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In his ear is Cheng Ying's angry inquiry. Luo Jinyu holds the big palm of his mobile phone and is stiff. Then he answers in a low voice, "OK, I'll take her back right away!"

After that, Luo Jinyu cut off his mobile phone. A pair of dark eyes were fixed on Yang ChuChu's face, whose tears kept falling. His voice was deliberately cold: "your mother asked me to send you back, let's go, and pack up!"

"I don't want to, I won't go!" Yang ChuChu started to get angry like a child. She climbed to the bed and covered herself with a quilt, even her head. She hid in the quilt and cried helplessly and tremblingly. At first, I thought it was the best of both worlds to give myself to him, but now I find that it's like a disaster, breaking their feelings and her heart. The pain in her body has passed, but the pain in her heart is like the tide, a while higher than a while, endless


Looking at the girl who covered herself in the quilt and cried, Luo Jinyu's expression also showed an unprecedented blank. Her eyes were full of impatience and heartache. She really wanted to pass by and held her tightly in her arms to comfort her. However, his legs were fixed by reason and he dared not go further.

Last night's event was not in Luo Jinyu's supporting and controlling range. The effect was too strong. He could not feel anything, but felt that he was like an unsatisfied, tireless machine, doing what instinctively.

At the moment, the headache is splitting and the eyes are red and sad.

"Yang ChuChu, let's talk calmly!" Luo Jin feels that it's really time to talk about it. It's already happened. It's impossible to escape.

Yang ChuChu cried heartbroken. Hearing his calm talk, he cried louder.

"No, I won't talk!" Her stuffy voice, with grievances and helplessness, spread out.

"You don't want to be willful like a child any more. Since it happens, we will face it well." Want to make the voice more callous, can say when the export, or habitually with a soft color.

After hearing his words, Yang ChuChu lifted the quilt and revealed a small head from the quilt. A long black hair hung down. Several strands of hair stuck on her cheek, which made her face pale, colorless and pitiful.

Only, compared with her distressing face, her body at the moment is not one wisp, which makes men's eyes more helpless. Just now, when she came out of the quilt and hugged him recklessly, Luo Jinyu's mood had not been reflected from the fact of shock, so he took the initiative to ignore her mature body, but at this moment, when he looked at her, he saw her white and tender skin like snow, and the traces on her skin that seemed to make people's heart beat faster.

"Put on your clothes and come to the living room!" Just stopped for two seconds, the man moved his eyes coldly, turned around and walked out. Next second, the bedroom door was closed by the man.

The sound of the glottis also seemed to beat Yang ChuChu's fragile heart. She shivered and crawled into her body coldly. All her movements became slow and stiff.

She suddenly realized that she had done the stupidest thing in the world. Luo Jinyu loves her so much, dotes on her, dotes on her, but she? He even used the despicable and obscene way of medicine to get him. Thinking of the scene last night, Yang ChuChu covered his face and dared not think about it. She felt that Luo Jinyu was the real victim of the event last night. He must be very sad because of his strong drug resistance. I'm afraid she didn't feel anything. Of course, she was not good, Only feel the body will be torn into two, all the memories are painful pain!

Yang chuchujue, in this life, killing her will not do such a thankless stupid thing.

I went into the bathroom to wash. I casually wore a white sweater and a pair of gray jeans. Although I had passed the wave of pain, I was still in pain under the slight pulling at the moment.

Yang ChuChu wants to cry, but she can't cry again. She feels that the next day of crying is still long. Don't cry for the moment, ask for his forgiveness first, and then find his love step by step.

Yang ChuChu opened the door and walked out a few steps gently. His eyes were wet with tears. He dodged the man's eyes. Like a child who did something wrong, he put his small hands on his chest. They were wringing.

Luo Jinyu has calmed down at the moment. Looking at her look of panic and fear, he doesn't blame her with a heavy tone, but the expression on his face is still cold: "come here, sit down!"

Yang ChuChu obediently came over and sat down on the sofa opposite him. His hands were still wringing and his head was bowed down. He did not dare to look at the man's expression at a glance, because his face was very ugly, and there was a thick haze, as if the next second was about to announce a complete break with her.

"Last night How did you give me the medicine? " Even if Luo Jinyu wants to announce his decision, he still wants to know what happened yesterday.

"Just I pretended to cry when you went upstairs to get the towel. " Yang ChuChu is also honest. Even yesterday's fake crying, he took the initiative to explain it, which made Luo Jinyu's face more gloomy.

It's really a lesson to dare to act and cheat at a young age.

Yang ChuChu felt that the air around her seemed to be frozen again. She took a tight breath and looked up at the man. The man's eyes were firmly locked on her face. The eyes were dark and hard to guess what he thought.

It is precisely because the face of the man on the other side is hard to determine, unfathomable, Yang ChuChu's inner heart is even more broken.

The eye socket is inexplicably red again, this time is frightened to cry.

"You really have the talent to be an actor." What else can Luo Jinyu say? Praise her? Or sneer at her.

Yang ChuChu trembled all over. At this time, praising her is more painful and disturbing than scolding her.

"Luo Jinyu, I know it's wrong. Would you forgive me this time? I swear, I won't dare any more. " Yang ChuChu shakes her lips to ask for his forgiveness, because she is really punished and really understands how bad her behavior is.

"There is no future!" Luo Jinyu suddenly opens her mouth and blocks all her thoughts.

The beautiful Mou fiercely raised, looked at the man's deep eyes unbelievably: "why do you say so? We Is there no future? "

The originally fragile wall of the heart breaks in an instant. It collapses with a bang!

No later? He said it!