him incredibly: "what do you say? I don't want to go back to my old life. It means nothing to me without you. " "I'm sure your mother won't agree with you now." Luo Jinyu is sure to say that he also read those messages last night. Most of them talked about their mother and daughter, but few people scolded him. Even some people said that Cheng Ying's company had a financial crisis and needed to sell her daughter. These words are really harsh and hard to hear. I'm afraid that Cheng Ying would explode at the moment.

"I'll try to persuade her, I'll beg her!" Yang ChuChu burst into tears.

At this time, Luo Jinyu's mobile phone rings. He takes a look and answers.

Cheng Ying's angry voice came to his ear: "Luo Jinyu, send my daughter back!" Yang ChuChu also heard his mother's voice, a buzz in his head.