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C858 Who did you offend?

Hearing Bai Yiyan's words, Ji yuezejun's face was black and blue. She wanted to be mad. She was stabbed by a stranger. What's the matter with this? What hatred, what hatred, need to stab people with knives?

At this moment, the elevator has reached the first floor. Ji Yueze looks at Bai Yiyan and suffers a lot. He doesn't ask any more. He strides to his sports car. On the way to the hospital, Bai Yiyan looks pale. She seems to have lost too much blood, which makes her dizzy. Ji also just stepped on the accelerator, so he didn't dare to ask her anything else, just wanted to send her to the hospital for treatment.

Finally arrived at the hospital, Bai Yiyan was sent to the emergency room. The doctor sewed a needle and five stitches for her. When she saw that her arm was full of blood and she was numb and unconscious, Bai Yiyan was so painful that she almost lost her image and cried. Her little face was even paler. Even in the ordinary days, her red lips were all white. When the doctor bandaged her with blood, he told them some precautions. Ji Yueze left the hospital again with Bai Yiyan in his arms. At the time of entering the hospital, Ji Yueze was not in the mood to take protective measures, so he carried Bai Yiyan in and out these two times, which were recognized and photographed by many people. At the moment, Yiyan is weak and weak. She has no strength to think about anything else. But Bai Yiyan's long hair blocked her face, and she buried her face in Ji Yueze's chest intentionally. Therefore, Ji Yueze, as you can see, came to the hospital with a young girl in his arms, and then left with her in your arms. As for the woman in his arms, you didn't get a clearer picture, only the nurse and the doctor saw it Clear, but out of professional quality, they also dare not easily reveal the identity of the parties, so, all of a sudden, it has become a hot topic of suspicion. After leaving the hospital and sitting back in the car, Qiao recovered a little strength at first. She raised her arm and looked at the thick layer of gauze. Thinking of the picture when sewing the needle, she was dizzy again.

"Who on earth did you offend? Why are you stabbed with a knife? " Ji Yueze wondered if Bai Yiyan had offended the gangsters in the society at any time, so he frowned and asked her. Bai

Yiyan shook her head: "I don't know. I don't know them at all. The two men dragged me to the car as soon as they jumped out of the car. I resisted at that time. They were so angry that they stabbed me with a knife. They wanted to stab me in the heart. I blocked them with my hand. Maybe they scared them away because they knew I was good."

Just when Ji Yueze wanted to ask what else, his cell phone rang. He took a look and answered. Yin

listened to the other person's speech with a calm face. He hung up the mobile phone without saying a word, then opened the mobile phone screen, clicked to open a video, the blood suddenly froze, the anger was burning in the heart, the eyes were heavy as ice, and handed the mobile phone to Bai Yiyan: "someone has recorded the video of you and those two bastards fighting, and sent it to the Internet."

After hearing this, Bai Yiyan quickly looked over and saw that she was in front of a business car and the two bastards. She only knew that she wanted to defend herself, but it was a terrible thing to fight with two men when she didn't realize it. Now when watching the video, she found that she was too bold at that time.

"When did you start practicing taekwondo?" Ji Yueze had learned her lesson before. She turned a somersault and threw the whole person on the ground. "

when I was six years old, I went to learn Taekwondo. At that time, a group of little boys overturned me on the ground every day and suffered a lot of crimes." Bai Yiyan said with a wry smile. Ji < br >

yuezejun's face is slightly stiff for a while, and a picture has appeared in his mind. A little girl is fighting with a group of little boys, being bullied by various kinds, with a pitiful appearance, which makes people feel sad. "

How could your mother send you to learn this? Don't the little girls learn to draw or dance and so on?

Bai Yiyan shook her head with a confused face: "I don't know why my mother asked me to learn this. Maybe I was afraid that I would be bullied by men when I grew up. I really complained about her before, which made me suffer so many crimes and suffer so much, but now I want to thank her. At least, I saved my life With my own life, I don't have the ability to protect myself in the face of bad people. "

Ji Yueze nodded: "it's true. It's not like you in this video have no power. You've fallen two big men and run away in a mess. It's not easy."

Bai Yiyan's expression flashed an embarrassment. Although she said that she had good courage and skill, it seemed that it was not a thing to show off in front of the person she liked.

What if Ji Yueze doesn't like such a violent woman? Isn't she going to be rejected? "

don't worry, I will only teach the bad guys, and I will never hit you with my fist." Bai Yiyan said with a dry smile.

Ji Yueze chuckled and said, "if I was such a jerk, you teach me a lesson, and I have nothing to say!" Yi Yan shakes her head and says nothing. Of course, she can't fight with her fist against the man she likes. "From this video, you can see the looks of these men. Don't worry, I will catch these two bastards and avenge you." Ji Yueze said in a low voice. "

I just want to know why they want to catch me? When did I really offend anyone? " Bai Yiyan felt uneasy. However, after thinking about her 21 years of life carefully, she didn't seem to have any hatred with anyone. Even if she had offended several female students before, the women basically just quarreled with each other face to face, scolded each other, and would not hate her to find someone to kidnap her.

"Would your family have offended anyone and wanted to take you hostage?" Ji Yueze can't help but analyze for her. White

Yiyan meimou opens slightly: "my family? My mother? I'll call back and ask her if she has offended anyone outside. "

"OK, let's go to the police now, give this video to the police and ask them to help find out the two murderers. We will know when we ask." Ji Yueze wants to let these two bastards ambush quickly, so he takes Bai Yiyan directly to the police station. After the police station recorded the confession, they left, and the police promised to catch the murderer and find out the reason as soon as possible.