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Ji Yueze ignored brother's interest in him and said seriously: "brother, I have figured it out this time. I want her to stay here and live. I don't force her to leave with me!" Xiao Han didn't expect his younger brother to make such a decision. He said in a slightly surprised voice: "why do you think so suddenly? I thought you loved her so much that you couldn't be separated from her for a day."

Ji Yueze laughed at himself: "I used to think that my love was either vigorous or not. But after so many things, I found that the best love is the love with a long flow. Just like you and your sister-in-law, you have experienced some things together and shared each other's thoughts and lives. It doesn't need to be too intense, but it can be done in many details Feel each other's love, such feelings, who does not envy it? " "

Ozawa, to be honest, I'm really surprised. I didn't expect that one day, you would also say such a long speech to me. I thought that in my life, only I could tell you." Ji Xiaohan is directly moved by his brother and wants to laugh. Season

Yueze is suddenly embarrassed: "brother, do you think I am so strange? Then I won't tell you! "

"No, it's no surprise. It proves that you have grown up and have the ability to stand on your own. I will never deal with the aftermath of your reckless behavior. You will certainly be more sophisticated and calm in the future." Ji Xiaohan knows that his younger brother is a little shy, so he quickly explains in a warm voice. "

brother, I'm really sorry for the disaster I've been through before!" Ji Yueze is blushing when he thinks about it. "

well, the past, and what else it does, look ahead. I believe you, you will surely get better and better." Season owl cold gives encouragement and support.

"Thank you, brother. By the way, I only told you about Xiaoyan. You must hide it from me. Don't let Grandma know!" The purpose of Ji Yueze's call is to hope that elder brother can keep secret for himself. "

don't worry, I won't say it!" Ji Xiaohan said that, looking up, he saw Tang youyou coming to him.

She just took a bath, wearing a white robe, hands in her pocket, is looking at him leisurely.

"Your sister-in-law is here. I'll go first!" Ji Xiaohan quickly said something and hung up his cell phone.

Tang youyou narrowed his eyes slightly, and his voice rang faintly: "who are you calling? Why do you look guilty? " Xiao Han's heart thumped a little. Just now he was too involved in talking with his brother. He didn't find that Tang youyou was waiting for him on the wall of the corridor. Now, she caught him. It's a bit like doing something wrong.

"Nothing. I talked to my brother for a while. Why haven't you slept?" The season owl cold walks over, the natural hand hugs her in the bosom, the voice low soft ask a way.

"I wanted to see the two children, and I saw you on the phone!" Tang youyou shouts and leans to his arms.

"They may also be asleep, and it's time for us to rest!" Season owl cold quickly changed the atmosphere just now. Don't forget what happened just now when he was touched by his charming voice.

Two people entered the bedroom, dimmed the light, to create a romantic feeling. "

you don't seem to wear the pajamas I sent you once. Why? Don't you like it? " Ji Xiaohan looked at her in a thick nightgown and asked her with a chuckle. Ji Xiaohan learned the pyjamas from Mu shiye. Mu shiye said that the woman's favorite was pyjamas, and that's how he managed Pei Anxin. So Ji Xiaohan went to a famous store and picked out several sets of pajamas and brought them back. Every night, he was looking forward to Tang youyou wearing them to him.

However, I didn't expect that it was only a few days ago. This woman only wears white nightgown every day. Of course, it doesn't mean that she doesn't look good in her nightgown, but he really wants to see her in the Nightgown he chose by himself. "

Oh, those pajamas, I put them away!" Tang youyou's beautiful big eyes twinkled for a while, deliberately with a cool expression. "

why put it away? I gave it to you just for you to put it on! " Ji Xiao's face was startled. "

if you want me to wear it, you have to tell me honestly, how did you think of sending me pajamas?" Don youyou looks at him with a suspicious expression.

"Mooshi taught me to do this!" Ji Xiaohan almost didn't think about it, so he answered directly and honestly. "

mooch night?" Tang youyou didn't expect to have something to do with him. He had a stiff expression on his face.

"Well, I didn't want to give it to you before. After listening to him, you women love beautiful pajamas. I chose them for you. If you don't think they look good, we can buy another style!" Ji Xiaohan is a sincere man indeed. "

No, those pajamas are very nice!" Tang youyou blushed inexplicably.

Season owl cold look this just a pine, can't help but reach out to hold her a small hand: "then you want to try tonight?" "

No, we are all tired today. Go to bed earlier!" Don youyou doesn't want to cater to him like this.

Ji Xiaohan knows that it's been so long since he got married. Tang youYou can't let go of that very much. No, it doesn't matter. He can lead her step by step. Lying on the bed, Tang youyou felt that the man had pasted one of his peeled pieces.

"You are so warm!" Said season owl in a low voice.

Tang youyou is stunned, turns around, the man kissed her lip piece.

In a quiet town, there are fewer pedestrians on the road at night.

Ji Yueze drives Bai Yiyan to a restaurant for dinner. After dinner, they don't take a car, but walk back along the path holding hands.

Beside the street lamp, the shape is simple, the light is dim, and the shadow of people is long.

Ji Yueze tightly holds Bai Yiyan's small hand and gives her warm and cool fingers to Wu's hot ones. "Have you walked this road many times?" When Ji Yueze saw that she had led him to turn left and right, he couldn't help asking her sourly. "

well, several times!" Where did she come from many times? She has a good memory and remembers the route after a few days. "

did you go alone or with that Wang Xin?" Ji Yueze is inexplicably jealous again. Just at the dinner, he asked Bai Yiyan to tell him about her meeting with Wang Xin. Bai Yiyan didn't hide it from him. She told him all about it honestly. Yi Yan chuckled and turned to look at him. The young and beautiful face of the man was almost perfect in the dim light. Bai's heart rate suddenly quickened. In fact, she used to like Ji Yueze's beautiful and impeccable appearance under the camera. Now, he is really standing by her side. She really wants to hold him.